February is also for everyone who wants to fly!

February is not just about love and relationship, it's also for those people who wants to fly. Drifting through the skies, you look over the edge of the basket and your eyes are filled with the stunning landscape below you.

The "Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta" is an annual affair featuring an air show of hot-air balloons and several aviation events held at at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) grounds within the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga. It was first organized in 1994 to stimulate the local economy in Central Luzon, to encourage hot air ballooning as a sport locally and to promote the Philippines as a premier sport and tourist destination in Asia. It is now an extremely successful event at par with other international air shows and attracting thousands of spectators from all over.

The  2012 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga attracts crowds of approximate 80,000 or more each year. So getting in the park early is the best option. Balloonists from all over the world came over to participate in this event. In addition to the flights of the hot air balloons the public was treated with other activities including micro light demonstration, small planes fly-bys, aerobatics, remote controlled scale model aerobatics, etc.

There are certain considerations to take note of when planning a hot air balloon trip. Hot air ballooning is greatly dependent on the weather as flying in fog, rain or strong winds can be dangerous. That is why most launches take place close to sunrise, before the day's thermals start rising. Wear comfortable clothes and practical shoes. You may also want to bring sunglasses and/or a hat. A camera is a must to record your wonderful experience.

It is and it will always be since it will be a wonderful parade of hundreds of colorful balloons coming from different countries across the globe. Aside from taking pictures, you can actually walk near the balloons and talk to the pilots who make these things glide across the Air Force City, DiosdadoMacapagal International Airport in Clark Field, Pampanga.

This 2012, the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is celebrating it’s 17th year at the AFP grounds in Clark Freeport, Pampanga. There will be award ceremonies, and different attractions such as kite flying, paragliding, skydiving and of course the hot air balloons itself. Expected in this event are scores of colorful hot air balloons from all over the globe. Also expected during the event are other activities like light plane exhibition, sky diving exhibition, and a whole lot more.

It is not a one day event and you can experience first hand some of the attractions during the 2012 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. There's a lot more to see this year according to the organizers. It is hard to pick one event to go to and it is best to try all.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to take photos of the colorful balloons during the glow events at dusk or dawn. The natural lighting creates a magical effect which makes it a no effort deal to capture great images.

For more information about 2012 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, please contact the fiesta committee at (02) 384 0085 / info@philballoonfest.net or check PIHABF website : www.philballoonfest.net