World Vision and the relief operation in Calumpit, Bulacan

We are all aware of the devastation left by Typhoons Pedring and Quiel and I'm sure, most of us would like to help our fellow Filipinos who have been badly affected by these two typhoons. More than a week has passed since typhoons Pedring and Quiel hit several provinces in Central and Northern Luzon. Floodwater has not subsided and remain at 3 to 6 feet in some villages. Damage to agricultural and infrastructure wrought by Pedring climbed to P6.6 billion, while nearly half a million people are still unable to return to their homes four days since the typhoon left.In Bulacan, damage wrought by Pedring and Typhoon Quiel to crops was estimated at P600 million and to roads, bridges, dikes and canals at P200 million.

World Vision, a Christian development, relief and advocacy organization that seeks to help Pinoy kids, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice went to Calumpit, Bulacan to distribute relief goods. I am so thankful and honored that I was invited and was able to be in touch with the people of Calumpit and cover the said relief operation. World Vision went to Calumpit, Bulacan to distribute relief goods.

Briefing about the area and the things to do was made especially for us first timers on the said activity before we went to the area.

Typhoons Pedring and Quiel pounded most of Luzon and left several towns flooded and without electricity, food, water and shelter. Traces of the typhoons Pedring ang Quiel can still be seen on these papers all over the municipal hall. These are pertinent papers that are scattered on the municipal hall for drying.

According to Wikipedia, Calumpit is a 1st class urban municipality in the province of Bulacan, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 98,017 people in 16,167 households.

I still believe that the best way to succeed in life, is to help other people. If you find yourself sitting around the house feeling totally bored, volunteering in an activity you enjoy can be a great way to change things. We have so many everyday that's unproductive and most of the time, wasted.

This is what I love about this activity. You can learn about yourself, learn about others and meet a lot of interesting people by volunteering. You can help others as you help yourself.

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Good job!  Gusto ko ring sumali sa ganito. We need more people who are willing to help and it’s great that you raise awareness to these types of campaigns.

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