What's your passion?

What is my passion? That's one of the many questions asked during the Systema launch last night.

I have plenty of passions in life. I easily get interested in things, as if I am a baby who gets amazed by colorful objects. It also depends on my interest. I have a lot of interests, but not all of it has become my passion. One of these passions is blogging which I answered during the the program, posted via Instagram where they will pick the winners.

This is my answer to the question - What's your passion?:
My passion is blogging. It’s not just about having an online space, it’s also about sharing - making your desires known and inviting others to help you achieve them. As a successful Blogger one day, I will be able to empower other bloggers to guide a community and move them for a better cause.

I am blogging since I was in highschool, then when I started college in Far Estern University. That's where I transferred to Blogger and opened a lot of blogsites. No one taught me how to blog. I am also a fast learner, but it doesn’t mean I’m intelligent. I learned blogging as fast as I learned how to use facebook.

I didn't win on this contest but it's okey. I'm also sure I will learn new things I am passionate about as I become more educated and grow older and wiser.