I'm Moving On...

I've been living for a year that's full of hatred and bitterness - Love, relationships, friendhips, family ;-( I know that I also did hurt them for I was hurt so bad.

This has been my profile picture on Facebook for so long...

And until now, I can still feel the same. I was betrayed by my best friend because of love. And that person whom I love betrayed me for another love...

It's been a year that I cursed them. It's been a year of living so miserable... The past is just a shadow of what is now, people change and people forget.

What we need now is to focus on the future. I don't know if I can love a hundred percent just like before... But I am still hoping that the next chapter of my life will be great.

This is my new favorite song now from Rascal Flatts

Reminiscing the past wont make a change. Past is past.

 I have lots of TRUE frinds that I know... and love me so much.

Forget and move on. Only change is constant. Let's just hope for a better tomorrow... Let's move on!

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