Movie Review: Star Cinema's "The Mistress"

Who are we to judge?

That's one of the many unforgettable lines which was said by Carmi Martin in the movie that would conclude to the story of "The Mistress. " In this world with full of opinionated people, the mistress will be forever mistress. Which is right! But do we know the stories behind them? Yes, mistresses are not wives, wives are not for as `kept' women or as falling into what they perceived as traditional mistress roles.

What will you do when the only woman you love is sadly committed to a married man?

This movie is the most dramatic for John Lloyd. I've seen John Lloyd cry in almost all of his movies. This time, he's the martyr here. I couldn't help but to have pity with his character as JD. It's so hard to get what's already belonged to someone else. This is so far the most daring role of Bea, not just because she showed some skin here. She plays the title role as the mistress named Sari, the movie required to have a kissing scenes and love scenes with an older man Rico (played by Ronaldo Valdez).

There's nothing new about their chemistry and acting because they're still the best. I love them and I love them even more because of this movie. They're just more mature and I would not want to make a spoiler about how the story goes. Every scene is a revelation!

What I liked more in this movie is the connections in of all the characters. Everyone's so relevant even the settings and the moods of the scenes showed in the film.

All I can say about the story is people misjudge these mistresses without knowing the real story behind. I understand them when they fell in love with married man, not because they allowed themselves to fall. They fell into a trap like in situation where man fell into temptations. Yes, nobody would ever forgive anyone for wrongs he had done. We only forgive people for what we blame them, and we blame them only after we have judged them. Our culture tells us, we are all flawed people, and people with flaws have no right to judge other people's flaws. 

Under the direction of Olivia Lamasan, "The Mistress" also stars Anita Linda, Carmi Martin, Tony Mabesa, K Brosas, Gabe Mercado, Minnie Aguilar, Nor Domingo and Clarence Delgado. 

This movie is a perfect project for John Lloyd and Bea's 10th anniversary as loveteam! Kudos to Star Cinema and everyone involve in this project.

Rating: 9/10



Movie Review: Be frightened and love the zombies in "ParaNorman"

Zombies have seen such an astonishing resurgence in the popular conscience over the past few years that it’s a little bit frightening. 

The whole story of "ParaNorman" is about the arrival of the bizarre zombies in droves, with their unfinished businesses. We are introduced to our  protagonist Norman Babcock who is a cute yet sensitive kid with sad troubled eyes.

His spiky brown hair conveys the impression he is perpetually living in a frightful state. Norman is a loner because nobody believes in him as he is the easy target of school bullies. This, despite living with his irksome family in the New England town of Blithe Hollow that’s swarmed by aimless zombies. Only Norman can see these apparitions, as he has the uncanny ability to communicate with the deceased. Right from the beginning he knows he has to prevent the destruction of his town by by taking on the freaks, zombies and the moronic adults. But there is only so much a young ghost whisperer can do.

Homosexuality is something of a divisive issue, so I don’t think it really belongs in a children’s movie. Some people might be offended by it, others not. The film’s biggest asset is that it knows when to scare and when to hold back.

This movie is definitely an animated movie aimed at older kids, tweens and the adults. "ParaNorman" has a darker premise and it’s more ghoulish than your average kid flick.

The acclaimed family film will be shown exclusively at Ayala Malls Cinemas starting September 5.

Rating: 7:10



Chicken? It's lighter and healthier yet crispier and juicier at Stackers Burger Cafe

From the makers of great restaurants like Tokyo Café, Peri-Peri Chicken and Kogi Bulgogi, CEO of iFoods Inc.Mr. Bryan Tiu, introduces another brand Stackers Burger Café with a healthy touch!

Craving for burgers at the wee hours and don't want to settle for fast food? Stackers is the place to go. I love the juicyness of the patty though the bacon is a bit dry. But still taste great.

Stackers is more than just burgers. Stackers also offers a delicious selection of healthy salads, smashing sides, pressure fried crispy chicken, killer milkshakes and floats, sundaes and great coffee.

Stackers Burger Café proudly presents their Baked Fried Chicken which gives you the same satisfaction that you would get from regular fried chicken – just in a much healthier and less oily manner. Original Baked Chicken Goodness available in all their branches.

With 80% less oil, it’s lighter and healthier yet crispier and juicier than the regular fast food fried chicken. This one's latest innovation on chicken for healthy eating! This Stackers Burger Cafe serves healthier and lighter than regular fried chicken. It has less oil, yet still preserves the flavor and juice of the chicken. Its meat is still as tender as that of regular fried chicken. Its skin is still as crispy as that of regular fried chicken.

iFoods Inc.’s Stackers Burger Café is now open for franchising to enable entrepreneurial Filipinos to be a part of this pioneering and innovative brand and its outstanding value offerings.

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