Philippine Senatorial Election 2007

The Philippine Midterm Elections is fast approaching. May 14, 2007 is the day that will test if the Administration candidates (Unity Ticket) under Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo still have the charisma to win the support of the Filipino people. The Opposition candidates (Grand Opposition) are putting their best guards in front to stop the Unity Ticket from winning.

Who will survive? Who will be in the final magic 12 come election day? The answer depends on us!I made a video featuring the 24 Senatorial candidates. It is the Unity Ticket vs. the Grand Opposition. Please support my drive to help inform the Filipino voters about the kind of public servants they are hoping to place in the Senate. - TALKSMART

Habol pa ako to promote this video. Sana naman makapili na ang Masang Pilipino ng totoong tao na ang hangad ay ang mapabuti ang kapakanan ng bayan. Mahal na Mahal ko ang Pilipinas!


Pilipinas kong Mahal

Mahal ko ang Pilipinas!