Movie Review : The Avengers

What do you expect when six mighty super heroes - Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk - assemble together on the silver screen for one common purpose?

Over the past four years, Marvel Studios have slowly been putting together the pieces to form "The Avengers," a film version of the comic series that brings some of the studio's most powerful heroes together. The ambition of the project cannot be overstated: over five films, the studio have constructed an approximation of their comic universe that remained faithful to its origins without ever producing films that were only aimed at the converted, even if sometimes, as in the case of "The Incredible Hulk," only the converted showed up. Considering the risk involved - the very real possibility that, had any of the films faltered badly in the early going, the whole thing could have fallen apart - the build-up to "The Avengers" alone is something quite remarkable, maybe unprecedented.

The wait is over my friends, it is finally here in it's ever glorious presence, years of build up have paid off from here on. Right off the bat i have to say that this is definitely the superhero movie that we have been waiting for ever since we read them in the from the pages of the comics. The team movie that we have been waiting for and it is nothing like the "X-Men."

The Characters:

The cast is great in this movie , they are developed very well. Everyone in this movie is great, Chris Evans as Captain America/Steve Rogers, I'm gonna take it all back on what I've said about him back in 2010 when he was announced to be casted as Captain America. Here in this movie you really see him being the team-leader, barking out orders that actually works and pretty much how he interacts is interesting.

Then we got Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark now we can all agree that he is definitely born to play Iron Man/ Tony Stark. I love how he interacts with the team and i love his humorous dialogue that he spits out every once in a while.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor and he is also great in this movie, again i really love the interaction here and there with the team and he is awesome as Thor.

Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk is a badass in this movie, this movie is what the Hulk is best at, they gave him alot to do in this movie.

Another new-comer we have Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye/Clint Barton. The script did offered him a variety of action scenes where he does feel like Hawkeye.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow/Natasha Romanov is hot.... that's all I can say....

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is just perfect in this role, he really has a lot to do in this movie this time but just stand and spit out clever one-liners here and there here he did the same with even more depth.

And lastly we have Tom Hiddleston as Loki, He is great in this movie , he really is a perfect choice as Loki and I love his performance in this movie. The cast is greatly assembled and I'm happy with it.

My Take:

The action in this movie is what you think you're going to expect when it's totally not. Like I said, this movie will get you off-guard in some parts. The special effects even looks real especially for the Hulk, And I've always thought Hulk does not look like his human counterparts, Eric Bana is close to looking like Hulk, Edward Norton doesn't look like Hulk yet Mark Ruffallo really does look like his monstrous counterpart which is a big plus.

Going in this movie i have really high expectations such as: This better not suck, I would like to see a few things and i want this movie to surprise and yet it exceeds all of my expectations. There wasn't really anything bad that i can say about this movie.

There were alot of holy shit moments here and there i have to admit when you think the trailers,clips and tv spots spoiled everything ,you are pretty much wrong there are still many surprises that will get you off guard. I love the witty writing he did here in this movie and yet i liked how balanced everything is. It's funny when it needs to be and it's serious when it needs to be. The Final battle is just so much win.

Considering all the hype and build-up, it's wonderful to see that "The Avengers" not only lives up to expectations, but exceeds them on almost every point. It's funny, exciting and offers the kind of giddy thrill that all blockbusters should aspire to, yet rarely achieve. On top of all that, it even manages to find an emotional core for all its dazzling spectacle and witty repartee that makes the destruction mean something. Quite frankly, it sets a new standard for what blockbusters should aim to be from hereon in.

RATING : 10/10



The Easter Eggs for the Easter Sunday!

"Hallelujah! The Lord is risen."
"He is risen indeed."

Easter Sunday, most Christians across the globe will celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus ChristEaster Sunday has become an excuse for most Filipinos to celebrate the occasion with a party, which, for them, is a welcome respite after a week of reflecting and fasting. Though it also means an end to a long vacation.

For Christians the egg is a symbol of Jesus' resurrection, as when they are cracked open they stand for the empty tomb. No-one actually knows when eggs were first used as symbols at festival times but it was long before Jesus' time.

Here's the cute boys of my Blog Team. They're some of my closest and cutest friends :)

It is a joyfull day of happiness because the "Lord has Risen" from the dead and has overcome this world and it's evil and has thereby given all a chance to do the same.

I'm now in Dubai. What I miss today is the traditional "Salubong." “Salubong”or “Linggo ng Pagkabuhay” (Resurrection Day) is done at exactly 4:00pm (16:00) and is held in Catholic Churches or in the center of every baranggay.

Before the break of dawn on Easter Sunday, the men folk gather in one place to accompany the statue of the Risen Christ while the women march apart with the image of the Blessed Mother. The two groups (Boys and Girls) meet at a center in front of the church or in our town in Mindoro, the groups meet at the center of the baranggay. While the choir sings the Regine Coeli, a child dressed as an angel descends to remove the black veil covering the Virgin’s face. Everyone in the crowd hail "Alleluia! Christ has risen!" It’s the central feast for Jesus Christ who lived, died, and then rose again after the 3rd day of his crucifixion. It’s also the most important mass/liturgy of the year.

May your Easter be blessed us with health, longevity, love and a lot of happiness! Happy Easter everyone!



Worth-watching movies for Holy Week...

I'm now in Dubai and I can say that Holy Week is not the same here. I grew up in Mindoro and for 23 years of my life, this is my first time to spend Holy Week abroad. As Holy Week is upon us once again, I have decided to use this week to review and experience, pray, meditate, and read the Bible for this season, watch religious programming on TV, and seek God's will for my life.

Since, I'm bored and have nothing to do here in Dubai, I decided to watch those movies available in the computer. My brother-in-law has a collection of movies for over a thousand. That's wow! I just picked some worth-watching movies and here they are:

Lorenzo's Oil

This is one of difficult movies to watch, that's for sure. It depicts human suffering so realistically that you forget it's "just a movie." It's a true inspiring story about two parents who watch the horror of their son's health decline due to an illness called ALD. These parents literally study and read and find a cure for there son's illness. Which ends up helping millions of children with ALD to this day. Everyone needs to watch this movie, because this is also a movie about real love and how powerful it can be when put to the test. There are some important messages here. This is now one of my favorite films!

The Man from Earth 

This movie is pretty much 100% dialogue, but really interesting. If you would live through 14000 years of human evolution, you would transcend the human scale of things and realise that what matters on a personal level is entirely trivial. You would think generations ahead; individuals would have become meaningless to you. This is a very provocative movie! This really shows the true beauty of what separates science fiction from other genres! Great revelation at the end. In fact, I literally played back again the movie when it ended. Haha!


I love this movie so much, it makes me think that you never know if you're talking to an actual person or a demon. Kinda creepy and the ending made me ballistic. This movie had a psycholigical effect on me. Everytime I have contact with negative minded people it creeps me out if If they touch me in any way.

The Bucket List

This was one crazy movie but it's great! This is a story on how two strangers become friends when they are about to die. This also made me cry a lot. I hope u make something like that in your life and don't waste time for nothing. This movie also give it's sentimental value and gives you insight into the "good things" in life.

Passion of Christ 

I cried a lot in this movie. Thank you Lord because nobody would give their life for the whole world except for Jesus Christ.

I don’t believe movies give us a more clear picture than the gospels, but they can help us visualize Jesus’ life in new ways, bringing dynamism to our own readings and reflections.

The last few months have been really difficult for me, and quite honestly, I've actually gone through a lot of rough times since I decided to move here in Dubai and stay for months. Sometimes I wonder why I have had to go through so much of the same kind of thing now, I am definitely done with "bad things happening to good people" and dealing with various dramas, and seriously ready to move forward. For a while I was even using this blog to vent about an ex (I think I took them all down - whew!) certainly not a very moral or kind person, but the older I get I realize more and more that no human is perfect.

Today is Good Friday! Make this day meaningful and blessed, spend this day with the right people... with God ;)



Social networking wars of opinionated people...

Every author has their own interpretation of what they've written and not all readers were able to decipher that. Misinterpretation is a really bad thing.

You probably have commented on something that you don't fully understand. As long as the posts doesn't contain bad words (that most comments do), then it should not be taken too harshly. I would also like to point out that in communication, the way a message is conveyed is also important.

Let us also hope that people would exert some effort to make their posts not as abrasive as possible to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings.

If the other people has their own right to express their emotions regarding a post that might be against other people, why not respect that particular post that also airs the author's concern about his/herself?

I think some of us may have already forgotten that each right has ambodying responsibilities. A right stops being one if it steps on others rights. The freedom to express has boundaries in itself. People have the right not to be (verbally) abused as well.

We can have an exchange of arguments in circles here but the thing is, there is always an intelligible and considerate way of conveying a thought. Like I said, you cannot emotionally shut themselves down.

Like begets like.
A bad post gets bad comments.

In an ideal world, your ideals are acceptable but please do not forget that social networking sites is a microcosm of our society - we have people from all walks of life here. Again, respect and consideration in posting will make this place a peaceful one.

Are the people who comments over an insensitive post are the only ones who has the right to express their emotions? Again, as I have said, people has their own right to express themselves. And other people has to respect that. Now, if they don't want a post, they have the choice of ignoring it or commenting on it. It still lies on their choice.

Respect is the word. Everyone has their right whether they are the ones who posts in every social networking sites or the ones who are just commenting on their posts. And respect in each and every post or comment is what's important. So whether a bad post is a bad post or a bad comment is the result of such bad post, still, respect is necessary.

Again, I am just balancing the the things I have observed in joining these social networking sites. I am not justifying those posts that are bashing other artists. But not all posts are offensive. Still, it is in the interpretation of the reader. It's a good thing that we let ourselves/other people to see both sides of the situation: the one who posts their opinions and the ones who comments on the posts.

So, I advice everyone to please always read without prejudice! Be an educated person at all times.



Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites and you!

There's a lot of social networking these days. All of them are really appealing but of course, all of these has its disadvantages. In social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Path, etc.), while they include the ability to post written material to the web, revolve much more around the ability of an individual to build a web presence and to create visible links with others in the network.

There are so many existing networking sites today. There's a hundred of them I think. These sites are developed in such a way that it emphasizes more on a theme rather being a so called "make-a-friend site" or in a sad note, make an enemy.

What writing there is on a social networking site is often in computer slang, intended to be different. These sites often allow the ability to place music, photo, and video content on the site, allowing the individual to showcase their likes and dislikes. A form of text messaging is often included as well, with a history of the messages appearing on the site. Again, all of the features of social networking sites are intended to create social interactions with others.

In social networking, you are interacting with many different people, you are playing a role, but it is a role that you create using the tools at hand.

Your profile (Facebook, Twitter, G-Plus, etc.) is a characterization of yourself.

That's of course why the predators had such free rein initially. But aside from that, each individual creates a characterization that represents a self they would like to present or be within the context of the social networking world.

I can see how having greater capability to make that characterization of oneself, that character, more mobile, with greater and more varied ability to interact with the surrounding virtual world and the other people in the social network, would be very attractive to everyone.

Sure thing, you can have multiple accounts. You can use different emails for every account you want to make. You can be another person you want to be... But what if you want to portray one characterization or mood of a character one day and a different characterization of the same character another day? It can be done easily.

I'm not advocating multiple personalities, but multiple personifications of ourselves are something we do every day in real life, right? Depending on the situation, we act differently. Some networking sites let you have many different account, like in Facebook pages, I think. Well, that's many different versions of presentations of yourself to other people in the networking sites...

Respect is the word.

Everyone has their right whether they are the ones who posts in every social networking sites or the ones who are just commenting on their posts. And respect in each and every post or comment is what's important. So whether a bad post is a bad post or a bad comment is the result of such bad post, still, respect is necessary.

Again, I am just balancing the the things I have observed in joining these social networking sites. I am not justifying those posts that are bashing other artists. But not all posts are offensive. Still, it is in the interpretation of the reader. It a good thing we let ourselves first to balance and see both sides of the situation: the one who posts their opinions and the ones who comments on the posts. That's so easy!

So, I advice everyone to please always read without prejudice! Be an educated person at all times.



My first flight...

All my bags are packed, I am ready to go – or so the song goes. The weekend has been busy as I have offloaded as many things are possible to my nearest and dearest and did the last events in the Philippine Blogging world of events.

This is my first time to fly in an airplane and first time to go out in the country. Of course, nervous, depressed a little bit and scared. But why is it so difficult to find something to wear? Haha! I have lots of pairs to choose for this flight. Everybody has a story about their first time. The anticipation, the nerves, the worry...but then the pure wonder when you finally take off. Of course we're talking about your first flight—the first time you boarded an airplane and discovered the skyways.

Anyways, my connecting flight is in Brunei. I spent my 12 hours in Brunei with some other Pinoys there. I slept 8hours at Traders Inn hotel. I'm so much tired and no energy to go around Brunei.

Dubai here I come....