Meet Gina Gil-Lacuna, the Jigsaw Puzzle Queen

Gina Gil-Lacuna has 1,029 pieces on display at the Puzzle Museum plus many puzzles under her bed waiting to be put together: "I was happy for my family and my country." 

Gina Gil-Lacuna is a 61-year old Filipina officially backed the title Guinness World Record Holder for the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles in any Size, Shape or Form awarded on November 29, 2012.

Gina Gil-Lacuna is a retired businesswoman. Her family's garment business supplies major shopping malls like SM and Robinsons. She is a picture of a true success story to think that she was just a high school graduate. But before she was able to afford collecting puzzles and building a bed and breakfast facility, Lacuna struggled to make ends meet. A high school graduate, Lacuna peddled goods in Divisoria and eventually started a garments business.

She started collecting and solving jigsaw puzzles at age 35, and has been pursuing her hobby for 26 years now. Her first jigsaw puzzle, which she pieced together 26 years ago, had 5,000 pieces and featured Disney characters. She bought it during her trip to Hong Kong. Having 1,028 jigsaw puzzles at your bed and breakfast (450 was the count last August)  isn’t just an astonishing feat, it’s the kind that  bags you a Guinness World Record.

Her love for puzzles started 27 years ago with a puzzle she bought in Hongkong and her collection grew to 1028 since then. She has recently completed Las Hilanderas, based on the painting of Velazquez. At 214x 157cm and 10,000 pieces, it would qualify for the hardest puzzle in the world. That ups the count to 1029. The former world record holder was from Brazil with only over 500 collection.

Making it to the Guinness World Record was not really her motivation to collect puzzles but for the love of it. She recalls,it's just one day when they were surfing the web that they came accross the post regarding the record holder that time who has far lesser collection than her. That's when they decided to go for the title.

Aside from Lacuna’s huge jigsaw puzzle collection, the Puzzle Mansion also has hotel-like amenities such as a swimming pool, a 400-square-meter function room and a 24-hour café. Nestled between hills of grass and wild flowers, the place is expected to attract not only foreign tourists but also students and art enthusiasts. Puzzle Mansion is located on Cuadra Street in Barangay Asisan in Tagaytay City.