Will Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz surpass their first two records in "It Takes a Man and a Woman?"

The much awaited big screen reunion of box-office royalties Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz is all set on March 30 (Saturday) via the third installment of their hit romantic-comedy movie series "It Takes A Man And A Woman."

It's pretty obvious why Star Cinema find it so hard and took years for the third installment and the last in this romantic love story. It's really hard to do the conclusion of the story. The first two movies are both equally grandiose with surprises and kilig factor.

We all witnessed that the chemistry of Sarah and John Lloyd is remarkable, although they haven't had any special relationship off camera and people knew their love stories with other celebrities, everybody tends to follow and accept them as couple on big screen.

The story continues from 'a very special love' that both 'changed their lives,' Laida and Miggy will start to deal with their new selves in the same old company where their feelings started to blossom. The ex-sweethearts were transformed by the deeper emotional journeys that they both went through-from the simple and obedient executive assistant, the film reveals the braver, fiercer and career-oriented Laida; while the naughty bachelor Miggy will be seen now on a new phase in his life.

Anyways, I created a list 'Why people should watch "It Takes a Man and a Woman"' below.

Why do people need to watch this movie?
  1. It's the first Filipino romantic movie with a trilogy format.
  2. The first movie "A Very Special Love" broke records with Php179.25 million and became the highest-grossing Filipino movie off all time on that year (2008); the second installment broke the first record with Php 225.21 million gross. The two are now placed as Top 6 and 5 in the list of all-time highest-grossing local films to date respectively.
  3. John Lloyd and Sarah are both individual artists (not just as loveteam) with very huge following.
  4. It's Star Cinema.
  5. It's directed by box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina.
  6. This is the conclusion of the trilogy. If you liked the first and second one, you'll surely love to see the conclusion.
  7. ABS-CBN will air "A Very Special Love" and "You Changed my Life" this Holy Week so that those who haven't seen yet the movie will at least know the movie about.
  8. This is not an indie movie but it speaks quality. I have a strong faith that this will prove that not all 'rom-com' movies (genre) are the 'so-so' movies. 
I'll be watching this movie after Holy Week because I'll be in Mindoro. I have a strong faith with this movie that this will surpass the first two records. Just like the cast of the movie, I am more excited now to watch the movie and I am sure you all do as well. And we'll see....

Check out the full trailer here:
"The feeling that your heart was also smiling when you are watching this trailer"



New World Hotel Makati's Cafe 1228

The regular buffet at New World Hotel Makati's Cafe 1228 is impressive and must try!

Cafe 1228 is not as big as the 'bigger' ones out there but their buffet offers a wide variety of salads, appetizers, mains and desserts. And this is still definitely a worthwhile buffet alternative or option. The food quality was good. But as for the price, having said that Cafe 1228 is not on the same levels as the bigger ones, it was a different story. For me, it was a bit hefty considering the size of the buffet. But if you avail of the discounts offered, perhaps you may consider it as worth it.

What I love about this resto is they stick to the supreme quality dishes that we all love and crave for. The variety was just right and everything was tasteful and cooked to perfection. And the choices are extensive. Each food item is ready for your plate, or you can have it prepared any way you wish. Grilled, sauteed in butter, baked...you name it. The display includes plump, fresh prawns... The displays are constantly restocked, so seconds and thirds are no problem.

You'll also get a wide array of other meat and fresh seafood options, and different Asian cuisines. Fresh lobster buffet including oysters, scallops, mussels, clams, crabs and prawns. Aside from that, the different stations also feature lobster based dishes for a unique buffet experience. You can have it prepared the way you like it, and the chefs assigned in the different food stations will gladly do it for you.

The dessert station was small yet complete! Aside from the typical line-up of desserts, they also have crepe bar, chocolate fountain, and an impressive cold stone ice cream station!

Cafe 1228 also offers an impressive salad, grill, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, cheeses, cold cuts and pasta stations. Take your time, and go explore the different stations, as you wouldn't want to miss anything. Cafe 1228 is located at the lobby level of New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza Street Corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, San Lorenzo, Makati City.



Meet Gina Gil-Lacuna, the Jigsaw Puzzle Queen

Gina Gil-Lacuna has 1,029 pieces on display at the Puzzle Museum plus many puzzles under her bed waiting to be put together: "I was happy for my family and my country." 

Gina Gil-Lacuna is a 61-year old Filipina officially backed the title Guinness World Record Holder for the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles in any Size, Shape or Form awarded on November 29, 2012.

Gina Gil-Lacuna is a retired businesswoman. Her family's garment business supplies major shopping malls like SM and Robinsons. She is a picture of a true success story to think that she was just a high school graduate. But before she was able to afford collecting puzzles and building a bed and breakfast facility, Lacuna struggled to make ends meet. A high school graduate, Lacuna peddled goods in Divisoria and eventually started a garments business.

She started collecting and solving jigsaw puzzles at age 35, and has been pursuing her hobby for 26 years now. Her first jigsaw puzzle, which she pieced together 26 years ago, had 5,000 pieces and featured Disney characters. She bought it during her trip to Hong Kong. Having 1,028 jigsaw puzzles at your bed and breakfast (450 was the count last August)  isn’t just an astonishing feat, it’s the kind that  bags you a Guinness World Record.

Her love for puzzles started 27 years ago with a puzzle she bought in Hongkong and her collection grew to 1028 since then. She has recently completed Las Hilanderas, based on the painting of Velazquez. At 214x 157cm and 10,000 pieces, it would qualify for the hardest puzzle in the world. That ups the count to 1029. The former world record holder was from Brazil with only over 500 collection.

Making it to the Guinness World Record was not really her motivation to collect puzzles but for the love of it. She recalls,it's just one day when they were surfing the web that they came accross the post regarding the record holder that time who has far lesser collection than her. That's when they decided to go for the title.

Aside from Lacuna’s huge jigsaw puzzle collection, the Puzzle Mansion also has hotel-like amenities such as a swimming pool, a 400-square-meter function room and a 24-hour café. Nestled between hills of grass and wild flowers, the place is expected to attract not only foreign tourists but also students and art enthusiasts. Puzzle Mansion is located on Cuadra Street in Barangay Asisan in Tagaytay City.



THEATER: PETA's Himala the Musical

Ten years since it was first staged and earned commercial and critical acclaim, the Filipino musicale “Himala” goes onstage once again at the PETA Theater Center.

Same as the film, "Himala" thematizes mass hysteria the rough the story of a young rural girl who achieves both divine and celebrity power as a faith healer. Describing the film's ambition in terms of the 'theatrical potential' of its setting, the 'histrionic stylizations' of its actors and the 'hysterical audience' before which the climactic scene was to be played.

Elsa (played by May Bayot), the central character whose poor origins, humility and unearthly talent for healing capture the zealous devotion of an unruly multitude, barely educated country girl" revered and idolized by millions as much for her miraculous rise to spectacular power. Set in a far-flung barrio, a lowly, plain looking lass claims that the Virgin Mary appeared before her during an eclipse. She becomes a faith healer and almost overnight the sleepy town transforms into a bustling community. Pilgrims and tourists troop to Barrio Cupang out of curiosity while the sick flock to the once-cursed place with the hope that the miracle will heal them. Among the people who gravitate around Elsa are her two fanatic followers: a childhood friend named Chayong, almost saintly in countenance, and a poor woman who places her devotion to Elsa on top of her priority list. Two other important characters come within Elsa's orbit: a struggling documentary film director who treats his camera as his God and a downtrodden prostitute. The story blurs, as they say, the line between real and reel life. And that blurring, because it falls on the side of the 'real,' gratifies and exhilirates the critical sensibilities.

This is one of the theater plays I've seen on stage that I would to love to see again and again. This stage musical is very faithful to its movie, though there are some changes because of the medium, but the message the film wants to convey stays. The central characters - May Bayot, Cynthia Guico, Isay Alvarez, and Dulce showed their powerful acting prowess on stage! I was moved my this play! I cried silently while seating on my seat. The experience of watching this play is pretty much an experience of a lifetime - as if I am also part of the mob.

Anyways, the anniversary presentation is sponsored by the Philippine Theater Actors Guild as its first major venture. Librettist and composer De Jesus is chairman of TAG’s membership committee. The full cast of "Himala the Musical" includes May Bayot as Elsa and Cynthia Guico as Chayong, with Isay Alvarez playing Nymia. Other member of the cast are Dulce, Oj Mariano, Mia Reonal Bolaños, Myke Salomon, Melvin Lee, Lionel Guico, Angeli Bayani, Mayen Estanero, Neomi Gonzales, Joann Co, Bong Cabrera, Carlon Matobato, Red Nuestro and Onyl Torres. Also featured are Viva Voce and the UST Singers Alumni. Soxie Topacio directs.

Tickets are at P2,000 for VIP seats, P1,000 for orchestra seats, and P650 for balcony seats. For reservations, call Ria Pangilinan 0917-5378313.



MOVIE REVIEW: Star Cinema's "Must Be Love"

"Must Be Love" is the launching movie of today's Kapamilya hot loveteam KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla).

I watched this movie with some Bloggers, and let me tell you right now, I wanna watch it again. It’s just that good, and I’m sure the Bloggers with me on that time, Ning, Flow, Morgy, Mau, would agree with me, as they caught the film with me.

Anyways, “Must Be Love” follows the the exciting love story of the school heartthrob named Ivan (Daniel Padilla) and his boyish bestfried named Pachot (played by Kathryn Bernardo). But what will Pachot if she starts falling in love with her bestfriend if for him he only sees him as one of the boys?

I watched the movie because it's KathNiel, they're really hot loveteam & it delivered, I was surprised at how Kathryn and Daniel have evolved into fine actors from their teeny-bopper roles & images of old, now they're primed for eventual stardom. Kathryn is definitely several notches above or is truly a cut above her peers. She is also gradually priming herself to be one of the important actresses of this generation as her comfort level with film material is getting better. Aside from being Philippines' teen hot hearthtrob, Daniel's performance in this film shows glimpses of a screen presence Filipino moviegoers would always want to see. Mayy I also add, Sharlene San Pedro's character is very much lovable.

More than the story, there are a lot of interesting lines in the movie that I could relate to. It’s true, you know?  Each of us tend to be blinded by love and we do crazy things for love. Such is the realities of life. I wish this movie was Star Cinema's movie offering for Valentine's Day but anyways, Valentine's is extended on March!  This is just a simple movie but it touches one’s heart. It definitely made me reflect on how I see love.  The actors were so believable too! I love the chemistry between Patchot and Ivan. The way their friendship progressed and how much of a martyr Patchot seemed at the start while being not-so-secretly in love with Ivan may seem contrived, but I’ve found myself in that situation often enough to know it can be very real.

Shot mostly in Cebu and Laguna, Must Be Love will surely offer everyone a love story we will always cherish during our high school years. I say, kudos to Star Cinema and of course more for Kathryn and Daniel for this great, great romantic movie! This is definitely worth watching!

RATING: 7/10



MOVIE REVIEW: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" was suprisingly very entertaining!

"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" takes audiences into that crazy world of rivaling magicians and, while not giving us anything remotely original in terms of plot details and cliched drama that is always put in comedies, gives off many laughs and some great performances, particularly from Alan Arkin and Jim Carrey.  Even though Steve Carell as 'Burt Wonderstone' wasn't as hilarious and great as it could have been, it was still an entertaining and funny comedy that manages to give off some of the best moments I've seen all year.

The idea behind the movie seems like it's "WTF", but the trailer was kinda interesting. So I watched, and I'm glad I did. I think a big part of it was that the crowd was very receptive, so it was much more enjoyable. Everyone kept laughing. It wasn't really a very special movie, but it was entertaining.

The story is about 30 years of friendship between Burt Wonderstone and Anton Marvelton who have practiced the art of magic so much so that they have a headlining show at Bailly's in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, the name of their act "Burt and Anton: A Magical Friendship" is now an irony as the two magicians have become divas of their own and despise each other. When a new street magician named Steve Gray comes into the spotlight, Burt and Anton start losing ticket sales due to the people saying that they want the next big thing.  In order for the magic in their act to become new again, Burt and Anton must find the magic in their friendship and the wonder and awe that made them get into the business in the first place.

It was like I wasn't watching Steve Carell. Steve Carell was Burt Wonderstone. The actors in the movie are either really good, or they're just decent.  The two actors who fall under the decent category are Steve Carell and James Gandolfini. Jim Carrey was his old Jim Carrey self but it worked out in this movie. In almost every single scene he's in, Carrey finds a ridiculous and hilarious way to make the audience explode in contagious laughter. If they made a spin-off movie with just Jim Carrey's character, I bet it would be a lot funnier than this film overall. The acting is fine for the most part, but it's Jim Carrey and Alan Arkin who steal the show. Don't get me wrong, they were good in the movie. And another pleasant surprise: Olivia Wilde.

RATING: 7/10



Have you been with the wrong people?

"It is time to stop spending all your valuable time with the wrong people."

That's one of the things I always remind to myself. Everyday, everytime, everywhere! And this I think I would always remember - this thought, It's not the people that stand by you when you are at your best, but the ones who stand right there beside you when you are at your worst point of your life - these are what we call 'real friends.'

We always surround ourselves with so many and I have realized the importance of this in the past few months. This world is full of dramatic, angry, selfish, self-centered, pessimistic people. At times whether it's out of pity or wanting to help them, I find myself trying to bring them to the other side but quickly realize that its hard to change a person. Instead we end up stuck between them and the negative energy, not a place anyone needs to be.

Our life is too short to waste precious time with people who suck all the happiness out of you. If you are to be in someone's life, then they will make room for you. You should never have to fight for a spot in a person's life. There should never be a time in your life that you make yourself available to someone who continues to overlook what you are worth, whether it be family, friends, husband, girlfriends, church folks, etc.

Stop letting others bring you down to their level. Refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs. Stop wasting time explaining yourself to others. – Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it anyway.  Just do what you know in your heart is right. Always remember, it’s not the people that stand by your side when you’re at your best, but the ones who stand beside you when you’re at your worst that are your true friends.

You know, those so-called 'friends' who make you feel bad about yourself with backhanded compliments or the ones who aren’t going anywhere anytime soon? Drop them, as soon as possible. We are directly affected by the people we choose to surround ourselves with, so don’t you want to be spending time with good-hearted, go-getters? And this includes the boy/girlfriend you know is bad for you.

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who has to live with your decisions. Be confident in the choices you make and don’t feel the need to constantly explain them to others. If you decide to go into teaching, own it. Don’t let someone tell you what “better” options you could be studying. The same rule applies to everything. If you want to dye your hair pink, don’t feel the need to explain your decisions to others. Simply because you like it, is more than reason enough.

Goodbye drama! Goodbye negativity! Goodbye wrong people!!!!  


Bryan XXV Termulo Birthday concert experience

Prince of Teleserye theme songs Bryan Termulo showed his full potential in his much awaited solo concert held at Music Museum on March 9.

GMA Network's "Pinoy Pop Superstar" season 3 finalist Bryan Termulo started a sensational career early in 2007 and soon released a self-titled debut album titled "Begin" when he transfered to ABS-CBN ans started singing theme songs for ABS-CBN teleseryes. After singing three teleserye theme songs, “Bihag,” "Pagdating Ng Panahon,” “Hanggang Ngayon,” “Dadalhin,” and “Kailan” for ABS-CBN’s most successful teleseryes “Walang Hanggan”, “Dahil Sa Pag-ibig”, “Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo”, 100 Days to Heaven”, and “Ina, Kapatid, Anak”, respectively, he earned his tag 'Prince of Teleserye theme songs.' Aside from singing, he has also ventured in acting on TV. He has proven himself in his first appearance on TV in Aljur Abrenica-Kris Bernal starrer "All My Life" on GMA Network and on the succeeding ABS-CBN TV series "Wansapanataym," "MMK," and "Budoy."

He may be not the grand finalist of the singing competition he was discovered, Bryan worked harder for his name and established his name as an OPM artist. His rendition of Regine Velasquez' hit "Dadalhin" which really put him to where he is right now.

Talking about the concert, he opened it with a very energetic opening song and dance number. Nevermind the front acts. Anyways, in his debut concert, he showed how versatile he was and what he can do. He's not just another balladeer on stage, he can also do pop and do sing and dance. Anyways, his best performance of the night (fonr me) is when he sang Jason Mraz' "Word Play." His rendition was fantastic!

Guest performers at that night are Liezel Garcia, Bugoy Drillon, KZ Tandingan, Melissa Cantiveros and the surprise guest Angeline Quinto. His celebrity crush Sarah Geronimo surprised Bryan with a video greeting.



Let's talk about 'utang na loob'

What is 'utang na loob?'
Is there an English term for 'utang na loob?
Is there a monetary value for what we call 'utang na loob?'
Is there something in return for this 'utang na loob?'
Will you be angry if you didn't receive anything back from this 'utang na loob?'

These are some of the questions entered into my mind when I was asked lately about this 'utang na loob' thingy. It's my topic for over a week now because there is one guy who keeps on asking me about this. He's in a situation where he badly needs to return the favor somebody willingly gave it to him. That somebody is not asking for return but what bothers him is, he thinks that the person whom he has an 'utang na loob' really needs help. I hate to elaborate anything because some of my closest friends know something about this (for sure) and I might divulge something that's not appropriate to be written in my blog.

For me, in an absence of a chance to pay back in a similar manner an 'utang na loob,' it can be quantified. You can pay back in cash or kind. It is imperative that you have to give back in return.

Now in case a need arises after you have paid back in cash the person you were originally indebted to, you are still obliged to help him. It is only after then that it releases you of moral obligation. The cash or kind lightens the feeling of indebtedness if you dont get a chance to help back.
If there is no need to pay the person, i.e. he's rich, he doesnt need help, etc. you dont need to pay him. You can always pay forward.

Anyways, giving or helping is voluntary thus there is no need to be paid back. No need to withdraw or sulk in case the other person doesn't pay back, it is supposed to be his problem not yours. An acknowledgement however from the person you helped would always give feeling of satisfaction.

In other side of life, we can say that 'utang na loob' is still not an obligation in the point of view of the first person. But the second person, not really an obligation pero for goodwill man lang, wag n'yang kalimutan ang tulong na binigay sa kanya, in other way, in other time, in other place, the second person can give it back in return to the 1st person.

But always remember, the word 'utang na loob' is not considered if there's unlawful, illegal, immoral acts involved.


MOVIE REVIEW: Disney's "Oz the Great and Powerful"

"Oz The Great and Powerful" is a Disney movie directed by the wondrous Sam Raimi and stars the likes of James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Zach Braff and Michelle Williams. With all of that star power, you’d have to guess that this film would be spectacular. It was that, and more.

We were able to view it in 3D in Greenbelt Cinema, which really bought the story to life. The visuals are extraordinary and the 3D aspect was not only beautifully presented, but in a time where some films make me question why 3D is used, this film seemed to have been born for it especially on its opening credits. I felt like I was actually in the Land of Oz, and when I removed the 3D glasses, I was just a little sad to realize I really was just in a theater.

As far as the story goes, "Oz The Great and Powerful" was a great way to clear up questions and get to know the history behind the classic. James Franco plays Oscar, a carnival magician, and manages to enchant us right from the beginning with his stylish swagger, devilish smile and quirky sense of humor. He was made to be Oz. All of the actors were placed in roles that were meant for them and did a fantastic job staying true to the magic of the land of Oz.

Based on characters created by L. Frank Baum, Oz The Great and Powerful takes us back to the love we felt the first time we experienced "The Wizard of Oz." It’s set in the same Oz we viewed during Dorothy’s journey, filled with Winkie Soldiers, Witches, flying monkeys, The Emerald City and that famous yellow brick road. When you think about the name Oz, if you are anything like me, you picture a yellow brick road, ruby slippers and 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' Don't expect to see the lion, scarecrow, tin man in this movie. They're not in here though before I watched the movie, I was expecting for me to at least have a very brief background where they really came from.

The costumes and effects were spellbinding and the transition from the classic black and white to Technicolor takes your breath away. The 3D effects were very convincing, frightening my son just a bit during the Wizard’s trek through the Dark Forrest.

Bringing you into a world you’ve never seen is what Disney does best, and they have outdone themselves with this film.

It’s a family-friendly movie full of excitement, humor, and heart-felt life lessons.

RATING: 7/10