It starts with massage...

Massage and sex? Any connection?

Well, when you're alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend, asking for a massage means asking for sex.

When the guy starts complaining about body aches and pains, it does not mean he wants to relax his muscles. It means he wants to flex them – all of them, with you. No kidding! I know this because I am also a guy who experiences every time someone touches my skin.

Anyways, in your naiveté if you do decide to give him a massage, he will expect it to have a happy ending. But if you're not ready for anything unexpected to happen, learn to say no. It's really hard to excuse yourself to a hard-on guy.

All I can say is, don't f*ck where you relax. This is another important lesson is that we should never have dinner with someone who doesn't eat food. It's bad news. Haha!