MOVIE REVIEW: Star Cinema's "Must Be Love"

"Must Be Love" is the launching movie of today's Kapamilya hot loveteam KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla).

I watched this movie with some Bloggers, and let me tell you right now, I wanna watch it again. It’s just that good, and I’m sure the Bloggers with me on that time, Ning, Flow, Morgy, Mau, would agree with me, as they caught the film with me.

Anyways, “Must Be Love” follows the the exciting love story of the school heartthrob named Ivan (Daniel Padilla) and his boyish bestfried named Pachot (played by Kathryn Bernardo). But what will Pachot if she starts falling in love with her bestfriend if for him he only sees him as one of the boys?

I watched the movie because it's KathNiel, they're really hot loveteam & it delivered, I was surprised at how Kathryn and Daniel have evolved into fine actors from their teeny-bopper roles & images of old, now they're primed for eventual stardom. Kathryn is definitely several notches above or is truly a cut above her peers. She is also gradually priming herself to be one of the important actresses of this generation as her comfort level with film material is getting better. Aside from being Philippines' teen hot hearthtrob, Daniel's performance in this film shows glimpses of a screen presence Filipino moviegoers would always want to see. Mayy I also add, Sharlene San Pedro's character is very much lovable.

More than the story, there are a lot of interesting lines in the movie that I could relate to. It’s true, you know?  Each of us tend to be blinded by love and we do crazy things for love. Such is the realities of life. I wish this movie was Star Cinema's movie offering for Valentine's Day but anyways, Valentine's is extended on March!  This is just a simple movie but it touches one’s heart. It definitely made me reflect on how I see love.  The actors were so believable too! I love the chemistry between Patchot and Ivan. The way their friendship progressed and how much of a martyr Patchot seemed at the start while being not-so-secretly in love with Ivan may seem contrived, but I’ve found myself in that situation often enough to know it can be very real.

Shot mostly in Cebu and Laguna, Must Be Love will surely offer everyone a love story we will always cherish during our high school years. I say, kudos to Star Cinema and of course more for Kathryn and Daniel for this great, great romantic movie! This is definitely worth watching!

RATING: 7/10