Embrace 2014 with a big smile...

Let us give thanks to the Lord for He has never abandon us this past year no matter how difficult our struggles were.

Let us celebrate the new year with a welcoming heart and an open mind: ready to accept changes in our lives, strong to face the challenges that may come our way, healthy, happy, and thankful... for we know, God has molded us to become the better person than who we used to be.

May this 2014 bring a fulfilling, productive, and prosperous year ahead! May our careers continue to flourish, inspire others to be the best in their respective careers, with passion, intelligence, and compassion,
bereft of arrogance, pride, and corruption.

So bring it on 2014, I am ready! A prosperous New Year everyone!



Some people are worth melting for.....

The film "Frozen" has all the magical elements that you would expect from a Disney princess tale, and it's a lot of fun.

There's plenty of other really good stuff on the margins around the central story, particularly in terms of the film's humour. Once Anna sets out, though, the film settles into an agreeably funny groove, with plenty of nice badinage between Anna and Kristoff, cute slapstick involving Sven, as well as some oddball supporting characters like a Swedish shop owner and Kristoff's adoptive family of magic trolls.

The main comedic focus of the film is Olaf (Josh Gad), a tiny living snowman who can't wait to see what happens to snow when summer comes around. Olaf initially seems like a stereotypical, slightly annoying character added purely to keep kids amused, but he actually serves as an outlet for some genuinely weird comedy, much of which revolves around him being dismembered and remaining relentlessly cheery about it all.

The voice cast is pretty fantastic. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are fantastic singers, and the big show-stopping music sequences really work here. Menzel and Bell are great in their roles, and the animators have fully developed their characters. Jonathan Groff is good as Kristoff as well. The standout of the voice cast is Josh Gad however. Gad plays the snowman Olaf, and he brings some fantastic comic relief to a story that has some rather serious elements.

In general, "Frozen" is a warm reminder that true love heals; whether from your friends or special someone, but nothing beats family.



Best scene in Disney's "Frozen" movie

In my opinion, this scene was the best bit of the whole movie, for animation, song, and voice work -- the rest of the movie can't compare.  

They reprise this song for the final credits, but sung by Demi Lovato instead of Idina Menzel demonstrating the value of experience for a singer; Lovato just can't match this performance. There have been a lot of comparisons between "Frozen" and "Tangled," with "Frozen" being labeled an inferior copy of "Tangled."  I don't buy that -- the character dynamics are very different.  "Tangled" has actual villains, while in "Frozen" the true villain is the failure to communicate.



Burning bridges...

I thought I cant...

Just today, I was pushed too hard to the extent, I burned bridges. Upon burning bridges, I promised to myself to never ever cross that way again.
Don’t feel guilty about burning bridges or ending relationships, it’s not really a bad thing! It's best to cut off a relationship with some people because if the bridges are burned, then there is no way of getting back or crossing that path again, and then you wouldn't have needed to walk away in the first place! So think twice before you go back…remember that bridge is burned!



Conquering new heights...

Fears are a part of daily life. Fear of growing up is one of them!

When I was young, my only fear is not growing up. Look at me now, thank God, at least an inch, I can say that I belonged to the standard height of the society. Today, I'm 26, my fear is about growing older... We have big fears and little fears of average and extraordinary things. While fear is a natural part of human existence, it can be the one blocker that stops you from success and achieving great things.

It's my birthday today... and I feel so blessed! It's been an incredible journey for me and I love where my life's journey has brought me. I have a great family, great friends... Well, today, I'm not having a birthday party to celebrate another year in my life... I just want a simple one with the closest, more meaningful and

Let this be my prayer:

Lord, let this feast of my birth be a reminder to me of all the gifts and blessings I have received from You this day and all the days of my life. On my day of celebration, I thank you for my life and all of my blessings and ask for another year filled with Your presence in my life that I may continue to grow in your love.
Gracious God, I thank You for enabling me to celebrate my birthday. Lord You have been good to me all these years and I thank You for all the blessings I have recieved but especially for life itself.
Creator God, I do not know what lies ahead for me this year. Yet I know that You are holding my future in Your hand. Let my ways be pleasing to you. As You have promised, be with me, Lord. Grid me with Your strength and grace so that I can live for Your light. Enable me to draw closer to You that I may walk in your peace and be the creative and loving person that you intend for me to be. I ask this and all things in the sure and certain knowledge of your love for me and for all your people. Amen.

For those thinking of sending gifts, check this out for My 7 Wishes for my 2nd 25th Birthday!

Imagine if only 20% of my readers wished me a happy birthday... the number of comments would be insane and so cool. Haha! Thank you guys for reading my blogs, I've been here for eight years... Love you guys... Thanks for everything!



How far can you go for Blogging?

I had been blogging for almost eight years this January and to say the truth, I am also not happy with the kind of issues being charged to bloggers.

Yes! Eight years na po ako sa Blogging at halos lahat ng niche ay natry ko na pero at least alam ko na ngayon kung saan ko mas gusto at mas nag-eenjoy ako. Hindi pa ako expert sa blogging kahit matagal na ako pero alam ko naman, kahit papaano, meron naman akong 'K' to say things, to react, escpecially kapag ang pinag-uusapan ay blogging.

As an entertainment, personal, heatlh blogger, sobrang sad sa akin ang mga nangyayari ngayon sa blogosphere. May mga taong nagsisiraan, nag-aaway, at kung anu-ano pang mga bagay para lang umangat ang sariling, mapag-usapan, matrend (if possible) - in other words sumikat. Hindi naman sa nagmamayabang ako pero hindi ko na kailangan 'yan. I already made my mark, my blogs, in my eight years of blogging. Hindi ko na kailangang gumamit ng ibang tao para lang sa masasabi kong maliit na bagay.

Anyways, I asked some friends from blogosphere the questions - "How far can you go for Blogging?" and here are their answers:

Christian Melanie Lee of http://socialmediaph.net/
"As far I can enjoy blogging, hanggang pagtanda ko...magblog pa rin ako. To share yung mga experiences mo sa mga readers mo, it must be positive palagi."
Cristal Maramag of http://sailorstarcatcher.net/
"As far as kaya kong magsulat ng mga topics na kaya kong gawin, ako kasi as long as ok sakin ung experience ko sa mga napupuntahan ko at sa mga naakakain at nagagamit ko I usually post it agad, as much as possible ayokong maging bias, but that doesnt mean na more nega ako sa mga post ko, balanced lang dapat for me."
Tom Castillo of http://absoluteguideline.com
"Pati ako. kahit hindi kumikita blog ko basta importante, I am sharing my thoughts and opinions s blog ko until the end of the world."
Adrian Benipayo of http://thefeedph.com
"Every time I write something, it is always my integrity and credibility that's on the line. Once I see that these are jeopardized, then that's when I'll stop. Oh, and you don'e need to buy followers and tweak your traffic just to be number 1. It's just a number. Organic traffic and followers are still what matters as long as advertisers and sponsors are concerned."
Dimaks Saj of http://barakonews.blogspot.com/
"Always blog on the safe side. After all, shouldn't we be like that in every aspect of life? But then again, there are those who push their limits, so if you do that, be sure to take full responsibility for whatever outcome / consequence it can pull in the end."
Rain Ferdinand De Ocampo of http://raindeocampo.com
"Frankly, I've never thought of asking myself that question.. but like what I've said in a previous blogpost.. BLOGS, in my opinion should ALWAYS be a PERSONAL thing.. your thoughts and experiences on a virtual paper.. it should reflect your personality and in certain cases.. multiple personalities, hehehe. First rule of blogging should be answering the question... Did I wrote that? Publishing something that's not yours (when it's a PR) is okay of course, but make sure that it is something that you'd write too on your blog. Getting paid for a writing project or getting a TY token is also fine, as long as it does not become your MAIN REASON for blogging. Anyway, how far would anyone go? As far as writing is concern it should take the blogger to new heights and personal growth.. without jeopardizing personal integrity and the integrity of other people. Lastly, BLOGGING should ALWAYS.. ALWAYS be FUN! Now PUSH that to the limits! Happy blogging everyone! #MyPOV"
John Michael Torres Bueno of http://kumagcow.com
"Up to the point of where it makes sense. Up to the point where my happiness is met. Up to the point where writing is still something to be enjoyed and not a chore. That's how far I'll go. I am not SICK SICK SICK LOL"
Like what I have said, I am not an expert... But in my eight years of blogging, I have seen a lot, eight years ago's emerging influential bloggers who have made it to be today's top bloggers. Some of them wala na, some of them, nagquit na, and some of them struggling pa.

Blogging was supposed to be a hobby, for fun... But it also became a business. Since pumasok na ang business, nagkaroon ng competition... I get it, competition, pero sana same as a regular business, it should be  healthy. Walang siraan, walang gamitan, walang sulutan. But well, may mga bagay na beyond our control, and sometimes, expected na. Since blogging is also personal, kahit anong niche pa 'yan, it also reflects the person behind that blog.



It's coming...

If I can just freeze the time now... I wish!

Yes! It's only few days before my second 25th birthday... I'm kinda sad because of the fact that I'm really getting older but still thankful for another year will be added to my age...

Well, counting the blessings from last year, I received double from what I have wished and expected. God was so good to me the whole year that's why I'm so thankful to him... I just wish na magtuloy-tuloy pa rin ang blessings.

Since magbibirthday ako, hindi naman mawawala ang wishes... Pagbigyan na ninyo ako pero this is me, I still believe in birthday wishes. Malay mo, it might come true. There might be a real Santa Clause who will give me more surprises on my coming birthday!

Here are some of my birthday wishes: (More materialistic as ever)

  1. iPhone 5s - Gold or Silver, 'di ako choosy!
  2. DSLR camera kahit anong tatak... basta pang-pro.
  3. For my blogs especially LionhearTV - more visitors pa... mas maging popular pa...
  4. I don't need a job as of the moment, I wish na marami pang dumating na projects
  5. Aside from Smart, Coca-Cola, mas marami pang tie-ups for my blog and me as a blogger.
  6. I just wish matuto na akong mag-edit ng videos. I want to start video blogging na.
  7. Matuloy ang Most Popular Celebrities na big project ko at sana maraming sponsors para 'di ako malugi :)

Pasensya na sa mga wishes ko. Masyadong materialistic. Nagpaparamdam lang naman ako kung meron mang makakaramdam. For those asking kung bakit wala nang masyadong personal wishes like sa family, friends, lovelife, etc.? Well, I have plenty of friends, my family loves me so much... I have a lovelife... These are the things I think na hindi ko kailangang i-wish pa since I worked hard for it. I became more mature, a better person last year.. and I deserve it.

For all my visitors, please return to this site on December 7, please greet me a happy birthday. If you want to send me something... Please ask for my address via email. Thank you!



Instant judge...

All of us have always something to share, to say, to react... That's normal!

Since Anne Curtis is really a hot topic today because of slapping incident involving her, John Lloyd Cruz, Phoemela Barranda and some others. We still don't know yet the real truth because the only one giving statements of happened on the Prive incident is only in one side. Though Anne already posted on Twitter her side, admit and said sorry for what happened, what left to people scavenging the story are hanging questions. (see: Anne Curtis releases statement on slapping John Lloyd Cruz, Phoemela Baranda)

Well, each one of us has our own moral lapses and that's perfectly understandable; after all, we are no saints. There's no perfect person in the world and shit really happens even you are trained to be the most careful person in the world. Anne makes a mistake like others including me, you and others. We don't know, there might be a reason why she did it.

Yes, she's a star, some thinks she's a public property. Everyone's now a judge. Everyone has their own opinion. (see: Celebrities react over Anne Curtis slapping issue) Just because she's a star doesn't mean she can't commit mistakes she's not perfect and mind you nobody is... I'm pretty sure if you guys were in a bad mood and had one too many drinks you will pick a fight or even make a bad behavior.. Anne may be a goddess to some but she's just human capable of messing up.

Alcohol has really a way of corrupting our minds and consequently our actions. I'm not saying though that alcohol is a flat-out excuse for behavioral slip-ups but the fact that alcohol largely affected her reactions somehow made us more forgiving towards Anne's ill-mannered row.

What's important is she owned up to her lapse and apologized to the offended parties on the same day. So stop whining about it already and she even said sorry about it.. It still takes courage to say sorry...

Time to move on!



Finding for the right person...

Finding the right person is very hard and very wrong.

It is best to be the right person for the one you love and start from there. You'll always end up disappointed when you set standards and define a 'right person' for you and don't get rush things because somewhere, somehow, God is preparing somebody for you..

Don't be in a hurry to get into a relationship because you can never find love if you insist that you are already into it. Try to find time to really understand your feelings, to know who you really are and what you really want into a relationship.

You're right, there's no such thing as a perfect relationship, but there's a compatible partnership that goes along with it. If you already knew that you're too big to fit in a small sized T-shirt, don't give it a try. You'll probably break it and pay for the damages you have made. If you knew and felt that the relationship will not last, don't go deeper into it. You'll just suffer the consequences and live like hell for the rest of your life.

It's really hard to say goodbye though, but you can't make it any better by just pretending you still have the same feelings. Try to let go and give your self a chance to live life to the fullest. Give your self a chance to grow and give your heart a much needed attention. Then you will find that you made the right decision and you made it all by yourself..

We call it love when we can't leave someone and see them crying as we try to let go. We are wrong, it's just pity. We call it love when we're too attached and think that losing the one we love will somehow make us weak and unable to face the storms of life. We misunderstood; it's just that we're too dependent to them. We call it love when we give our whole life to them, the wholeness of us and imagined that if they leave, no one would accept us and our past. We are mistaken, it's just insecurity. But no matter what the definition is the truth still remains that isn't something you can buy or beg.

It's real and existing. You can't touch it but you can feel it in your heart. You can't find it but it will knock before you least expect it to come. It can make you the happiest soul in heaven, but don't forget that it can also make you the most miserable person in the whole galaxy...



Mangyan Blogger version 2.0

English proficiency does not mean intelligence.

Nakakairita na! Yes, I will make patol again some people na sobrang galing magsalita, mamuna at magpatama especially dun sa gumagamit ng tagalog language sa blogs nila. Tulad ng sinabi ko, hindi ibig sabihin na alam mo lahat ng English words lalong-lalo na 'yung mga matatalinghaga, matalino ka na. Hindi po, magkaiba 'yun! For one, there are at least seven domains of intelligence and language proficiency is just one of those seven domains. A lot of really good Japanese physicists do not even know how to speak English. This is one of so many examples regarding this matter.

Alam ko, hindi ako magaling sa Filipino language at hindi rin ako magaling sa English language. Hanggang sa ngayon, ang dami ko pa ring grammar lapses. And I think hindi naman 'yun problema - depende lang sa mga taong insekyora. Yes... maraming ganyan.

Anyways, I'm back again to my niche - back to my very personal blog for whatever language I want to use... If you want to read about artists and other stuff... go to lionheartv.net. This is my personal blog at lahat ng mapupublish dito ay ako ang may gawa at galing sa utak ko.

In this blog, I only want to speak my mind out, even if it's against the norm and even if others would criticize me - truly enamoring. Anyways, kung may problema ka sa akin, i-comment mo dito or idirect mo sa akin ha?!



Social media behaviors during calamities....

Hindi ako social media guru or an ethics teacher or an expert regarding the behaviors of people on the internet.

Sa nagdaang Typhoon Yolanda, at kahit pa sa mga nagdaang kalamidad, marami akong nakita na screencap ng iba't-ibang social media accounts ng mga kapwa Pinoy at 'yung iba namang mga dayuhan na nagpapakita ng simpatya, habag, pakikiramay at ang masaklap, magpanlalait at paninisi. Iba't-iba nga talaga ang ugali sa mundo. May katanggap-tanggap, may kaya pang tiisin at may kapatul-patol talaga.

Ilang araw akong nanahimik kasi as much as possible, ayokong makisawsaw sa issues lalo na't sa palagay ko'y hindi naman makakabuti na patulan pa. All I know is to continue what I am doing - informing the people what's happening in those areas via social media, my blogs, help repacking of goods here in Manila if mayroong pwede and pray.

Hindi ko masabing normal pero ito ay isa na sa mga nagiging takbo ng social media tuwing may dumarating na kalamidad o delubyo. Katulad ng ilang mga pulitiko, hindi maiiwasan ang mga nagpapapansin. Para sa mga papansin tulad ng mga ilang gumawa ng paraan para sa sandaling kasikatan, we'll just hope that someday they will not suffer the same crisis the Philippine suffered. I believed that the law of karma is real. God bless them.

Para naman sa mga public figures and celebrities, especially those on TV, are in the best position to spread information and sympathy. Please, as much as possible, if hindi naman promotion ng events or shows ninyo, please refrain from posting insensitive photos like selfies and something that shows irritation especially sa mga mata ng mga sensitive na tao. Think critically before reacting to any post. During calamities, there are plenty of statuses/ posts/ shares of people laughing and mocking at the victims. Chances are, those are fake accounts done by "haters or trolls" make people look bad and take advantage of public anger. People forget to use their brains when emotions run high.

Stop acting like an almighty saint and call/ guilt trip into donating and helping. Chances are, individuals help and donate without the need to be noticed online. Self glorifying charity posts are far worse than mere selfies or gadget posts. Stop acting like internet experts. Every calamity or crisis, our social media news feed consisting of internet bums become overnight keyboard experts in disaster management, public governance, criminology.....etc. Shut up and help offline. Whatever you post there will not and never help.

Use your social media accounts - facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. to encourage people/friends to help! Use it properly and wisely!



Saddest news report today...

Maraming buhay ang nawala, nawasak na mga kabahayan at kabuhayan, marami pa rin ang nawawala... Pero kahit ganun, kailangan pa ring ipagpasalamat ang mga buhay na naligtas sa pinakamalakas na bagyo sa kasaysayan.

'Mag-anak, kinailangang maghiwalay para lang mabuhay' report by Jun Veneracion for "24 Oras."

Ito na siguro ang isa sa pinakamasakit at pinakamalungkot na nangyari sa isang pamilya dahil sa Bagyong Yolanda na tumama sa Pilipinas, pitong araw na ang nakalilipas.

Napakasakit sa isang magulang na mawalay sa anak at ganun din sa anak sa magulang. Hindi ko lang mabatid kung papaano masikmura sa report na ito na iwan ng anak ang kanyang edad 78 na ina.

Hindi ko 'ata masisikmurang iwanan ang magulang ko lalo na sa ganyang sitwasyon... kahit pa may pamilya na ako.. Hindi ko naman masisi 'yung anak kasi I think she's between keeping the family together or risking the health of their children.... hard pick either way...

Ang magagawa ko na lamang ngayon ay lalo pang magdasal na magbago ang isip ng anak at wala nang iba pang katulad nilang pamilya ang kailangang maghiwalay dahil lang para mabuhay.



ISSAAS brings together groups of professionals with common interest in agricultural development in the region

The International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) was mainly established to strengthen the cooperation of agricultural scientists in the Asian and Southeast Asian regions and to bring together groups of professionals with common interest in agricultural development in the region.

Different agriculturists from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam flocked to Manila for the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS)- 20th annual international congress. This year was all about "Linking Agriculture with Tourism: Meeting the Global Challenges" of the future, the congress aims to entice not only visitors and tourists in each Asian country but mostly the young and idealistic minds to explore the industry of agriculture.

Most of the ASEAN-member countries are agriculture-based such that majority of employment are in the farms. Therefore, the survival of the farming community is dependent on ensuring that there is demand for agricultural products and services. The farmers’ produce are necessities for the tourism enterprises as source of food, handicrafts as souvenir items for tourist, exotic plants and animals and other agricultural products sought by  tourists. It is important that the potential supply of produce from local farmers be linked to the tourism industry’s demand. This will develop local livelihoods, inspire entrepreneurship, encourage active involvement and participation of the people and their communities and reduce the environmental and social cost of imported produce.

Shifting global consumption patterns, tastes and attitudes towards food, leisure, travel and place have opened new opportunities for rural producers in the form of agritourism, ecotourism, wine, food and rural tourism and specialized niche market agricultural production for tourism. Agriculture is one of the oldest and most basic parts of the global economy, while tourism is one of the newest and most rapidly spreading.

ISSAAS is inviting everyone to its 2013 ISSAAS International Congress and General Meeting to be held on November 11-15, 2013 at the Acacia Hotel Manila, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. ISSAAS active members are invited to present scientific posters and papers. Interested researchers and scientists are encouraged to apply for membership to the society.

ISSAAS wants to improve the growth and development of agriculture and related industries to greatly improve the economy of Asian countries. For more information on ISSAAS, you may visit www.issaas.org or contact Jude Cartalaba at iamjudecartalaba@gmail.com or call (+639) 273 3913747.



Life and love lessons from Star Cinema's "She's the One"

Isa ang Dingdong Dantes-Bea Alonzo-Enrique Gil movie na "She's The One" sa halos limang beses sa isang linggo ko pinanood na movie with different kinds of people, friends. Anyways, kahit alam kong iba't-ibang tao sila, kanya-kanya ng tastes, may common term sila na sinabi sa akin after the movie. They liked the movie and they will surely watch it again with their other friends. That's what you call word-of-mouth promotion went viral. 'Di ba?

I really enjoyed this movie. Typical story with happy ending pero galing lang ng pagkadeliver ni Bea, Enrique and Dingdong. The story is character-driven and strong pagkasulat ng characters nila.

Bagay kay Enrique yung role nya. Tawang-tawa ako nung nag-awww si David nung nalaman niyang wala pang experience si Cat. Enrique is really a cute guy, gandnag tingnan sa screen.

I was able to watch "One More Try" but I appreciate Dingdong more in "She's The One." He fits the role of Wacky perfectly. Oozing with chemistry ang bea-dong. Hope this won't be their last movie.

Bea is really an amazing actress. She really gives justice to her roles. I would also like to commend Coleen Garcia for her 'utak ampaw' role, as in very natural, bagay na bagay.

What's the reason ba why I watched "She's the One" over and over again? Well, I'm not losing money here. The movie is really worth-watching for the nth time.

It's really entertaining and you'll learn a lot from this movie:

1. In love, age doesn't matter. 8 years gap is pretty much acceptable like in this movie na ma-fall inlove. Kahit na ganun kalaki ang gap, nakita ko naman ang chemistry nina Bea at Enrique and aminado naman akong kinilig ako sa mga scenes nila.

2. In love, there's also generation gap. Kitang-kita naman 'yan with the scenes between Bea and Enrique on how they deal with problems. As we age, we mature. Sana lang lahat.

3. It's still better to be with someone as your age. Not just because of generation gap, pero ito ang mas tanggap.

Favorite lines from the movie:

  • Maricar Reyes to Cat: "He has his moments but I think you're holding to moments. You're holding on to who you want him to be."
  • Wacky to Cat: "I will be that one guy who will never break up with you and you will be that one girl who will never break up with me."
  • David to Cat: "I don't think I can replace him, not in the show and most definitely, not in your heart."
  • David to Cat: "Thank you for trying so hard. Thank you. You could try harder to wait for me 'til I grow up or I can try harder to wait for you to move on. Or we can try to be honest."
This movie deserves a follow up movie please!



Centuries old churches and other historical landmarks, in a matter of seconds, they're ruined

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook large parts of the Visayas and Mindanao on Tuesday, October 15, bringing widespread damage in the region.

I was young, I wanted to visit these historical churches especially those centuries old churches. Other than being our religious establishments, these are also historical landmarks, and we're studying it since elementary to high school until college, and in a matter of seconds, they're ruined.

I haven't been in Cebu or in Bohol or any part of Visayas and Mindanao, but when I saw pictures made by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Cebu and Bohol, I feel like I'm devastated - I was shocked! It's heartbreaking, indeed. These are a loss not only to the Visayans and to those in Mindanao but to all Filipinos in general, because other than them being religious icons for the Catholics, for everyone else, they're heritage sites that clearly reveal a portion of the history of these islands and the people.

If only we had enough funds that would have helped protect these landmarks - to bring it back. I hope the damaged sites are rebuilt soon too since this is part of the region's tourist industry and it would help them get back on their feet.

My deepest sympathy to those people who've lost their love ones. Let's all help out in the coming days with their immediate needs. #PrayForVisayasandMindanao



What's your passion?

What is my passion? That's one of the many questions asked during the Systema launch last night.

I have plenty of passions in life. I easily get interested in things, as if I am a baby who gets amazed by colorful objects. It also depends on my interest. I have a lot of interests, but not all of it has become my passion. One of these passions is blogging which I answered during the the program, posted via Instagram where they will pick the winners.

This is my answer to the question - What's your passion?:
My passion is blogging. It’s not just about having an online space, it’s also about sharing - making your desires known and inviting others to help you achieve them. As a successful Blogger one day, I will be able to empower other bloggers to guide a community and move them for a better cause.

I am blogging since I was in highschool, then when I started college in Far Estern University. That's where I transferred to Blogger and opened a lot of blogsites. No one taught me how to blog. I am also a fast learner, but it doesn’t mean I’m intelligent. I learned blogging as fast as I learned how to use facebook.

I didn't win on this contest but it's okey. I'm also sure I will learn new things I am passionate about as I become more educated and grow older and wiser.



Netizens react to Star Cinema's announcement that Angel Locsin will reprise the role as "Darna"

Star Cinema managing director Malou Santos confirms Angel Locsin is still the "Darna" (see this link)

On October 6 (Sunday), news about Angel Locsin to reprise the role of "Darna" in a Star Cinema movie as confirmed by its managing director Malou Santos spread like wildfire. You heard it right, Angel will reprise the role that made her famous 8 years ago on GMA Network, now on Star Cinema. Angel don the role in 2005 on GMA Network but when she left, it was given to actress Marian Rivera to reprise the role in the series.

Upon announcement, 'Angel Locsin is Darna' made it to the trending topic on Twitter nationwide and recieved a lot of netizens' reactions from different social media sites. Some of them are happy and some are not. Well, that's normal.

Check out the reactions below:

What's your opinion to this? Tell me...



2013 Coke Barkadahan Grant Program Awardees

Twenty project proposals from different schools in Metro Manila was selected to receive grants of up to Php 20,000.00 to kickstart their proposed projects.

After a thorough evaluation of all the valid project proposals that COCA-COLA Foundation Philippines, Inc. received from different school organizations from colleges and universities all over Metro Manila, they announced the winners of this year’s Coke Barkadahan Grant Program on September 25, at the Coke Office in BGC. The grants was given to the groups that best demonstrates the Coke Barkada spirit of collective volunteerism, or 'working together for the community and living the value of positive action for positive change.'

Project proposals were gauged on their alignment to the core programs of the company and their sustainability. Another key criterion is how the youth organization embodies the ''Coke Barkada Spirit.''

Winning project proposals in alphabetical order:
  1. Aklat Mo, Sagot Ko
  2. Basa Basa Rin Pag May Time
  3. Build-a-Lab
  4. Creating A Healthy Environment
  5. EARIST-APSOC Educational Community Outreach
  6. eskWElang on d' Go!
  7. E-Waste Project
  8. Handog Karunungan, Kaakbay Kalikasan
  9. IT 4 ALL (Information Technology for All)
  10. Mangrove Tree Planting
  12. On the Move for the Mangrove
  13. Project G: The Green Youth Movement
  14. Project Lab Ko 'To
  15. Proposition R; Rebuild, Recover, Remediate
  17. The Phi Village
  18. Tulong Karunungan
  19. You Pledge a Tree, They'll Learn ABC
  20. YOUth can do IT! 
The Awarding was spare headed by the Coca-Cola Foundation Phils. Chairman Guillermo Aponte, Coca-Cola Foundation Phils. President Cecilia Alcantara and presented by Coca-Cola Phils VP for Public Affairs and Communications Atty. Adel Tamano.

The 20 winning groups received P20,000 for projects ranging from building mini-libraries near public elementary schools to reforesting the border of Lian, Batangas with mangroves.



Download PLDT & Me app and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

This November, leading telecoms company PLDT will be celebrating its 85th anniversary of continuing vitality and dynamism of an organization that has played such an important role in the lives of Filipinos for so many years.

Just like our mediums of communications today, PLDT has gone through several transformations and has been an integral part of homes, schools, and businesses for decades. It has been entrusted by generations of Filipinos to shape the landscape of their communication.

PLDT has been an integral part of homes, schools, and businesses for decades. It has been entrusted by generations of Filipinos to shape the landscape of their communication. This is why PLDT has come up with ways to celebrate its anniversary with the public—because its milestones are also every Filipino’s milestones.

As it celebrates its 85th anniversary, PLDT continues to come up with exciting activities for everyone. Just recently, the telecommunications corporation wrapped up its highly successful Then & Now promo, where some of the latest Samsung gadgets were awarded in a weekly draw for four consecutive weeks.

After the successful gadget giveaway Then & Now promo, PLDT now announces a new promo for its fans on Facebook to enjoy - PLDT & Me which encourages everyone to upload a photo of themselves, their relatives, or their friends using a PLDT telephone unit. The photo can be from as long ago as 1928, the year PLDT was founded, all the way up to present day.

To join, here's the mechanics:
  1. Download the app, which will be available by September 30, 12NN
  2. Register and upload a photo of yourself or of a relative/friend using a PLDT phone. (The photo can be from any year, beginning with 1928 - the year PLDT was founded
*All approved photos submitted will qualify for an e-raffle draw, where three participants can win awesome prizes from PLDT each week. Participants can upload their photos once they have registered and they will receive an email from PLDT within 24-48 hours to let them know if the photos submitted are valid. For all the details, please read the Mechanics and Terms and Conditions sections found on the PLDT & Me app page. https://apps.facebook.com/pldtandme/

Here are the details of the weekly e-raffle draws:

The promo runs from September 30 to October 25 and can be joined by downloading the PLDT & Me app from the PLDT Home, PLDT SME Nation, or PLDT Public Affairs page on Facebook, or by going straight to http://apps.facebook.com/PLDTandMe.



Poor puppy!

Wikipedia states: ‘Cruelty to animals or animal abuse is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense. More narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur. Diverging viewpoints are held by jurisdictions throughout the world.’ 
A video of the cruel girls having themselves a laugh and proud who beats a puppy until the puppy can no longer walk, gasping for air...at the later part the puppy died senseless using their ugly feet.

VIDEO: Three heartless girls killing a poor puppy!

This puppy has no voice, just a loud cry, can’t speak the language of humans and these ugly girls with ugly hearts, are totally, insensitive to pain felt by the puppy. It seems like they're happy doing it, they are still smiling while doing it like it's no big deal. They're hilarious! Unbelievable people! Not only idiots, they are profound!

This what they call 'Animal Crush' for perverts and sadists who enjoy watching such explicit cruelty on a animal. This has to end. For these three girls, they've lost their humanity, their worth and truly, I really hope that karma works, because then you'll get nothing more than they deserve . . . as for this puppy, I couldn't and wouldn't watch to the end. This is truly a disgrace to humankind.

This is one of the most severe cases of animal abuse I’ve ever seen, letting the puppy suffer in pain sends a shiver through the spine. Cruelty to anyone or anything is always wrong and is even worse when the victim is someone or something that cannot defend themselves or speak or cry for help... poor puppy.



Iraya-Mangyans preserve traditions thru weaving

Ayala Foundation will showcase Iraya-Mangyan and their beautiful nito weaving tradition on October 10 via 'Ayala Group Fair Share Store' at  at the 2nd Floor Gallery of the InterContinental Hotel in Makati City.

Since I grew up in Mindoro, I've seen and met some members of the tribes of Mangyans like the Buhid and Hanunuo and sadly, only few of them have been practicing their culture now. That's why, it's great to know that the Iraya-Mangyan tribe preserved their tradition in the modern times.

The Iraya-Mangyan are an Indigenous Group residing in Puerto Galera who for generations have safe guarded and continue to breathe life into the art of nito weaving. Traditionally crafted into baskets, the Iraya-Mangyan have developed this art form to be able to create modern items such as coasters, trays, and and bread plates among others.

Nito refers to the special vine that grows in the wild. Because it cannot be cultivated or planted, the Iraya-Mangyan make only what the earth allows, ensuring the earth-friendly and sustainable nature of their art. Each nito woven item is one-of-a-kind, with no single design being exactly the same as the other. Delicately crafted by a single individual, a large basket takes roughly one week to complete. These specialty crafts require much time and patience but the final work speaks volumes of our rich indigenous tradition and excellent craftsmanship.

Check out these nito crafts made by the indigenous people of Mindoro:

With Christmas just around the corner, the nito crafts are ideal gifts items--while being beautiful, functional and durable, they also celebrate a culture we can be proud of.  With each purchase of the nito crafts, a contribution goes to the education, housing management, health, and livelihood development of the Iraya-Mangyan in partnership with the Ayala Foundation.

We are encourage you to come and see the nito crafts for sale at the 'Ayala Group Fair Share Store' on October 10, 2013 from 10am to 7pm at the 2nd Floor Gallery of the InterContinental Hotel in Makati City. They will be joined by other partner communities of the Ayala Group who will also be showcasing an exciting array creative products.

You may also visit the display booth of the Iraya-Mangyan crafts at the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 5 or at the Museum Shop of the Ayala Museum.



"Kahit Nasaan Ka Man" - Lucho Ayala, Kristoffer Martin and Julie Anne San Jose's biggest break on TV

I felt sad when I first heard that the JuliElmo project is no longer pushing though.

I know, there are lots of fans who felt the same as mine, really disappointed. But you know guys, more than being in a love team, I believe more on the two of them as individual artists. They may look great onscreen, there's chemistry, there are fans... but I don't know. Maybe not now?

Same as Elmo Magalona, Julie Anne San Jose has certainly evolved as an artist and will become one of GMA Network′s hot properties this year after bagging the lead role in "Kahit Saan ka Man." I don't know yet the story-line but based on what I have heard, this series is kinda musical ang peg.

Now without Elmo, Julie Anne takes her first biggest break on TV at drama with "Kahit Nasaan Ka Man" alongside her two newest talented leading men who will become her love interests - Lucho Ayala and Kristoffer Martin.

Regarding these two guys - Kristoffer and Lucho, they're also talented and good-looking. Based on the picture I've taken during the blog-con, I prefer Lucho. I sense something kilig on both of them... We'll see :)

Let's watch "Kahit Nasaan Ka Man" beginning Monday, September 23, on GMA Telebabad!



It starts with massage...

Massage and sex? Any connection?

Well, when you're alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend, asking for a massage means asking for sex.

When the guy starts complaining about body aches and pains, it does not mean he wants to relax his muscles. It means he wants to flex them – all of them, with you. No kidding! I know this because I am also a guy who experiences every time someone touches my skin.

Anyways, in your naiveté if you do decide to give him a massage, he will expect it to have a happy ending. But if you're not ready for anything unexpected to happen, learn to say no. It's really hard to excuse yourself to a hard-on guy.

All I can say is, don't f*ck where you relax. This is another important lesson is that we should never have dinner with someone who doesn't eat food. It's bad news. Haha!



2013 Hottest Bachelors in the Philippines

Wild beasts and even wilder boys combined will walk on the runway again for a scorching-hot evening at the the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on September 24.

Expected to attend this year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013 are the 10 Celebrity Centerfolds - Aljur Abrenica, Dennis Trillo, JC de Vera, Matteo Guidicelli, Rayver Cruz, Sam Concepcion, Sam Adjani, Vince Ferraren and the two main cover boys of this month's Cosmo Men magazine - Alden Richards and Tom Rodriguez.



Photos of Metro Manila flooding due to Typhoon Maring

Metro Manila, along with other nearby towns and cities got stormed by Typhoon Maring for almost two days now. It just seemed like an ordinary drizzle because there's no storm alerts were raised as Maring was not expected to hit land. Usually, we only get downpour that lasts for about 3-6 hrs/day. Maring followed last week’s onslaught of typhoon Labuyo (Utor) which lashed northern Luzon, leaving 11 persons dead and three others still missing as of yesterday.

Several areas in Luzon have been placed under a state of calamity due to the torrential rains brought by an unprecendented southwest monsoon and enhanced by the tropical storm Maring that struck on Monday, August 19.

Tropical storm “Maring” (international name Trami) may still intensify into a typhoon before it leaves the country’s area of responsibility on Thursday morning and heads for Taiwan, according to PAG-ASA. I hope insurance companies are prepared for the amount of claims they will be expecting. Auto-repair shops should be prepared too. Let’s continue praying for those who are still missing and in need of rescuing and also those who have been displaced.

Here' are some photos I have got being shared on the social networking sites:

Vista Verde Subd. in Cainta. Airbed vs Banana boat vs Styro vs Salbabida via @karadavid
 Kalentong Area @MandaluyongPIO @MandaluyongC3 #FloodPH #RescuePH #MaringPH #reliefPH via @ASIANYRCF
Heavy flooding on #Pasay road. #maringph #floodph #prayforthephilippines #habagat via @CRISLYN_FELISILDA
Pinoy diskarte! A man uses a water gallon as a backpack floater as he swims in chest-deep floods. via @PIA_GUTIERREZ
*Credit goes to the respectful owners of the photos. I hope they don’t mind me sharing it here.



Smart Infinity brings Broadway’s biggest blockbuster "Wicked" to Manila

Premium postpaid brand Smart Infinity, is bringing "Wicked," touted as 'Broadway’s biggest blockbuster' to Manila, to offer unique and delightful perks to all Smart Infinity subscribers nationwide.

The award-winning Australian cast members Jemma Rix and Suzie Mathers who will portray Elphaba and Glinda, respectively, will lead this production which is expected to draw huge crowds yet again to the CCP. "Wicked" is the re-imagining of the stories and characters dreamed up by L. Frank Baum in his "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked features music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pippin, The Prince of Egypt) and a book by Winnie Holzman (My So-Called Life, Once and Again).

Wicked unravels the untold story of the Witches of Oz — long before Dorothy and her shiny red shoes entered the picture. Once upon a time in the Land of Oz, two girls — one fiery, misunderstood and born with emerald-green skin, the other beautiful, ambitious and popular — cross paths and form an unlikely bond as they journey to become Elphaba a.k.a. Wicked Witch of West and Glinda the Good.

From now until November 30, 2013, two complimentary VIP orchestra tickets to "Wicked" will be given to new subscribers of Smart Infinity Plan 5000 or Plan 8000 with a complimentary iPad mini 16GB or a Samsung TV 32” within a 24-month contract. A special 10% discount on any "Wicked" ticket will be exclusively offered to all existing Smart Infinity subscribers from now until September 15, 2013.

Individuals who are interested in availing of the exclusive Smart Infinity "Wicked" Broadway offers can choose from the Smart Infinity Prestige Plan 5000 or Premium Plan 8000, that both come with the Infinity VIP privileges:

  • VIP Customer Service Smart Infinity subscribers have a dedicated Infinity Management Officer, access to a  24/7 international concierge service, priority in dedicated Smart Stores as well as the option to have their preferred mobile number and an extra SIM.
  • VIP Network Access Smart Infinity subscribers can rely on the Smart network to make clear calls and have always-on, super-fast mobile data connection. Users of LTE-compatible devices can maximize this benefit and enjoy watching movies or videos, upload or download photos and more on their mobile device with no lag, no buffering, and no delays, on the country’s most widely-available LTE service.
  • VIP Rewards and Privileges Smart Infinity subscribers have access to exclusive premier events and special discounts. 

For more information on Smart Infinity, please call 0918-888-INFO (4636) or visit the Smart Infinity website at www.smart.com.ph/infinity.



2013 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs - My Picks!

It's now the time to pick again this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs!

This will be my fifth year to support the Emerging Influential Blogs since its start on 2007. I failed to join on the year 2009 and 2010 for I don't know what reasons. Maybe I was so busy with my studies. Anyways, if you still don't know what Emerging Influential Blogs is - this writing project is now on its 7th year in identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers. To know more about this writing project, check out this link: Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 Writing Project #emergingblogs2013

Here's my pick for this year's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs:
  • http://sowhatsnews.wordpress.com/ - This blog is undeniably controversial and influential. What's funny about this satire blog, the articles looks normal that readers often to believe in it. Right!?
  • http://adrianbenipayo.blogspot.com/ - I prefer blogs with a variety of posts (fashion, lifestyle, recipes, entertainment...) over those focusing on only one niche. It's relatable to me than anything else.
  • http://www.ang-sarap-pinoy.blogspot.com/ - Who doesn't love foods? On this blog, I enjoy looking at the pictures of the foods and the reviews - anything helpful, really!
  • http://barakonews.blogspot.com/ - Anything viral and latest, you'll see here. This one's also a general blog. 
  • http://xstig.blogspot.com/ - I never tought that FPJ also has a tech blog! Anyways, what I like more on this blog is the simplicity of the lay-out and easy navigation.
  • http://socialmediaph.net/ -  This is a niche-y blog but a little bit versatile and there's no diversity in the posts.
  • Still searching...
If you have a blog that started anytime from July 1, 2012 to the present or at least 3 months old. I am now on blog-hopping mode, checking for the best blogs to be included in my list :) Will update this soon.



Kim Rodriguez 19th Birthday at Ark Avilon Zoo

Kim Rodriguez chose to spend her day at Ark Avilon Zoo at Pasig.

"Kakambal ni Eliana" star Kim Rodriguez celebrated her 19th birthday along with her supportive fans and friends from the press and bloggers. Kim's GMA Artist Center family has supported her in mounting this kind of celebration--where else at the zoo.

The 19-year old sweetheart has really emerged from her portrayal as young Mylene in Endless Love days and is now considered one of the prized leading lady of his time. With his shows like Kakambal ni Eliana and Sunday All Stars, Kim continuously shows her versatility as an actress.

At 19, Kim is really living the time of her life. From her "Tweenhearts" days to the lady that she is now, Kim has really come a long way.



Running away from the problems....

Who loves problems? As much as I can, I don't want to... But problems are always there... part of our normal life...

In my 25 years of existence in this world, I already faced different tough problems concerning relationships, money, myself, everything.

I always run away from problems, I hate problems! It's difficult enough for me to face my own problems, but I just cannot stand it when someone else has created a problem for themselves, and then tries to pass the buck on to me! Before, when I get into a confrontation I generally shut down, run, and hide. As I get older, the distance I run gets farther. I am now thousands of miles away from my problems, but then again here they are and I still have to face myself as an adult. As a more mature man... Now I am a misfit in the mountains, with nothing around me to face but my own and it stinks.

I cant seem to get on my feet after a good time on the road, all I want to do is resume the run even though now I know I can never escape me. There are some problems where it's just easier to run away from them.... but it always seems that they are the ones which haunt you, and never leave you alone...yet it feels right to just keep on running..... Why face something that you don't want to?

Face them head on. No, it won’t be easy. There is no person in the world capable of flawlessly handling every punch thrown at them. We aren’t supposed to be able to instantly solve problems. That’s not how we’re made. In fact, we’re made to get upset, sad, hurt, stumble and fall. Because that’s the whole purpose of living – to face problems, learn, adapt, and solve them over the course of time.

This is what ultimately molds us into the person we become.


5 Things I will never forget about Marian Rivera

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is now celebrating her 29th birthday (born Marián Gracia Rivera on August 12, 1984 in Madrid, Spain).

This is a birthday post to one of the most beautiful celebrities I have met in person - Marian Rivera. She's really my crush eversince and she's one of the main reason why I love being a Kapuso. Though before, my head was filled with all the gossip rag talks about her, on how she's a snob and not-so-good artist on the staff and even the press, I was taken aback with how nice she was when I first met her. It's not always true what's being written or being said in the news.

I love Marian because she's so good, funny, witty and straightforward. She’s one of the best among her peers in the industry. I really admire her, the way she answers the questions truthfully and all honesty. Walang paligoy ligoy or arte arte especially when she didn’t tackle the past issue but instead comment on the good karma that she got by letting the issue die by itself.

I am one of her first 100 followers when she opened her instagram account and her bright sunshine of positivity, all smiles and perky instagram posts everyday makes me even more better.

Anyways, here are my Top 5 things I will never forget so far about her:

1. Amaya
Marian won several awards and accolades including Favorite TV Actress on 2011 KZONE Awards, Best Actress in a Prime Time Television Series on NSSUA Awards, and for the first time as Best Actress in Golden Screen TV Awards in 2013. On the same year, she also won in her second Best Actress award for the same show at the 2013 Northwest Samar State University Annual Awards. The series is also promoted by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Department of Education due to its cultural concept that shows and depicts the Filipino material culture, beliefs, traditions and mores in the Pre-Hispanic era.

2. A volunteer
She is a known volunteer in Philippine Red Cross team. Marian, together with former senator Dick Gordon waded through floodwaters to get to the area in Ta talon where around 500 families have sought refuge from the floods caused by the non-stop rains. She stated that helping out the victims is her 28th birthday gift to herself. She also said that she didn’t mind getting wet and tired during the mission, as she says it was a small sacrifice compared to the hardships that the victims are experiencing.

3. Sexiest Woman in the World!
This makes Marian only the fourth woman to twice become our Nation's Finest. And if you're a trivia-hoarder, then get this: Marian is also only the second FHM Babe to reclaim the coveted title five years after she first won it (the first was Angel Locsin, who bagged it in '05 and '10).

4. Caviteña!
Marian is a true-blue Cavitena. She is accused over a thousand times of being straightforward, tactless and confrontation. Behind her sweet and charming looks is a quick-tongued toughie who will fight until the end. She wasn't Darna for nothing, right?

5. Marimar
The show became the highest-rated primetime show on Philippine television at that time and made Rivera rose to an instant fame. She was honored also by the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation, Inc. as Phenomenal TV Star in the 38th Box-Office Entertainment Awards in 2008. The year proved to be her year as she won numerous awards for her work in the show, as well as several product endorsements. She was also named as the country’s sexiest woman by FHM magazine, and was also included in the 'hottest' list of other magazines like Maxim and Uno.