Letter to my ex, my very first love....

It's now the best time to totally move on. To forget everything in the past... It's already 5 years... It's still hurting me but this is the rightest way to do.

Just like we're saying over and over again, 'friends just come and go, only the real ones stay.' I'm still holding on to that...

Anyways, I finally found a time to do a letter for my ex cc-ed the new boyfriend. I just look bitter here... but I am not. Please take time to read...

Letter to my ex, my very first love....

Just for the two of you!

For over 5 years, malaki ang hinanakit ko kay ****. But I remained calm and patient, waiting for the right time to finally settle everything that's hanging...

But well, nangyari na ito, that's the reason why I chose to send a message to both of you.

I loved him, he's my very first, considered real relationship at malaki ang naging ambag niya sa pagkatao ko, kung ano man ang meron ako ngayon.

I was so weak back then... I started from scratch right after college. The moment I needed **** the most, which I considered my darkest years... The moment na hindi ko siya mahagilap... He left me hanging for some stupid reasons... Pinagtaksilan pa ako niya, together with a friend na akala ko ay totoo... They became together while kami pa...

After so many years akala ko okay na. Akong nasaktan, niloko, ginago ang nagpatawad sa sarili ko... No one's asking or begging. Pero para sa ikapapanatag ng sarili ko, ng buhay ko, ginawa ko.

Years go by, we talk... casual lang, just like the old days. It's just funny, a few days before our reunion, the two of you blocked me and reported me on Facebook. Hindi na sana issue kasi I don't care anymore.

Why? Am I a threat? I am not. I assure you. And I don't care to both of you.

Kahit gaano kalaki ang naging galit ko sa iyo, wala kang natanggap sa aking masasakit na salita **** kasi I thought I'm doing the best thing para sa barkada natin. Kasi nanghihinayang ako sa mga pinagsamahan natin... Pero well, it's really just easy for you to forget everything. *flashback* Oo nga pala, ganun din ang ginawa mo sa akin... I am am laughing now. Finally nailabas ko na ang lahat ng saloobin ko sa iyo.

After this, you can do whatever you want to do. I don't care anymore.

I don't know you **** and I don't know you anymore ****.

I just hope maging masaya kayo at sana hindi mangyari kung anuman ang nangyari sa amin dati. Goodluck!

I just hope na hindi ko na kayo makita kailanman... Please Lord... Never!
PS. Masaya na ako sa buhay ko with real friends and a partner in life, a loving family and understanding community.

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