About Me

My real given name is Mc Richard.... other names are Macky or Chad.

I’m a bit shy but I love to shout my heart out. Bit aggressive but I know when, why and where. I love foods and alcoholic drinks enough to make my tummy bigger than myself. I love to travel a lot... I love to swim and dive but not until my nausea hits me. I love music but I can’t and never sing the song myself. I love watching gifted people in dance floor but I’m just ended myself appreciating. I’m a very makulit but not the inquisitive one. I learn things that easily and I love my heart and my senses for that. I am so jolly but just enough to make people dying opppps not killing. I am a very straight forward person but I’m not the offensive one. I love asking feedbacks and I love hearing the negative ones. I love loving people but I don’t want commitments before.... and now I am so much taken (just taken, not taken for granted).

I hate waiting… (But hate me 'coz you'll wait for me 'coz I am a VIP) I hate lates (only me) … In social gatherings, I’m good at normal or lively shouting conversations but not in stereotype over-used and super redundant topics. It bleeds my brain and I just ended myself killing those people. I’m good at riding jokes and conversations and we ended going somewhere. In arguments, just a tip for you, I need facts and don’t ever try yourself get out of the main context without justifying it in front of me or else I will rip your nick out of your little brainy feeble-minded head. I need information’s; I don’t need opinions… I have lots of it inside me. I love reading peoples mind enough to get myself out of trouble. I love to draw but just enough to make my life and my love one’s life colorful.

I’m a catholic, I don’t go to church but I know how to pray and fear to God. I love adventures but not in trouble. I love pictures but just enough to recognize me. I love extra-curricular or outside-my-activities/tasks just enough to equip me with the skills and knowledge. I love mating Este meeting new strangers but I hate saying goodbyes. Like you, I cry, I laugh, I care and I love. I may not be the perfect person you will ever meet but I’m good at fitting different personalities.

I’m a flexible, versatile, easy going, open-minded, understanding and appreciative-type of person. I don’t want back-fighters, negative thinkers, close-minded, I-know-all-person, manghuhula and plastic type of person (I don’t need disposable ones).

And don’t you ever cross my way or make me your enemy. I’m a good citizen; I know what’s bad for everybody. If you ever hit my emotional pushbuttons, harm me, hurt me, just wish you can bring back the time and don’t ever do it again on me or else, you would rather hide yourself forever than experience my revenge.

Lastly, I hope I still have patience to go ahead and fix my sentences and flow of thoughts. But I’m tired... anyway; it’s mine... not yours…so just read it. If you want to fix it yourself I don’t care. My words maybe harsh but not definitely my heart. This is me. We are different... understand….? Good!



This is #awesome! I hope I get to have the time to read through everything (or at least some of them :) ... ). Hope to meet you one day soon... lets exchange notes. I know I'd learn a lot from you! See you around 'FB friend' ;) :D

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