Charice's hair evolution

Charice always surprise her fans with her hair - from long straight hair to shorter hair and wearing a very masculine outfit hits the web.

Charice Pempengco have gotten lots of criticism to the pokemon evolution of her hairdo almost every Saturday during her days as Judge in "The X Factor Philippines." She and her hair went through a lot after getting legally blonde in Hollywood and when she returned to sit as judge names like 'pancit canton' or the bride of chuckie buzzed social networing sites referring to Charice's new look. With Charice's evolution from an international singer with long locks and full make up to what we have seen in her "The X Factor Philippines" stint as a judge. However, the international singing sensation neither confirmed nor denied the speculations.

Anyways, as everyone's saying, her style is really horrible and she just looks like a mess. I'm mad at her style not because of her boyish look' but because I think she does not look at her best. I know she says she is happy, but that's not the point.

Can't she hire a stylist? Because let's be honest, her choices have been super bad. If she gets voice training to get her voice to be top-notch, why can't she get good advice on fashion?! She is not an expert in fashion. She makes really, really bad choices!

Some people just cannot dress or do not know their looks. In addition, her tattoo -- fine. Whatever. I just hopes she is making good choices for herself -- but seriously she needs good advice on fashion and her hair. Hope she gets her act together.