When we will be learning our lessons from sex scandals?

Anywhere in the world, normal or even celebrities or politicians get involved in sex video scandals.

Neri Naig and Chito Miranda are now in every news today, basking in his new-found fame. Their infamous sexual scandal sweeps the whole country by storm. But before them, there's Rhian Ramos-Mo Twister and the famous of them all - Hayden Kho, Jr. with a lot of girls including Maricar Reyes and Katrina Halili.

Their private escapades gleefully romped right out of the bedroom and been hitting into into pirated DVD release, and downloadable on the internet. The video circulated everywhere like a virus and was unstoppable. You can now see it uploaded on adult sites and even on Facebook. That's a real OMG! Based on the latest report, their (Neri-Chito) sex video was stolen from their room along with other several stuffs. Same goes to what happened to Rhian-Mo and Hayden videos. Now it’s a feast for the eyes of everybody. Everyone enjoys a free ride, get the drift?

There are really men that would occasionally take pictures and videos of their sex act in order to later on enjoy the pleasure of watching it. As we can see on these video scandals, they're (the couple) seen enjoying every bit of it but the thing is it is supposed to be a private act and intimacy with someone she taught love her. Is this really a new case in our country or was it part of the regular life of many of us? But for goodness sake, delete it afterwards, don't store it because someone might see it.

In this digital world today, these kind of materials are always on trend. In the internet alone there are hundreds if not thousands of sites which cater to amateur videos which are uploaded by the persons in the video themselves. Xtube for example is a video site with millions of video uploads both by men and women doing their sexual acts alone or with a partner. Most of these videos in fact are way beyond the ordinary making love with their partners. There are videos with even two or more partners, videos in public and more.

Pornography had also been a part of the world's culture. Not that I am saying that it is good but the thing is this is not an uncommon incident and issue. And for people who look into these video scandals and throw opinions on social media, think very hard before you judge other people and label them as victims or offenders. Judge your own self first.

Maybe we have seen them naked. We have seen them doing sex (for us, but for them it's love-making). But you know guys, they still deserve respect. They ask or not, they deserve it. Should it be the other way around, respect us by self-discipline given his loft stature.

For everyone whose video scandals already spread on the internet, just like what happened to Katrina Halili, Hayden Kho Jr., and Maricar Reyes to Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos to Neri Naig and Chito Miranda, may all of you get over with this scandal and may sometime soon your lives be restored to normal.



They have nothing to be ashamed of. They should in fact file cases against the robbers and those who uploaded their private videos. Besides, Chito and Hayden are well-hung so enjoy lang :)

August 4, 2013 at 8:50 PM comment-delete

i think this has become common and some people think that this is normal in todays generation, 1-2weeks the scandals are forgotten so everyone are just ignoring it.

September 27, 2013 at 6:43 AM comment-delete