Best butt exposures in a Pinoy Movie

Butt exposures on Philippine cinemas even on the mainstream movies are becoming rampant these days.

Some of our popular actors nowadays have incredulously thrown their head back in mirth over the notion of taking more 'daring' roles from here on, but they didn't completely rule out leaving little to the audience’s imagination, if need be. There was enough male butt nudity on these movies to sink a battleship, but the storyline is still the

I am only talking about the mainstream here since there are already numerous butt exposures and even frontal.

Here's my top picks on these butt exposures:

1. Dingdong Dantes in "One More Try" (2012)

2. Diether Ocampo in "24/7 in Love" (2012)

3. Zanjoe Marudo in "One More Try" (2012)

4. Aaron Villena in "The Bride and the Lover" (2013)

5. Coco Martin in "Serbis" (2010)

These five gorgeous guys are proving it pays to have a little junk in the trunk—as long as that junk is hitting the gym hard!