Tempted to Watch Temptation Island : Movie Review

I don't know if it's an advantage or not if I didn't see the original Temptation Island movie (1980). But honestly, I enjoyed the film because it was a decent and faithful rehash (according to those who watched the original).

Let's talk about the cast.

Obviously, this is Serafina M.'s movie because she's the lead and she has the meatiest lines in this movie. I like the character of Lovi Poe in the movie. She had the best and bitchiest lines amongst everyone. Malumanay man siya magsalita minsan and she might not have the same angas as the one who originally portrayed her character, nagustuhan ko ang atake niya sa role.

Marian Rivera did justice to her crook and sosyalerang pokpok character. Over-the-top minsan ang acting niya minsan pero that makes her shine. Sila ni Ruffa Mae ang paborito kong scene stealer and most of the time na nakakapagdeliver sila ng magagandang lines, silang dalawa ang pinapalakpakan sa sinehan (Trinoma).

Rufa Mae Quinto exhibited the same brand of comedy that we've seen from her over the years. Very forgivable. She managed to make me laugh pa rin naman and bigay na bigay siya sa mga dance sequences niya and I loved that. Very few lines from her but still memorable and well applauded! Her personality still steals the scenes in the movie at times, especially with that unique intonation of hers, but in terms of character development she does a pretty good job.

Heart Evangelista's role in Temptation Island is forgettable. Except for that scene wherein she confronted Aljur for engaging on a one-night stand with Lovi's character, Serafina, wala ng memorable scenes from her. I guess it didn't help that her love interest in the movie is Aljur.

Aljur is an obvious miscast. It was painful to see him act onscreen. The twang and the inflection of the voice sounded unnatural. Pakisalang na lang ulit sa mga acting workshops. Please...

Tom Rodriguez is just a wonderful sight to see sa movie. Mapapatingin ka talaga sa belt niya. Hahaha! May chemistry sila ni Marian.

Si Mikael, may binabagayang mga anggulo. Di siya flattering sa ibang kuha ni Direk sa kanya sa film. Pasado siya para sa akin; acting-wise. It's nice to see rin a newcomer like him na maganda ang acting and I really love his "Jushwa" pronunciation.

Solenn was a pleasant surprise. Nagulat ako sa laki ng improvement niya acting-wise. She's come a long way from her My Valentine Girls days. Horrible ang acting niya sa My Valentine Girls at nakita ko naman ang improvement niya sa movie na ito.

John Lapus delivered. His take on the character may not be as sophisticated as that of the one who originally portrayed but he was good. Baklang-bakla nga talaga siya. Very natural!

Overall, I had lots of laughs. Aside from the fried chicken and ice cream sequences, benta sa akin yung interview ng reporter na nag-aala Mike Enriquez sa mother ni Solenn at yung may-ari ng Manila Sunshine cosmetics. Kudos sa in-charge ng wardrobe. I love what the girls wore sa actual contest and sa cruise ship. Overall, okay para sa akin ang movie. Chris Martinez as a writer and a director always delivers.

RATING: 8/10



Love this movie hehe ok silang lahat although parang miscast si Aljur at Heart as loveteam. Sana din mas steamy pa scenes nina Marian at Tom hehe

July 11, 2011 at 2:20 AM comment-delete

i love the movie, naaliw aq ng usto, at madaming tao sa sinehan kahit bigatin ang kasabay na foreign movie, kudos to the people behind this movie

July 11, 2011 at 7:50 AM comment-delete

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July 13, 2011 at 7:30 PM comment-delete

We have the same comments about the film. Nice review, by the way. Check out mine. :)

July 16, 2011 at 11:17 PM comment-delete

Hahaha! Dahil sa review mu, I am intrigued to watch it :D

July 18, 2011 at 12:08 AM comment-delete