Movie Review : "J. Edgar" - The Story behind one of the Most Powerful Man in History

I was never ever warned it would be a shocking film for me. I was really blown away by "J. Edgar." Given the dynamic team of Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, and Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, this is really an insightful look into the life of the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I never expected it to be this kind of a movie!

The Story:

As the face of law enforcement in America for almost 50 years, J. Edgar Hoover was feared and admired, reviled and revered. But behind closed doors, he held secrets that would have destroyed his image, his career and his life. As the face of law enforcement in America for almost 50 years, J. Edgar Hoover was feared and admired, reviled and revered. But behind closed doors, he held secrets that would have destroyed his image, his career and his life.

Among other things, the story zigzags through that plot and the rise of the FBI fine enough as it is, though not as seamlessly and effectively as I would have expected.

The Characters:

The acting of Leonardo DiCaprio was stunningly amazing as he brought the whole drama to realism.  Perhaps, he could even win some awards. DiCaprio and his co-star Armie Hammer was able to pull off it off with chemistry. Their portrayal was pretty good. Hoover (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and Tolson (played by Armie Hammer) must hide their obvious romantic affections for each other, mainly down to Hoover’s choices, which are shown to be down to the overriding influence of his mother Anne Marie (Judi Dench)

Armie Hammer has the most notable performance in this movie and with much relief, has good chemistry with the Leonardo DiCaprio. Their relationship is summed up well by the story she tells Hoover about a local boy, with the nickname Daffy (‘short for Daffodil’), who shot himself. He’s used as an example because Anne Marie would rather have ‘a dead son than a daffodil for a son.’

Every tender moment between Clyde and Edgar, up until that scene in the hotel room where... they apparently adored the cariño brutal treatment. It's an apparent truth and yet I can observe only very rarely: as straight men are excited by girl-on-girl action, straight women are as equally excited by man-on-man action. Give or take a few open minds.

My Say:

Overall, I still say Leonardo DiCaprio deserves at least an Oscar nomination for this. He was quite good, but the movie as a whole lacked the oomph and punch that I expected of it. While the protagonist tried to rise up from adversity and personal issues, the film itself was struggling in places and couldn't really decide what it wanted to say beyond painting a profile.

"J.Edgar" is the type of film that can be more appreciated when watched in a movie house—most preferably in a crowded movie house because the audience response can boost its entertainment factor. There’s something about the audience’s collective response that will help you get more in touch with the film’s message and, of course, sustain your attention until the end credits.

The heart of the film is Hoover’s relationship with Tolson, which will surely spike your interest level. The movie was interesting to watch.  I found myself immersed into the show curious about how his life went on.

Rating : 7/10



February is also for everyone who wants to fly!

February is not just about love and relationship, it's also for those people who wants to fly. Drifting through the skies, you look over the edge of the basket and your eyes are filled with the stunning landscape below you.

The "Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta" is an annual affair featuring an air show of hot-air balloons and several aviation events held at at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) grounds within the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga. It was first organized in 1994 to stimulate the local economy in Central Luzon, to encourage hot air ballooning as a sport locally and to promote the Philippines as a premier sport and tourist destination in Asia. It is now an extremely successful event at par with other international air shows and attracting thousands of spectators from all over.

The  2012 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga attracts crowds of approximate 80,000 or more each year. So getting in the park early is the best option. Balloonists from all over the world came over to participate in this event. In addition to the flights of the hot air balloons the public was treated with other activities including micro light demonstration, small planes fly-bys, aerobatics, remote controlled scale model aerobatics, etc.

There are certain considerations to take note of when planning a hot air balloon trip. Hot air ballooning is greatly dependent on the weather as flying in fog, rain or strong winds can be dangerous. That is why most launches take place close to sunrise, before the day's thermals start rising. Wear comfortable clothes and practical shoes. You may also want to bring sunglasses and/or a hat. A camera is a must to record your wonderful experience.

It is and it will always be since it will be a wonderful parade of hundreds of colorful balloons coming from different countries across the globe. Aside from taking pictures, you can actually walk near the balloons and talk to the pilots who make these things glide across the Air Force City, DiosdadoMacapagal International Airport in Clark Field, Pampanga.

This 2012, the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is celebrating it’s 17th year at the AFP grounds in Clark Freeport, Pampanga. There will be award ceremonies, and different attractions such as kite flying, paragliding, skydiving and of course the hot air balloons itself. Expected in this event are scores of colorful hot air balloons from all over the globe. Also expected during the event are other activities like light plane exhibition, sky diving exhibition, and a whole lot more.

It is not a one day event and you can experience first hand some of the attractions during the 2012 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. There's a lot more to see this year according to the organizers. It is hard to pick one event to go to and it is best to try all.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to take photos of the colorful balloons during the glow events at dusk or dawn. The natural lighting creates a magical effect which makes it a no effort deal to capture great images.

For more information about 2012 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, please contact the fiesta committee at (02) 384 0085 / or check PIHABF website :



SM City Baguio welcomes "Year of the Dragon" 2012

Most Tsinoys, or the Filipino-Chinese community in the Philippines and even the pure Pinoy but believes in Fengshui and other Chinese practices, celebrated "Chinese New Year" last week. "Chinese New Year," also known as the Spring Festival, is a major event welcomed in key cities around the world. Kung Hei Fat Choi to all my readers!

Just like any SM Supermalls in the country, SM City Baguio welcomes the "Year of the Dragon" with beautiful performance and decorations and delicious Chinese food. Families and friends here enjoyed the wish lanterns with your prayers and hopes for good health, career and fortune for the "Year of the Dragon." Aside from that, the Lion and Dragon Dance and the exhibition of the Tai-Chi, Wushu and some Chinese songs were performed at the stage making this event more festive.

Tai chi is an ancient form of gentle physical exercise that promotes fluid movement and harmony of body and mind, skeletal and muscular systems, and the left and right brain. Yoga, tai chi and qigong's health benefits have been studied for nearly 2,000 years in China and India. According to one Chinese Master, these three disciplines are the most advanced achievements in body exercise and mind conditioning ever to be developed.

The sport of wushu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. It was created in the People's Republic of China after 1949, in an attempt to nationalize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.

It’s the “Year of the Dragon,” which is said to be one of the strongest of all of the zodiac signs. The start of the “Year of the Dragon” brings new possibilities and new beginnings. This is also the time of year when people are trying to commit to start a new fitness or health regime.

Completely overhauling their lifestyle for the better or at least to shed some pounds or get back in shape. There are the resolutions made every year to exercise, eat right, and get personal finances in order. “Year of the Dragon” is all about strength and being mighty. And a better way to do that is to start healthy eating and have a regular exercise!

Start the year right with proper diet and proper choosing of foods and great friends. This will surely make Because there’s nothing like the gift of good health this New Year. Kung Hei Fat Choi!



Movie Review : "We Bought a Zoo"

I went into this film wanting to love it, and left feeling inspired, moved, and definitely loved it. This movie is based on a true story where Matt Damon plays as Benjamin Mee, a writer & recent widower after losing his wife to cancer.  He is a father of two, a son Dylan (Colin Ford) and a daughter Rosie played by the irresistible Maggie Elizabeth Jones.

The Story:

Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) has lost his wife and is seeking a better life for his two kids and himself.  After his son is expelled from school, Damon finally gets serious and looks to relocate.

What he finds is an unusual situation. An old house, with lots of property, 9 miles from the nearest Target.  The only catch:  It is a Zoo.   Not just a backyard Zoo either, a fully functioning  Zoo with employees, exotic animals, and all the headaches, and financial problems, that come with it.

So with his brother’s rule of 20 seconds of insanity…he buys the house and the Zoo…employees and all.   Their first task is to get the Zoo ready for an inspection so they can open by the summer.

The most beautiful woman in the world, Scarlett Johansson, is the zookeeper.  She works constantly and has zero social life.  You kinda know what happens….

The supporting cast of Thomas Duncan Mee (Haden Church), Dylan Mee (Colin Ford), the expressive Rosie Mee (Maggi Elizabeth Jones), the best actress in the Fanning family, Lily Miska (Elle Fanning) are all wonderful.

About the Movie:

"We Bought A Zoo" is a charming, funny, and seriously fantastic film that deserves at least some award consideration. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go give my dog a great big bear hug. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, this IS one of those movies. 

The Characters:

Everyone in this movie is at their A-game here.

Matt Damon plays the father figure of this film very well, knowing when to bring in harmless comedy and when to really be ticked off at his 14 year old son, played by the equally great young actor Colin Ford. The chemistry of the father and son stings of electric friction throughout the movie, but luckily brings it down to a mellow sunset towards the final 25 minutes.

Scarlett Johansson I would say is the least intriguing of the all-star cast, but she is still a very good love interest to Damon. The best actors/actresses of the film all come from the surprisingly stellar supporting cast.

Thomas Haden Church is simply hilariously awesome as Damon's divorced brother. Church is the true comedic relief in this movie, with almost every single bit of dialogue shed by him resulted in my screening's audience bursting into laughter.

A personal favorite character of the movie is Matt Damon's daughter, played by the sweet, charming, and hilarious newcomer Maggie Elizabeth Jones. She has some of the best lines in the entire flick, as well as the clichéd job of saying the film's title about two times. (Damon says it in the second to last scene) Elle Fanning is great as always playing Lily, the love interest of Colin Ford. Fanning brings a sweet girl-next-door type of character whose innocence really gives off a charm to the story.

John Michael Higgins is a great and very funny villain as the snooty inspector that has no faith in the zoo at all. Everyone else in the film, while their parts are small, all add something special to this wonderful movie.

My Take:

"We Bought A Zoo" is a great film for families and teens alike. There is sweet-as-corn comedy, heavy/believable drama, and a charm that pulls you in by the end of the first hour.  Everything about this film makes you feel warm inside, yet also makes you teary eyed during some of the dramatic moments. Truthfully – this is a movie that will warm your heart and have you leaving the theater with a big ol’ smile on your face, and those happy tears in the corner of your eyes. You know guys what I mean.

This movie was fantastic. I loved everything about it. Matt Damon played an amazing father and I was in love with the little girl who played his daughter. This movie, was emotional, but also had it's hilarious parts. I suggest going to see it, cute family movie!

"We Bought A Zoo" opens January 18 in Philippine theaters from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Rating : 7/10



When it comes to love and religion, what's your stand?

How do couples/lovers of different religious or spiritual
backgrounds and beliefs build a healthy,
respectful marriage or partnership together?

This answer is going to be different for each couple/lovers as every relationship is unique.

This show opens with the cacophony of a car crash and spends half of its scenes in a hospital waiting room, "Next Fall" is a surprisingly funny exploration of the nature of love and faith. The play alternates between scenes set in the waiting room of a hospital, where Luke is in a coma after being hit by a taxi, and vignettes that trace in flashbacks the evolving and sometimes tenuous relationship of Luke, a young actor, and the 40-ish Adam.

Adam also decides that now is a perfect time to assault the religious beliefs that are giving everyone comfort. He takes even the smallest mention of faith as provocation. This would almost be forgivable as a conceit if the conversations that resulted were at all balanced.

What “Next Fall” is very good at doing is prompting the discussions in the audience that the characters seem incapable of having onstage.

The characters:

The characters in “Next Fall” — including Adam (Bart Guingona) and Luke (David Bianco), the odd couple at the play’s center. In the hands of these actors, the characters never feel like fictional creations but like real people, endearing and infuriating, and when their time in the spotlight comes to an end, you wish you could stick around and get to know them better.

My Take:

Not everyone will relate to the homosexual relationship and not everyone will relate to the various religious stances held by the characters in the play, "Next Fall." What everyone will relate to, however, is the common denominator of religion in our lives and how it influences our views. That is why this is not just your ordinary gay-love story. When a play presents two gay lovers, one Christian and the other atheist, the audience may lick its lips for a meaty philosophical debate with a modern twist. This play was said to disguise as a tragedy about two men with irreconcilable views of the world, “Next Fall” has nothing to do with God or science.

All that said, there’s a whole lot to love here. Seriously, holy crap, you should see “Next Fall.” You’re not gonna find a funnier, sweeter, more exasperating play in town right now.

The play will be staged at the Onstage, Greenbelt 1 in Makati City on January 13 – February 5, 2012 and it was directed by veteran theater actor and director Audie Gemora.

For tickets, inquiries and other information, call Repertory Philippines at 571-6926 or 571-4941 or email Tickets are also available thru Ticketworld at 891-9999 or  Visit, subscribe to, and add “Rep Phils” in Facebook.



Movie Review : "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"

The first Sherlock Holmes movie pulled off a surprise with its interesting yet different take of the legendary character. While some viewers disapproved the movie's portrayal of Holmes, it still managed to win the hearts of the general audience thanks to remarkable performances and fun dynamics from the cast.

This time around "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" introduces Holmes' greatest adversary: Professor James Moriarty, which automatically raises the stakes and expectations. The movie is definitely larger in scale but it was bogged down by not giving an essential element of the story the treatment it deserves.

The Story:

In 1891, Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams) delivers a package to Dr. Hoffmanstahl—payment for a letter he was to deliver. Hoffmanstahl opens the package, triggering a hidden bomb which is prevented from detonating by the intervention of Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.). Holmes takes the letter and disposes of the bomb while Adler and Hoffmanstahl escape. Holmes later finds Hoffmanstahl assassinated. Adler meets with Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris) to explain the events, but Moriarty poisons her—deeming her position compromised by her love for Holmes.

Some time later, Dr. Watson (Jude Law) arrives at 221B Baker Street, where Holmes discloses that he is investigating a series of seemingly unrelated murders, terrorist attacks, and business acquisitions, that he has connected to Moriarty. Holmes meets with the gypsy Simza (Noomi Rapace), the intended recipient of the letter he had taken from Adler, sent by her brother Rene. Holmes defeats an assassin sent to kill Simza, but she flees before Holmes can interrogate her. After Mary (Kelly Reilly) and Watson's wedding, Holmes meets Moriarty for the first time. Moriarty informs Holmes that he murdered Adler and will kill Watson and Mary if Holmes' interference continues.

Moriarty's men attack Watson and Mary on a train to their honeymoon. Holmes, having followed the pair for protection, throws Mary from the train into a river below where she is picked up by Holmes' waiting brother Mycroft (Stephen Fry). After defeating Moriarty's men, Holmes and Watson travel to Paris to locate Simza. When she is found, Holmes tells Simza that she has been targeted because Rene is working for Moriarty, and may have told her about his plans. Simza takes the pair to the headquarters of an anarchist group to which she and Rene had formerly belonged. They learn that the anarchists have been forced to plant bombs for Moriarty.

The trio follows Holmes's deduction that the bomb is in the Paris Opera. However, Holmes realizes too late that he has been tricked and that the bomb is in a nearby hotel; the bomb kills a number of assembled businessmen. Holmes discovers that the bomb was a cover for the assassination of Meinhart—one of the attendees—by Moriarty's aide, Sebastian Moran (Paul Anderson). Meinhart's death grants Moriarty ownership of Meinhart's weapons factory in Germany. Holmes, Watson, and Simza travel there, following clues in Rene's letters.

At the factory, Moriarty captures and tortures Holmes, while Watson is under sniper fire from Moran. Moriarty reveals that he owns shares in multiple war-profiting companies, and intends to instigate a world war to make himself a fortune. Meanwhile, Watson uses the cannon he had been hiding behind to destroy the lighthouse in which Moran is concealed. The structure collapses into the warehouse where Moriarty is holding Holmes captive. Watson, Simza, and an injured Holmes reunite and escape aboard a moving train. Holmes deduces that Moriarty's final target will be a peace summit in Switzerland, creating an international incident.

At the summit, Holmes reveals that Rene is the assassin and that he is disguised as one of the ambassadors—having been given radical reconstructive surgery by Hoffmanstahl to alter his appearance. Holmes and Moriarty, who is also in attendance, retreat outside to discuss their competing plans. Watson and Simza find Rene and stop his assassination attempt, but Rene is himself silenced by Moran. Outside, Holmes reveals that he previously replaced Moriarty's personal diary that contained all his plans and financing with a duplicate. The original was sent to Mary in London who decrypted the code and cypher using the the information on the board and a book that Holmes had noticed in Moriarty's office during their first meeting. Mary passes the information to Inspector Lestrade (Eddie Marsan) who seizes the bulk of Moriarty's assets, financially crippling him. Holmes and Moriarty anticipate an impending physical confrontation, and both realize Moriarty would win due to Holmes' injured shoulder. Holmes instead grapples Moriarty and forces them both over the balcony and into the Reichenbach waterfall below.

Their bodies are not found. Following Holmes' funeral, Watson and Mary prepare to have their belated honeymoon when Watson, who is now writing the last few lines from "The Final Problem", receives a package containing a breathing device of Mycroft's that Holmes had noticed before the summit. Realizing that Holmes is still alive, Watson leaves his office to find the delivery man. Holmes, having concealed himself in Watson's office, reads a fresh eulogy on Watson's typewriter and adds a question mark after the words "The End".

About the movie:

"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" opens on a strong note with a fun-that-became-intense-later-on sequence which involves Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams). That particular sequence explains why the main female character of the previous installment has a small, albeit important, role in this sequel.

The opening sets up the movie's tone quite well but it took quite a time to establish the threat and what is at stake. It's actually alright for them to take that approach since the main character is a detective after all but unfortunately that's the part where the movie hit a snag.

The usual content is here, just like the original: Frequent and very intense action violence, some grisly images of dead bodies, one very crude scene containing brief nudity, frequent drinking, smoking and one drug reference.

There's not much detective work in this story and the movie just conveniently situated set pieces for it to progress. Sure, we still see a glimpse of Holmes' brilliant mind like the way he anticipates every blow of a fight before the first punch is thrown or the tactics he used to take the bad guys down unwittingly by themselves but it all felt too studied and forced. Moriarty's “evil plan” is not compelling as well and it was evident in the middle of the story in which the movie struggled in keeping a narrative momentum.

Though the fight scenes are very choreographed and stylized, they're bone-crunching and often brutal. And the slo-mo effects sometimes make the anticipation of the impact almost worse than the impact itself. Knives, guns, and bombs are all in use; there's also one scene of torture and a suicide. There's also a fair bit of innuendo, one scene of a naked man from behind, some mild language ("bastard" and "damn), pipe smoking, and social drinking.

Lots of humor. Heavy at times, especially in the beginning. Definitely entertaining for the older teen and adult.

The Characters:

Robert Downey and Jude Law still carried the movie very well and their actions and banter are always a delight to watch. The casting of Jarred Harris as Moriarty was also perfect. Harris did a great job and exudes menace effortlessly without going over the top. The “chess showdown” between Moriarty and Holmes in the last act was riveting and almost made up for the movie's shortcomings.

Also a standout is Stephen Fry who played Holmes' brother Mycroft as he managed to make his short scenes shine. McAdams presence is missed here and Rapace didn't leave that much of an impression which is not her fault since the character she played is weakly-conceived.

The relationship between Holmes and Dr. Watson, which I loved since in the first film, is better delineated here, as one actually senses their mutual affection, even as Watson prepares to leave his adventurous friend behind to embark upon married life.

This is the trailer

My Take:

Ultimately "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" is very entertaining movie with its good cast and polished production making it worth the watch but the lack of inquisitive detective work takes the movie down the level of a typical action flick only set in the 19th century and that's quite a shame because "Sherlock Holmes" stories should be more than that.

It’s certainly lively and has clever moments that involve Holmes’ keen powers of observation, and his ability to think his way out of sticky situations.

Rating : 8/10



Movie Review : "Alvin and The Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked"

The "Alvin and the Chipmunks" movie franchise had been very successful in the box office but is not well-received by the critics. "Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked" does nothing new to elevate the material and continues to deliver more of the same.

The Story:

The Chipmunks and The Chipettes (three female counterparts to the Chipmunks) go on a cruise vacation trip with the Chipmunks' owner/manager/father figure, Dave Seville (Jason Lee) aboard the Carnival Dream cruise ship. During the cruise, the Chipmunks and Chipettes turn the ship into their personal playground, causing trouble and running amuck as they will. Eventually, their chaotic behavior gets them ship wrecked on a desert island, everyone getting lost in the process. As Dave sets out to look for the lost chipmunk trios, the six find a new castaway named Zoe (Jenny Slate) on the island who turns out to be more than a match for the trios.

About the movie:

But it was a formula that was supported in droves by the audience, so people who enjoyed the first two movies will like this one and while giving those didn't like it no reason to give this franchise another look. The story, based on the characters created by Ross Bagdasarian and Janice Karman, is wafer-thin. The screenplay (by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger), and the dialogues salvage the film to an extent and make it worth watching, especially for the kids, who may enjoy the antics of the chipmunks.

The dialogues are witty and reflect emotions which the kids in the audience will relate to. But there’s little in the film for the grown-ups. Although this is probably to entertain the parents who have been dragged to watch this film, I think it would be better to warn them that there is a older content weaved into this furry, family film.

But on the “cute” aspect, Chipwrecked certainly delivered from the showstopping numbers of Katy Perry and Lady GaGa hits to the various shenanigans in the cruise ship and the island. Regardless of your overall view of the movies, only those with a heart of stone will not fall for Theodore's cuteness.

This is the trailer

The Characters:

Chipwrecked follows the template of the past movies:
  • The playful Alvin
  • The uptight Simon
  • The adorable Theodore
The went on an adventure while they perform pop songs from time to time. It goes the same to the Chippettes who all basically mirrors the personalities of their male counterparts. The movie did somehow shake things up with Alvin learning about responsibility and Simon loosening up. But in the end, the story does not offer that much excitement or insight despite the premise as the movie just coasts along until we reach the conclusion.

Jason Lee and David Cross are good actors and while they are still not used to their fullest potential, they do deliver good enough performances as opposed to Jenny Slate who played Zoe terribly. David Cross is fine as Ian, while Jenny Slate does an average job as the girl who meets the chipmunks on the island.

My Take:

"Alvin and The Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked" is basically just fluff but it's all pretty harmless. If you loved the first two, you will surely love this 3rd installation.

With the cinema nearly packed out with a mixture of children and adults, I knew this film was going to be a big hit with the younger generation. Giggles, gasps and sighs were to be heard throughout the cinema.

In my opinion this film was better than the ‘Squeakquel’ which followed the first film. ‘Chipwrecked’ has more of a storyline although it nicks ideas from Tom Hanks’ "Cast Away."

Rating : 6/10



Facing the 2012 with all the positiveness in life!

I’ve been pondering some resolutions for 2012, but I haven’t made any commitments. It seems I have a bad track record with huge statements made in public meant to pressure me into making changes. I always seem to keep track of my resolutions though, and I feel the heart curling shame they inflict on my conscience when I don’t keep them. So, this year I ain’t making any! Haha!

I am thankful for 2011 for giving me the best bloggers and making them my friends. I am looking for more bloggers to come this 2012.

I will forget all the worries and leave all the sadness happened on 2011. I will also delete all the people who made me cry. Make this day: "New"day. "New"morning. "New"hopes. "New"plans. "New"efforts. "New"success. "New"feelings. I pray to God... Thank You for giving us a "new year" to celebrate life with you, with our friends and love ones. Guide us for the new year and help us to be a wiser person.

Let us all welcome 2012 with a positive outlook in life - that all negativities will only be as much as a prick in our finger and the good things are expected as blessings from God who loves us. This 2012, let us welcome the year full of happiness and think all the positive thoughts. Just always remember those people who made you smile and was always there for all the time throughout the year.

This 2012, I want to focus more on the things that I need to do to in order to take better care of myself. I believe that on the inside of us we have all of the tools that we need in order to live an amazing life.

For those who's been following and reading my personal blog since I started blogging since 2006, I am grateful for your comments and concerns for me and for loving my posts. I hope you will continue to visit as I plan to post regularly from the plethora of stories I have accumulated in my 6 years, along with devotional posts, social commentaries, and other interesting things i am learning everyday.

We do not know what the future holds but we know that with God and with each other we can accomplish much and know a life of abundance even in the darkest of times. I pray that you are all encouraged and strengthened as you wake to this New Year.  May you experience and grow abundantly always being thankful for the universal gift of life.

Love Much, Live Much! Happy New Year!!! Happy 2012! May the new year, 2012, be more fruitful and meaningful to all of us. God bless us for 2012!



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