Excited over iPhone5!

iPhone 5, definitely the most hotly anticipated phone this year (if not, in history)

After unveiling a marginally improved iPhone 4S in 2011 instead of a radically different iPhone 5, Apple has returned to its development labs to cook up the next iteration of its popular phone. In 2012, we're fairly certain that the real iPhone 5 will roll out of Apple's gates and that the device should be a bigger leap forward than the 4S was.

The buzz, the anticipation, not to mention, the expectation for the product to deliver, and rightly so too. The iPhone 5 is expected to be released in October 2012, a year after the iPhone 4S, and is rumored to be thinner, have an OLED display, and have an A6 processor.

Well, whatever will be the look, I am pretty sure that Apple is a far more popular when it comes to selling things just because of it's brand and I think that iPhone looks way better than any other phones.

Unlike the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone will be a completely new design from what has gone before, so that means an entirely new casing as we saw with the iPhone 3G and, later, the iPhone 4. Interestingly, someone who claimed to have seen a larger iPhone 5 prototype said in November 2011 that Steve Jobs canned the new size and opted for the iPhone 4S.

Well see what it looks like this October! Ayieee! I'm excited!



Experience being in postpaid with full control on your expenses depending on your usage in Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan

Smart Communications is giving students, first jobbers, and the budget-conscious a chance to join its postpaid subscriber base by giving them what they want: a postpaid product with a prepaid premise

Unlike most postpaid plans today, Smart's new Freedom Plan will have no lock-in period, meaning subscribers can easily opt out of the service even after just a month of using it. The new Freedom Plan would allow users to establish their personal credit rating, a metric lending institutions and utility companies use to gauge the financial capability of a certain individual.

The Freedom Plan is a postpaid subscription that starts at zero pesos at the beginning of every billing cycle; hence, at the end of each cycle, you only pay for what you’ve used. Unlike most postpaid lines, it doesn’t come with fixed services. The plan really starts from a charge of zero pesos every month. So if you were vacationing out of the country or in some remote location, and you didn't use your Freedom SIM at all for one billing cycle, you don’t need a single centavo to foot your bill for that particular period.

This plan also has Php600 credit limit which ensures everyone that you’ll never see outrageous amounts in your billing statement. In case you reach the Php600 monthly cap, you won’t be able to avail yourself of Smart’s services, as the service provider will temporarily redirect your line. If you want to reactivate it, you can do so by using Smart Money to cover your expenses. Or as ever, you can proceed to any Smart outlet and use real money to settle your account. And if ever you want to extend your credit limits from Php600, you’ll have to submit more requirements than the usual. Remember that you’re asking for a more-than-the-usual limit.

Smart’s Freedom Plan is currently being offered as a SIM plan only, no device bundles for now, though that’s not entirely out of the picture, though it’s difficult to imagine how the company will offer the Freedom Plan without a MSF in that sort of setup.

For more information about this Smart Freedom Plan, check this out : Smart offers a new budget postpaid plan for all - Smart Freedom Plan or log on to www.smart.com.ph/freedom.



My Top 10 pick for the Emerging Influential Blogs of 2012

I believe in blog’s totallity - design, content, way of blogging, niche, etc. These are essential part of captivating readers and making them experience your brand.

Emerging Influential Blogs writing project seeks to identify new and emerging blogs for 2012. In this writing project, Bloggers are required to cite/nominate 10 blogs from anywhere in the world (only started from June 2011) which we find to have its impact on you. Blogs should at least be 3 months old to join the writing project. (For more details, check this link.) These blogs are gradually gaining a considerable amount of readership, following, influence, and fascinating the reader in various ways. They also blog for various reasons such as expression of thoughts, sharing of knowledge and insights, events reporting or coverage, and some for profit.

It's again the time of the year when bloggers have to choose 10 blogs which have been making an impact to it’s readers and have become influencers on their own way. The search for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs is now on it’s 6th year, this is initiated by Janette Toral of Digital Filipino.

What draws you into a blog?
What are your favorite types of posts?
What kind of design catches your eye?
How do you prefer to follow other blogs?
How do you like to interact with the blogger?

Here's my Top 10:
  1. http://www.lifestylehub.net/ -  I enjoy reading this blog for I am able to relate to each other. As far as design goes.... simple.... if it takes forever to load a blog because of all the extra stuff I just wont read it. I want content in the post not the blog set up. 
  2. http://mommysmaglife.blogspot.com/ - I love this blog for it has a clean layout with a personal touch. It's nice to be able to see the blogger's personality right off the bat. I'm always with this blogger and I love how she writes her articles.
  3. http://www.yummytales.com/ - It's so obvious that I love to eat! I mostly enjoy recipe, diy/crafty, and review posts - anything helpful, really!
  4. http://myrandombucket.tumblr.com/ - I love this blog from which I can feel the author's personality. No, I don't mean that they are crying their heart out in every single post, but some bloggers just manage to write posts their personality shines through.
  5. http://mightymaustrap.blogspot.com/ - I like blogs that aren't overly niche-y just like this one. Niche's are great and all, but when a blogger isn't at least a little bit versatile and there's no diversity in the posts, I sort of feel like I'm just reading the same post over and over again.
  6. http://www.lovemindanao.blogspot.com/ - I like blogs that are informative and very well written like this one. Well thought-of words always draw me in. This makes me more curious and wants to visit Mindanao soon.
  7. http://www.eccentricyethappy.info/ - I prefer blogs with a variety of posts (fashion, lifestyle, recipes, entertainment...) over those focusing on only one niche. However, there are some great blogs that focus only on their one thing and are pretty awesome, so this is just a matter of opinion.
  8. http://the-urban-walker.blogspot.com/ - This one's also a general blog. What I like more on this blog is the simplicity of the lay-out and easy navigation.
  9. http://thetalkingsenses.blogspot.com/ - I love blogs with opinions and stand regarding what's happening with our count;ry today. I find this blog unique with a personality that is a little different from the majority in a certain niche. Unique, not trying too much to follow certain rules.
  10. http://marcelosantosiii.com/ - I just met a the Blogger behind this yesterday and I praised him that I do like reading his posts where people talk about their dreams, their plans, how they acomplish it or generally ideas for living a better life. I often find these very inspiring.
This writing project is made possible through the support of the following sponsors: DigitalFilipino ClubSearch Profile IndexTof SalcedoPhilippine Data CenterPhilippine Online ShoppingManila Standard Today and DigitalFilipino.com.

If you have a blog that started anytime from June 1, 2011 to the present or at least 3 months old. So join this annual writing project by Digital Filipino!



Hilarity at it's best in the new Sacha Baron Cohen's movie "The Dictator"

I am not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen but I did like his "Bruno" and "Borat" because I believe that these two movies really pushed the boundaries on immigration humor. Anyways, If you did liked those two, you will surely love his newest movie, "The Dictator"

The story is pretty simple, and almost non existent. General Aladeen (Cohen) is a tyrant dictator of fictional nation “Wadiya”, and is basically a mish mash of different relevant controversial leaders such as the recently deceased Kim Jong Il and Osama Bin Laden. Aladeen is asked to visit America to address the united nations about his country’s political position when he is kidnapped and body swapped with a simple shepherd from Wadiya, and forced to watch as his nation begins proceeding towards a state of democracy. Cue sad scenes of Cohen wandering aimlessly around Manhattan that seem a little too reminiscent of both ‘Borat’ and ‘Bruno’, and that’s basically as far as the narrative really goes; besides meeting hairy Anna Faris and falling in love unexpectedly. It doesn’t matter though, as I’m guessing you didn’t want to see "The Dictator" for a rich and engrossing narrative, but instead for ridiculous visual gags and controversial comments; in which case the film is just for you.

Although "The Dictator" is sometimes clever and other times ridiculously stupid, a lot of it is hilarious in a way that had me laughing out loud thoroughly in spite of myself.  Although not for the easily offended, those who can handle the totally inappropriate material will find a lot to laugh at alongside Sacha Baron Cohen’s manic performance.

Sacha Baron Cohen proves once again that he is the master of ridiculous scenarios, some proving to be almost as funny as his previous films even when we know they’re scripted and aren’t really happening. Speaking of scripting, some of the ‘witty’ lines fall a little flat and besides an incredible joke involving a steak and an executed cow; the film is devoid of any intelligence until it’s heavy satirical speech towards the end.

This is essentially a political satire that keeps topping itself when it comes to outrageous shock humour, all leading up to a brilliantly written speech about democracy versus dictatorship, which actually rings true.  There’s a lot of embarrassingly funny stuff in "The Dictator," and those who laugh at political incorrectness are sure to be entertained.

Rating : 6/10



Get your hands dirty and indulge in the big feast of seafoods, corn on cobs and shells in ClawDaddy’s Crab House and American Grill

The rain stopped during the afternoon, so it’s a fine night…This is first time that I dined in ClawDaddy’s Crab House and American Grill. Now with friends, we found the food as usual, first class - excellent presentation - great flavours and at the top of the game.

The first thing I always do when entering any restaurant is first check the menu. So far, I find the menu interesting but not over-elaborate. The service was attentive and the crew are always smiling.

In my opinion this restaurant provides the best dining experience in Claw Daddy's located at B6 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City. The set dinner is excellent value for money as the portions are generous and the food is superb. The food prepared was cooked perfectly, beautifully presented, and I am sure that I will remember the taste of their specialty in a boiling bag. Haha! It is a little pricey, but I think its worth it with the dining experience including the classy look of the restaurant and some of the best seafood that we had in Manila.

We have eaten numerous times in many restaurants and have never been disappointed. If you are looking for clean, classy, relaxing; I suggest getting in your car and making that long drive into The Fort and check their 3 boiling bags, which I think their specialty. I had nothing to say but just gave in to the invitation of the shrimps, mussels, and clams to put my hands on them... So tasty!

Throughout our Claw Daddy dinner we enjoyed the ambiance, the music and the food. We had a fantastic meal and enjoyed chatting with our friends while eating at Claw Daddy’s. Overall - if you're in the area and looking for some fresh seafood... Do not go anywhere else, but instead go to Claw Daddy!

Clawdaddy's Great American Picnic is located at B6 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City. For reservation and inquiries, call 8564785 / 8564326. Other branches include Clawdaddy's Osteria Americana The Ledge, Shangrila Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City, call 6365679 / 6374528, Clawdaddy's Osteria Americana SM Mall of Asia located at the 2nd Floor of Entertainment Mall, call 8613028 and Clawdaddy Great American Picnic at Nuvali Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 



Movie Review : "The Amazing Spider-Man" was exactly what it sets out to be

A superhero flick that was way more than what I was expecting for a reboot

Andrew Garfield knows how to play just the right level of cocky teenager and awkward nerd. This isn’t your regular stuttering teenager performance, a more natural, relatable kind of teen. Andrew does a great job as Peter Parker, and I hope this is the beginning of even bigger and better things for the young actor.

Maybe Spiderman is a superhero with superpowers, but in this movie, I also feel like he's really human. I mean, Andrew here shows real, believable emotion especially at the death of his uncle and also when he was hit by a gun at his thigh. The two lead actors Andrew and Emma really stood out for me. It's really natural and believable, Emma brings her usual charm to the role, it felt almost like the two of them were ad libbing. Particularly enjoyable are the action sequences, which, even when occasionally too cheesy, are a pleasure to watch.

The story of "The Amazing Spiderman"  follows well-tread territory and adds in a conspiracy involving Peter Parker’s missing parents. It also introduces a new villain to the film series, with Rhys Ifans turning himself into The Lizard. Parker is a normal kid with some problems, gets his powers, learns how to use them while also getting entangled with a villain, must defeat said villain and then look forward to the future. We know how this goes.

I'm a big fan of the three Spiderman movies, starring Toby Maguire (though the third one was shit) and I wasn't sure a reboot would do it justice. "The Amazing Spider-Man" sticks so closely to some of the beats of the original story. A spider bite and learning to use some powers would have been enough.

Rating : 9/10