Movie Review : Rock of Ages - Go on with the beat!

The cast of Rock of Ages is riotously hell bent on making you have a good time. They beat you into submission with energy, wide smiles, and hair—lots and lots of great big 80s hair.

The story of this movie is tailored made for people that love 80s hair bands. Sex, drugs and rock and roll rule in "Rock of Ages." It is a little gratuitous, strippers abound and there is bad language. This is a show just for adults, especially fans of hair band rock music. I thought this show was hilarious! You could tell that the cast was really into what they were doing and having a great time. Not to mention their talent which was awesome. This is the perfect show to see if you're out with friends just having a good time.

"Rock of Ages" was amazing! The plot was thin, but who cares. It's a love story that all Broadway shows have (I think). This play had great music (if you at least like 80's hair band songs), hot chicks, and was funny as hell. This play blew them both away, easily. I was amused from the moment it started and was not kinda disappointed when it ended, the ending is just okey...

The music was great-had you wanting to get up and dance the whole way through. The storyline was funny and the cast were brilliant. Diego Boneta was amazing as Drew Boley - really great and upbeat. Loved Russell Brand as Lonney Barnet and Tom Cruise as Stacey Jaxx was amazing. All of the cast were super lovable, even money-looking-face Paul Giamatti as Paul Gil. Everyone really got into it and they deserved the standing ovation at the end.

It's most certainly not suitable for children, but if you are not easily offended and want to be amused for three hours, go see this movie!

Rating : 7/10



It seems maganda nga, hehe :))

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parang gusto ko itong mapanood..

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