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Caregiver Movie

Caregiver is about the story of Sarah, a grade school teacher who decides to give up teaching for a more financially-rewarding career as a caregiver in London. As she takes care of other people, who will take care of Sarah herself?

Caregiver was shot mostly in London with cast members John Estrada, Rica Peralejo, Jhong Hilario, and Makisig Morales. The Megastar plays a grade school teacher who decides to give up her career in the Philippines to become a caregiver in a European country with her husband (played by John). Other stars of this movie include Boots Anson Roa, Mickey Ferriols, Lotlot de Leon, and John Manalo (who plays Sharon's son).

This is the movie trailer of Caregiver courtesy of migzellent08

This is one of my favorite lines in this Caregiver movie of Star Cinema

Mr. William Morgan (Saul Reichlin) : Sometimes when you least expected, someone will come into your life and make you feel less lonely. Thank you!

I like the cast and the story itself of caregiver. Sobrang nakakatouch ang mga scenes fron the very beginning hanggang sa matapos. Maraming mga important lines pa na nasabi sa movie pero hindi ko masabi ang mga exact words. I just love this movie for the reason that nandito si Sharon at Star Cinema ang may gawa nito.


The Calawagan Mountain Resort

Considered the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines (click here to see news), Calawagan Mountain Resort has three (3) meter high falls and shadowed by the remaining rain forest which is ideally suited for nature lover. It has a panoramic view of rock formations, cascading water falls and crystal water, vibrant & timeless hues of nature. It has cottage facilities and a natural swimming pool.

The foot of the river is a 20-minute overland ride from the Paluan town hall to Sitio Calawagan in Barangay Alipauy. At the entrance of Alipauy is a 50-family Mangyan community, which previously lived upstream but was resettled below to deter pollution and destruction of the river source.
A one-hectare lot was appropriated by the town to resettle the families, complete with potable water sourced from the river. A one-room school building stands at the gate of this resettlement, situated on the wy to the Calawagan Resort.
To use the resort facilities, a P15 entrance fee is charged to help efray expenses for caretakers, including the salary of Mangyan forest ranger.

The river's salinity level and cleanness make it good for direct drinking, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), which spearheads the annual "Clean and Green Project," said.

Calawagan River met the two major criteria for the award: physical condition and community support system. First Lady Ming Ramos (during the Ramos Regime 1998) is the project's honorary chairman.

Calawagan Mountain Resort is the 1996 National Awardee in the cleanest Inland Body of Water Category of DILG's Clean and Green Program. Located 1.5 kilometers from the town of Paluan, it offers a picturesque rock formation and an air of mountain serenity. Its cold refreshing spring water, towering trees, mini-forest and collection of unique animals are some of its features. The place is ideal for hikers and nature lovers who can stroll through its winding paths a traverse is hanging bridge.
So come on! Join me to my adventure to Calawagan Mountain Resort!


Visit Paluan!

Let us visit Paluan, Occidental Mindoro. Many knows Puerto Galera and other tourist destinations in Mindoro. For me, Paluan is truly rich in resources but remains unheard. Its beauty is impressive enough for tourism. Change for progress happens here so slow. That works in both ways, the good and the bad.


Paluan is a town where you find yourself submitting to the social, environmental and political aspects of society.

That is why I am here posting about my beloved Paluan and inviting the whole world to come and visit Paluan for I know that there are so many things that Paluan has and I will be proud of.


The villagers was formerly known as the religious district of Calavite in the early part of the 7th Century. It became a municipality during the early part of the American Regime bearing the name "Lipa", a place so called because of the abundance of this fern along the river bank. It was later change to Paluan which derived its name from the word "Palu" meaning to whip. According to the legend, the Muro Pirates who used to plunder the village where all whipped by the Barangay Chieftain. Today, such punishment are being practiced by the native Iraya Mangyans using "Yantok Mindoro" wherever a villager defy existing law. Paluan became a municipality in 1910.


Paluan is located in the northern tip of the province of Occidental Mindoro; lying along the northeast shore of Paluan Bay which is between Pantocomi Point and Camias Points approximately seven (7) miles Southeast of Cape Calavite. The town is straddled by rolling to steep mountain ranges under the majestic shadow of Mountain Calavite and is accesible by land and water transportation. The municipality houses the Major Shipping Lighthouse of the country.

Mt. Calavite


During the Spanish time, there had been close affinity between Paluan & Lubang Island from the standpoint of demography as evidenced by the close cultural background of the two areas. Early settlers of Paluan were migrants from Lubang and Looc.

As of 1996,population totals 21,078 at a growth rate of 15%. Of the province's 11 municipalities, Paluan has the lowest density of 0.25 square kilometers per person. This is the reason why there is so much available land area for development and expansion.


Life in Paluan is a picture of simple, rural living thriving mainly of farming and fishing. Other complementary occupations are: carpentry, fish drying, pebbles quary, livestock anf poultry, Apiary, orchard production and "pastillas" (Carabao Milk Candy) making.

Some traders regularly bring tune pebbles and other minor forest products to Manila via the "Door to Door" Jeepney.

There are a total of 1,075 business establishment in the locality.


Paluan has very rich history and an exotic culture. Its indigenous traditions are showcased in year round festivals. Paluan folks celebrate every feast with religious fervor, color and sounds. The town fiesta is celebrated March 19 of each year in honor of St. Joseph, its patron Saint. There is also the enchanting Sta. Cruz de Mayo & La Naval held on the first week of October. During Lent, re-enactment of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ is performed in the church along with the "Pabasa" and the famous "Penetensya".

Paluan also offers a multitude of activities for visitors including:
* Sailing and fishing to Pamutusin Cove
* Horseback Riding
* Camping
* Hiking/Mountain Climbing
* Hot Spring Bath
It only takes 45 minutes land trip from Mamburao (capital town of the province) to Paluan. Lush green forest and grape orchards line the road which provide cool, soothing wind. Once there, one will marvel at thru its clean environ, the simplicity of the residents and its rural pristine setting -- a true respite for the urbanity and tourists.

This video is the Paluan March and Paluan Hymn

See Lionheart the Adventurer and I Love Paluan Blog for more


I Already Had 2 Failed Relationships!?

Ito na lang ba talaga ang magiging buhay ko? Sa tuwing may nagtatanong sa akin, ang lagi kong isinasagot ay, "Heto, single pa rin!"
(Si Richard kasama ang mga matatalik na kaibigan.)

Ang pagiging adventurer ko ba talaga ang dahilan kung bakit ako single na naman? Ang una kong relasyon ay nagtagal lamang ng 5 buwan at ang pangalawa ko ay hindi man lang nagtagal ng 1 buwan. Hayz! Until now, hindi ko pa rin alam kung ano ang nangyari. Sa pagbalik ko na lang ng Manila ko malalaman ang lahat. Nandito pa kasi ako ngayon ako sa Mindoro para magbakasyon.

(Richard with close friends.)

Kapopost ko lang naman last week ng Inlove the Second Time entry ko para ipagsigawan sa lahat na nagmahal na ulit ako pero ito nga ang nangyari. Anyway, hanggang ngayon ay umaasa pa rin ako na maaayos ang gusot na nangyari sa amin. Kasi until now ay clueless ako sa mga nangyari.
(Richard with FEU friends)

I don't know, dati rati ay Baby ang tawag ko sa kanya sa text at kapag nagreply naman siya ay Richard ko ang tinatawag niya sa akin. Ang last text niya : Richard kumusta? Dami mo na palang text, now ko lang read. Busy me maghapon. Ano gawa mo?

That text was 3 days ago. 2 days ago naman ang aming 1st monthsary sana. Ewan ko pero tanga lang talaga siguro ako para itext ko siya ng Happy 1st Monthsary kahit na hindi na naman happy.
Kani-kanina lang ay may nakikipagtextmate sa akin. I asked that person kung sino ang nagbigay sa kanya ng number ko at isinagot niya ay ang pangalan ng Baby ko. Sa totoo lang, naiyak ako doon pero hindi ako masyadong nagemote kasi nanonood ako ng Liga sa Basketball dito sa amin.

Hayz! Ito na lang ba ito? I am hoping na maayos at mapag-usapan namin ito sa Manila kasi ako talaga ay nalilito. I called my Baby so many times pero wala nang sagot kahit missed calls at texts. Hirap talaga! Akala ko pa naman ay siya na ang taong pakakasalan ko... Sana pa rin!

Chocolate is said to contain phenylethylamine. The same chemical your brain produces when you fall inlove. Magchocolate na lang kaya ako para hindi masakit?