Yam Laranas’ The Road Movie Review : Yam Laranas sets new record in this new horror movie!

The Road” is the newest offering of GMA Films and the critically acclaimed Director of “Sigaw/The Echo”, Yam Laranas. According to Direk Laranas, he began to write the story of “The Road” since 2005 and was completed in July 2010 (last year). GMA Films approved this material of Laranas and began the actual filming in July this year.

This is the synopsis:
The Road” is a story about a twelve-year-old cold case, which is reopened when three teenagers go missing while traversing an infamous and abandoned road. As investigators try to find leads to the whereabouts of the missing teens, they also unearth the road’s gruesome past that spans two decades – a history of abduction, crimes and murders. Although the road is isolated, anyone who tries to pass through it can be sure that he is not alone. Lingering in the dark and desolate pathway is a vengeful ghost who makes sure no one leaves the road – alive!

The Movie

"The Road" is a great example of a thriller-suspense filled, psychologically film that you should watch. I can say that there is this mystery that we as the viewers have to figure out. This movie clearly is one of the best movies that I have ever seen – providing a totally different approach to a horror-thriller-crime genre. What's amazing about this movie is that it lets you know who is this killer right from the start, but then, here’s the twist – what if what you’re seeing 10 years ago is totally different now?

The Actors

I was impressed with the acting of Carmina Villaroel, Rhian Ramos, Barbie Forteza, Marvin Agustin, Tj Trinidad, Ynna Asistio, Derrick Monasterio, Lexi Fernandez, Louise Delos Reyes and Alden Richards.  They created likable, interesting characters that you can believe in. The acting by everyone involved is very believable and that makes it quite harrowing at points. I don't want to give away a single thing about the story but what I can say is that it’s an absolutely one of the most brilliant twist on a story that has been done.

Alden Richards plays here the role of a psycho killer. This boy-next-door stepped up into a better character of an abductor and a psycho killer. You will really amaze on how this cutie shows his emotions on acting even without a single word. 

On the other hand, every scene with Carmina Villaroel adds more shivers up my spines. Even when she has no prosthetics in the movie, just a plain character being the mother of Renz Valerio, who played the young Alden Richards, you will feel very scared with her role. Carmina is truly one of Philippine TV’s important gems when it comes to acting prowess.

My Say

More than the acting of the actors here and the stuff, one great thing that adds to this movie is the attack of the movie. It’s not just the typical ghost horror story that thrills everyone. Direk Laranas promises to treat moviegoers to a fresh new approach to horror.

“Nakakatuwa nga kasi meron kaming listahan ng mga eksenang hindi na dapat isama sa pelikula kasi gasgas na: yung mga tipong hinihila sa ilalim ngkama, yung may tatapik sa likod mo tapos paglingon mo kaibigan mo lang pala, etc.  Sabi ko, ‘pag walang kinalaman sa istorya, wag na nating ilagay.’ Kasi yung audience –lalo na yung mga mahihilig sa horror – alam na nila lahat ‘yan e.  Hindi mo sila mabobola.  At feeling ko nakakahiya sa audience kung ang ipapakita mo sa kanila ay ang mga bagay na napanood na nila,” Laranas said.

The set location was shot in Teresa, Rizal. According to the director, the location is very cinematic and it’s actually the first time that it was used as a location for a film. I commend also the Swedish composer Johan Soderqvist who is assigned for the musical scoring of the movie. The musical scoring adds more
Kudos to Yam Laranas and the staff, for bringing us this seriously difficult project and turning it into one of the cleverest movies today. This movie is anything you want it to be; glossy and superficial, or deep and meaningful. You will surely scream with all your heart out!

So, go to the theater near you, gather your popcorn, and just remember that you may not be alone when you do... Or just dare yourself to watch the movie, alone! If you enjoy serious drama, investigation films, serial killers, great acting, you'll definitely enjoy this movie. This is a must watch for this season! "The Road" will surely scare the moviegoers nationwide beginning November 30, 2011!

RATING: 9/10



Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and You!

Today (December 1), observe World AIDS Day to raise awareness of the global impact of HIV/AIDS! World AIDS Day is a global celebration where we look back on all that's been accomplished for those that are infected and affected by HIV, as well as look forward to what more we need to do. On World AIDS Day, we pay tribute to the millions of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Philippines and around the world, and the millions of people who have been tested for HIV. 

Let us support and participate in the various activities of our respective organizations, sectors, and communities to mark World AIDS Day 2011 to help increase awareness of the HIV and AIDS conditions as well as contribute to an intensified campaign for the prevention and proper treatment of these conditions.
We are all living with HIV-- but like these celebritiesand prominent figures of society, we can cometogether and do something to stop the rise of theepidemic in the country. Join and blow the red whistle.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) estimate that around 33 million people worldwide have been infected with HIV and that around two million each year die from AIDS-related conditions. In view of this, the United Nations General Assembly on October 27, 1988, officially recognized December 1, 1988, as World AIDS Day. This year’s World AIDS campaign focuses on “Zero AIDS Related Deaths’’ to stimulate a “push toward greater access to treatment for all’’ without discrimination.

Why should I take the HIV test?

The following are behaviors that increase your chances of getting HIV. If you answer yes to any of them, you should definitely get an HIV test. If you continue with any of these behaviors, you should be tested every year. Talk to a health care provider about an HIV testing schedule that is right for you.
  • Have you injected drugs or steroids or shared equipment (such as needles, syringes, works) with others? Have you had unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex with men who have sex with men, multiple partners, or anonymous partners?
  • Have you exchanged sex for drugs or money? Have you been diagnosed with or treated for hepatitis, tuberculosis (TB), or a sexually transmitted disease (STD), like syphilis?
  • Have you had unprotected sex with someone who could answer yes to any of the above questions?
If you have had sex with someone whose history of sex partners and/or drug use is unknown to you or if you or your partner has had many sex partners, then you have more of a chance of being infected with HIV. Both you and your new partner should get tested for HIV, and learn the results, before having sex for the first time.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that destroys the body's CD4
immune cells, which help fight disease. With the right medications, you
 can have HIV for years or decades without HIV progressing to AIDS.
 AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is diagnosed when you
 have HIV as well as certain opportunistic infections or your CD4 cell count 
drops below 200.
Picture credits to medicinenet.com 

In the Philippines, we have the Take the Test group who brings HIV testing closer to the community through quality confidential counseling and informative education. This is an innovative way of making everyone a responsible owner of their own sexuality. Their projects are about Awareness Campaign on HIV, FREE HIV Antibody Testing, Pre-test and Post-Test HIV Counseling (one-on-one), Effective Referral and follow-up. You may like them on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/takethetest or email them here takethetestproject@yahoo.com.

We recognize that HIV testing and linkage to care can save lives and are working to build on those successes to allow more people to live longer and healthier lives. The media will always be a powerful tool. And as in any campaign for awareness, I’m hoping it can really drive a hard point: That HIV is here and must be faced.

Let us support and participate in the various activities of our respective organizations, sectors, and communities to mark World AIDS Day 2011 to help increase awareness of the HIV and AIDS conditions as well as contribute to an intensified campaign for the prevention and proper treatment of these conditions.



"Ang Babae sa Septik Tank", our country's bet to the Oscars

Bloggers, "we are one" to bring "Ang Babae sa Septik Tank" to Oscars

"Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" is Cinemalaya 2011's Best Film and is one of 63 films vying for the Best Foreign Language Film award in the 84th Academy Awards (Oscars). This is Philippines' entry to the Oscars!
Director Rainier (Kean Cipriano), Producer Bingbong, and Production Assistant Jocelyn set out to make a gritty, realistic, award-winning independent film about a woman who, out of poverty, decides to sell one of her seven children to a pedophile. Along the course of the movie, they met with an arrogant director with gaps in his knowledge, the actress who they want to play Mila the lead role of their movie, Eugene Domingo (who plays herself), and a bunch of hooligans that brings them back to the reality of the movie they chose to make.
"Ang Babae sa Septik Tank" is one of the movie I have been watching for the nth time! Honestly guys, good or bad reviews, I am a solid supporter of Pinoy Films - mainstreams of indie films. And when I was invited for the blogger's night just to watch this movie, no hesitations, I signed up. Honestly, I really love the film watching Filipino movies. But more to my love on Filipino movies, this movie made me realize that there are some brilliant minds in the Philippine movie industry waiting to be discovered.

"Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" is a comedy portraying the day of three ambitious filmmakers and the portrayal of creative imagination at play. Aside from the obvious theme of poverty porn by most indie filmmakers in the industry nowadays, this film actually says a lot about the theme of exploitation and the current state of our country at the present. What's so great about the film is it's funny and entertaining yet at the same time it doesn't go over the line like most mainstream comedy films.

Once again Eugene Domingo proves her versatility as an actress. She delivered an absolutely knockout performance making a parody of her very own self in “Septic Tank”. The scene where she demonstrates the three types of acting sent us rolling down the aisle with laughter. You have to see her to believe what a comic genius she is. We really hope that "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" could bring home the first Oscar Award for the Philippines.

Atty. Josebeth Alonso talking about "Babae sa Septik Tank"'s
nomination to the Oscar Awards

Chris Martinez and Marlon Vergara talk
about "Ang Babae sa Septik Tank"

Like what the movie producer-lawyer Joji Alonso told us, it may not be for the film but for the country and for the Philippine film industry. For Atty. Alonzo, "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank"'s campaign to the Oscars "is no longer personal." She said to make a wave at the Oscars would open windows of opportunities for all Filipino film makers as it would help the upcoming Filipino films be recognized internationally. And we are one with her in that belief.

There are great Pinoy movies just like this one! This' really worth the Oscars!



Hennessy Artistry : The Global Art of Mixing 2011

When the Best Cognac in the World mixes with the World's Best Musical Talents

Hennessy Artistry : The Global Art of Mixing 2011 set the tone for the party at Opus Lounge, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City on the night of 11.11.11. This is the second year in our country that Hennessy Artistry paired with only the best international and local acts with the world’s best cognac for its Halo event.

Party-goers tasted some fresh flavors when enjoying Hennessy VSOP at the Hennessy Mixing Bar. Mixes available on the Henessy Mixing Bar are Hennessy AppleHennessy Ginger cocktails, Hennessy Citrus and Hennessy Berry. The Hennessy Mixing Bars was scattered all over the place with beautiful girls all prepared to mix some drinks for all party goers.

The philosophy behind the Hennessy Artistry Halo is “The Global Art of Mixing”; the mixing of various genres of music and the blending of top talents and emerging artistes. Combining the acts with spectacular ambience and energy, an extraordinary experience is created. This showcases Hennessy’s art of blending in both cognac and music, by combining tradition with trendy innovation.

This multicultural and vibrant series had already left waves of sonic fusions across the largest continents and over 40 countries from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, to Germany, Poland, Moscow and South Africa; becoming the international trendsetter of music and style.

Hennessy Artistry Manila 2011 is a great success. The artists performed at the Hennessy artistry event came from many different parts of world and cover the entire spectrum of genres. From electro to hip hop to R&B to soul to trance to rock to house and everything in between, they will seamlessly come together live on stage. To all the wonderful performances of the two international superstar DJs – American DJ Andy Caldwell and Australian DJ Sky Nellor. Also playing will be veteran DJ Manolet Dario, the soulful Sinosikat? vocalist Kat Agarrado and it girl R&B/Rock artist Bea Tantoco.

Thanks Hennessy for the USB. It's very useful to me in the office. :) Cheers to Hennessy and more power! More party to come!

Check out the Facebook fan page, Hennessy Artistry Manila and follow @HArtistryPH on Twitter for more information about the event.



MJ's Hand-rolled Grilled Thin Pizza : Have some taste of Pinoy in a Pizza

Well, Christmas is coming nearer and its that time of the year again, where most Filipinos around the world celebrate Christmas! Christmas holidays also marks the days of feasting on traditional Philippine food at home, at a relative’s place or at a friend’s house. Filipinos love the Christmas Season because it is the perfect time to celebrate with the people who matter most.

It's not my favorite food but it's one of the few foods I really like. I'm still a very picky eater.

MJ's Cafe at Baypark is back on business and now open and ready to serve you with our grilled thin pizzas once again!

What is MJ's? MJ's Cafe is a restaurant along Roxas Boulevard (front of Baywalk), Malate, Manila which offers Filipino-Fusion food, and has a unique grilled thin pizza offering for people. It is named after "Manong Jay" who conceptualised the restaurant in 2006, during the height of Baywalk.

Manong Jay is a young entrepreneur who has traveled much and in his travels, he fused some of the tastes of these food into a Filipino dish. But the best innovation was the grilled thin pizza which currently has 5 classic flavors and 3 of his signature flavors -- Sisig Pizza, Bistek Pizza and Tinapa & Red Egg. These signature flavors are a must try! Visit the restaurant or if you are from Manila, call 475-4163. We also have a venue for parties and private functions.

MJ's Café continues to offer comforting Filipino Food that everyone just loves. Like the Grilled Thin Pizza, the Filipino food menu can also be delivered to your offices or homes. The portions are good for sharing, but there are rice meals as well for single portions. The rice meals are priced just right, and they are: MJ's Famous Tender Pork BBQ Rice Meal, which has two sticks of the tender pork barbecue with rice priced at Php 60.00; The Breaded Fish Fillet Rice Meal, priced at Php 80.00, and: The Grilled Liempo Rice Meal priced at Php 85.00.

Paskong Pinoy! Pizzang Pinoy!

Paskong Pinoy is just around the corner, and like every year, Filipinos know how to make the season extra festive. As early as September, Christmas decors are out and Christmas songs are playing on the radio. People are looking forward to cool weather and the Christmas food such as hams, chestnuts and many more are very much looked forward to. Companies ready themselves for parties and giving the bonuses. Families and friends get together for reunions or simply spend time over food – either in restaurants or in the comforts of their homes.

To celebrate the coming season, MJ’s Café Bar, which is a trade name of JEN Food Inc. gives an early Christmas present to its customers through Pasko Pinoy, Pizza Pinoy, which puts its three famous signature flavors of their Grilled Thin Pizzas on Buy 1 Take 1 promo. The three pizzas under this promo are the Sisig Pizza (Php 335.00), the Bistek Pizza (Php 300.00) and the Tinapa & Red Egg Pizza (Php 260.00).

This Grilled Thin Pizza is a unique MJ’s Café recipe. The restaurant is located at Baypark along Roxas Boulevard Service Road, Malate, Manila and specializes in Filipino Fusion food along with its Grilled Thin Pizza line. MJ’s Café is suitable for dine-in, take home and deliveries. It can also serve as a party venue for a minimum of Php 5,000 for three hours consumable on food and drinks.

For inquiries, you may call 475-4163 ; informations and updates like MJ's Hand-rolled Grilled Thin Pizza on Facebook or visit http://www.mjcafe.ph/.



Boardwalk's First Bloggers Forum : Eat, Play, Blog

The night was full of fun and surpirises who participated the Boardwalk’s Eat.Play.Blog. Bloggers’ Forum last Friday at Ming Restaurant in Ortigas. It was 11.11.11 and was so perfect for bloggers to show their creativity on the activity conducted by the Boardwalk staff. This event was hosted by Ace Gapuz, Edward Watson, and one of Boardwalk's top runway models, Gerard Sison.

Save Time with the Help of a Free Personal Shopper with Boardwalk

If you love hip and trendy shoes, you should definitely check out Boardwalk shoes! Boardwalk shoes are not just fashionable, it's also affordable! You can also get a free personal shopper just for you on any Boarwalk stores! Personal shoppers are representatives from a store who assist you with making your purchases. They give you individualized attention and can offer opinions on which clothing items will best suit you. Just feel like a celebrity and shell out big bucks for this service, you can find a free personal shopper to assist you.

Simply call and ask for a personal shopper on any Boardwalk store, provide measurements and a list of items and they will surely be glad to help you out. They'll help you select items based on your budget and needs, and will offer an objective perspective on questions of fit and fashion. These personal shoppers know the latest trends much better than I do, and they always seem to find things that flatter my body better than I find when I’m left to search a store on my own. It will save you the time of having to wander around the sales floor looking for what you want. And right now, it's a buyers market at retailers, so don't be shy about bringing your list to other clothing retailers and asking for help.

Boardwalk, Celebrities and the and the love for our Environment

Boardwalk also supports 11.20.2011 : A Run For The Pasig River which is spearheaded by the ABS-CBN Foundation, an event that promotes a safe and clean Pasig River and aims to bring back its former glory.

The new website at www.boardwalk.com.ph will allow you to be a personal shopper for your friends and family because their online catalog is updated and the sizes and style designs guide will help your fashion needs met in an instant. On their 20th year, Boardwalk expands their efforts to pursue making a difference in the lives of others now with a recently opened hub in Hongkong and more celebrity models to promote their products like Nikki Gil, Coco Martin, Julia Montes and Matteo Guidicelli.

For more information, visit www.boardwalk.com.ph or like them in Facebook and follow on Twitter for more updates and promos.



I deserved a pair of shoes from Urban Athletics!

Growing up, I was obsessed with shoes. When it comes to shirts, pants - I can wait for how many months just to save a penny to buy those things but when it comes to shoes, I simply can't help myself. Thanks to my Mom who's really supportive to me.

Anyways, that was before. Long before when I was still in school. Well, I am now working and trying hard to earn money just to buy the things I want. I am no longer receiving allowances from my Mommy and I rarely go to mall to buy new stuff for myself especially shoes.
urbanAthletics bravely combines athleticism with urban fashion. As new fashion forms broke out across the globe, we saw how sportswear evolved into streetwear, and vice versa. This fashion phenomenon led us to bring together elements from skateboarding, parkour, music, street culture and everything in between to allow every urban hipster invest new styles and make a statement on the streets.
It was my pleasure when I saw Pinoy Urban Music's blogging contest! Perfect timing for the Christmas season! I am badly in need of new shoes for the season. I am sure that I'll be seeing people this Christmas wearing new pair shoes, new clothes, new pants, etc. At least, if I'll win the contest, this is a sure thing that I will wear this pair on Christmas day. Promise! Haha! And also, urbanAthletics for lifestyle shoes for the younger crowd and that still includes us, right? So hip, so young and so cool just like me. Ahemmm... Just perfectly fit for me.
Launched in 2008, Radii, defined as a range of influence, set forth to show there is no limit to fashion, creative styling, and opportunity. Radii Footwear’s goal is to exceed the expectations of the current consumer climate by offering quality products, creative concepts, comfort and value. Radii Footwear’s creative team thrives off the principles of functionality and fashion forward ingenuity. From futuristic designs and materials, to classic styling and detailing, each shoe exudes confidence for the ambitious forward- thinkers of the world.
I am really interested in footwear and like wearing different types of shoes, one of the best international brands that you can purchase from is Radii. Radii footwear is renowned across the globe for manufacturing some of the best and the most stylish shoes around, and they generally specialize in making sneakers and joggers that are worn mainly by hip hop artists and rappers. Now, I am so much excited since I am sensing that I will win this contest.

Many of these hugely popular television artists have now endorsed Radii footwear and have begun wearing these shoes, and they have also begun to be featured in music videos, further adding to the popularity of these shoes. If you are interested in purchasing sneakers that have a unique design and are made from strong and sturdy materials, choosing this brand could be one of the best decisions, because the company has a very high record of satisfying its customers.

You live but once--you might as well be amusing.

You can still join the contest: Follow the mechanics at the poster.



Dutch Anthropologist to receive Alay Katutubo Award

Antoon Postma, leading Dutch anthropologist, linguist and missionary will be conferred the Alay Katutubo Award for his invaluable contribution to the preservation, protection and promotion of the Mangyan culture and Mindoro heritage.

Bapa (meaning uncle in the Hanunuo Mangyan language), as Mangyans and Mindorenos fondly call him, was a Divine Word missionary priest when he first went to Mindoro in 1958. A few years later, after meeting the Mangyan peoples, he immediately recognized and was fascinated by the richness and beauty of their culture. He then started learning and documenting their way of life and focused greatly on their languages; the Hanunuo and Buhid Surat Mangyan, two of the only three ancient living scripts in the country; the Ambahan, Mangyan chanted poetry; and the many facets of Mangyan heritage.

Since then, he has been living in Mindoro for half a century, writing and publishing books and articles on the various facets of Mangyan culture. He literally married into the Mangyan peoples in 1989 when he left priesthood and married Yam-ay Insik of the Hanunuo group. He lives in Panaytayan, Mansalay with his wife, four children and three adopted kids.

Postma is also known for having deciphered Laguna Copperplate dated 900 A.D., the oldest written document found in the Philippines, and editing an old Spanish-Tagalog dictionary. Based on ancient SoutheastAsian scripts, he added the ‘pamudpud,’ a symbol that removes the last vowel in a syllable, to the Surat Mangyan, thereby making the surat easier to understand for the younger generations of Mangyans and‘damuong’ (non-Mangyans).

He has been living and working with the Mangyans for half a century and is now being recognized for his significant contributions to the preservation of Filipino cultural heritage, specifically of Mangyan culture, with the Alay Katutubo Award. Alay Katutubo is a joint program of the Southfields Educational Foundation Phils., Inc. (SEFPI) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts National Committee on Museums (NCCA-NCOM) to preserve, protect and promote the culture and heritage of Mindoro.

The awarding will be held during the formal launching program of the Mindoro Heritage Museum, a joint project of SEFPI and NCCA-NCOM under the Alay Katutubo program. It will be held on November 14, 2011 at the Dolce Vita di Jo Resort, Dulangan II, Oriental Mindoro.

Ms. Josefina D. Villamor, SEFPI President and Ms. Myrna Jimenez, Vice Chairperson of NCCA-NCOM will confer the award in cooperation with Governor Alfonso Umali of the Province of Mindoro and Director Jeremy Robert M. Barns of the National Museum.



Make it rain for Africa!

Have you ever wondered what it would be to live in Africa? We all know that Africa belongs to some of the poorest nations in the world are in Africa.

Rain 4 Africa 2011 aims to raise awareness and raise funds for the people living in East Africa, which has now been gripped by what is considered to be the worst famine crisis in the last 20 years. All proceeds and donations made during the run will go straight to the World Food Programme’s initiatives.

Let's all help create awareness and raise funds for donation to East Africa, the region that is facing the worst famine crisis in nearly 20 years.Rain 4 Africa is a run for a cause organized by the Lifeline Foundation aimed to collect and bring help and save lives to the drought-stricken East Africa. This is a non-profit, all volunteer organized running event.

Rain 4 AfricaA Lifeline to Africa Run will be on November 13, 2011 at Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City 3. Registration fee for all of the races is at P400 per participant. Payments can be done through any EastWest Bank or directly at their registration partners.

For more information about this event, you can visit the Rain 4 Africa website or contact Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc. at (632) 836-2514 or via email at info@ineedalifeline.org.



As Figaro grows stronger, does its commitment to the environment

It's nice to know that for regular coffee drinkers, you need to plant at least three coffee trees per cup of coffee per day. So what if a person consumes 3 cups of coffee per day? Just multiply it by three which makes it nine coffee trees. Let's give back to what we consume! Anyways, I seldom drink coffee but I joined this tree planting to help our coffee farmers in Brgy. Esperanza Ilaya, Alfonso, Cavite and also my Mom is a coffee drinker from morning to evening, so it's for you Mom!

This project provides the farmers with an opportunity to improve the natural resources in their farms, increase their incomes, and thereby improve conditions for the families and our community. I was also impressed with their level of enthusiasm and commitment to preserve and protect the environment and this drives me more to support their efforts.

We can contribute to the environment and the well-being of our families by expanding the forested area of our coffee farms and by planting high quality varieties of fruit trees. I proud to say that I planted a total of nine (9) coffee trees in the area and it's also nice to know that I learned from our tour guide that we have 4 varieties of coffee in the world. They are the Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa and Liberica.

Coffee, in addition to providing income, is a crop which protects the forest, the soil, and our water: elements without which life in the countryside would be so much more difficult.

The Philippines is located in the "Coffee Belt" region - the region of the world above equator where coffee can grow better. So it's really possible for the Philippines to be back on the top 5 producing countries when it comes to coffee products. We were included as Top 4 in the 80's. We just need to push it more and support our coffee farmers for this to become possible.

I am proud to be part of this drive, as Figaro grows stronger, does its commitment to the environment! More power to Figaro and may this coffee trees we planted on Brgy. Esperanza Ilaya, Alfonso, Cavite become fruitful and will help a lot of coffee farmers in the area.



World Vision and the relief operation in Calumpit, Bulacan

We are all aware of the devastation left by Typhoons Pedring and Quiel and I'm sure, most of us would like to help our fellow Filipinos who have been badly affected by these two typhoons. More than a week has passed since typhoons Pedring and Quiel hit several provinces in Central and Northern Luzon. Floodwater has not subsided and remain at 3 to 6 feet in some villages. Damage to agricultural and infrastructure wrought by Pedring climbed to P6.6 billion, while nearly half a million people are still unable to return to their homes four days since the typhoon left.In Bulacan, damage wrought by Pedring and Typhoon Quiel to crops was estimated at P600 million and to roads, bridges, dikes and canals at P200 million.

World Vision, a Christian development, relief and advocacy organization that seeks to help Pinoy kids, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice went to Calumpit, Bulacan to distribute relief goods. I am so thankful and honored that I was invited and was able to be in touch with the people of Calumpit and cover the said relief operation. World Vision went to Calumpit, Bulacan to distribute relief goods.

Briefing about the area and the things to do was made especially for us first timers on the said activity before we went to the area.

Typhoons Pedring and Quiel pounded most of Luzon and left several towns flooded and without electricity, food, water and shelter. Traces of the typhoons Pedring ang Quiel can still be seen on these papers all over the municipal hall. These are pertinent papers that are scattered on the municipal hall for drying.

According to Wikipedia, Calumpit is a 1st class urban municipality in the province of Bulacan, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 98,017 people in 16,167 households.

I still believe that the best way to succeed in life, is to help other people. If you find yourself sitting around the house feeling totally bored, volunteering in an activity you enjoy can be a great way to change things. We have so many everyday that's unproductive and most of the time, wasted.

This is what I love about this activity. You can learn about yourself, learn about others and meet a lot of interesting people by volunteering. You can help others as you help yourself.

Please like World Vision on facebook - World Vision Philippines and follow them on Twitter @WorldVisionPH to know more about them and their campaigns to help to help the nation. Please also check their website at http://www.worldvision.org.ph