Me & my JunJun

I am in love with my iPad Mini. We are inseparable. My iPad is my best friend (technologically speaking).

Meet Junjun, my newest iPad Mini, the brother of my 1-year-old iPhone 5 named Nancy. They're both from Team Black. Any similarities (especially to the names) is just coincidental. Promise!

Having an iPad Mini makes life infinitely easier. This nifty gadget is so lightweight that when I got the box, I had a hard time believing there was more than a cable inside it. It's also nearly all screen, so even though it's small, it does the job of a computer-on-the-go very well.

Since I'm already an iPhone user and very comfortable with touch screen, it makes it super easy for me to upload show write-ups, take notes, email myself — and it has Siri (though not that useful here in the Philippines). What I liked most about the iPad Mini is it's handy and it fits in my small bag. Though it's indeed 'mini,' it's not fit into my suit or sport coat pocket, so you still have to carry it like you carry the full size version but it's okey. It now adds as my fashion accessory.

Writing on an iPad Mini was easier because you can hold it in your hand much like a traditional note pad. With blogging, getting information to your readers as quickly as possible is key, so having the iPad Mini handy to just whip out in a pinch has been incredibly useful. I also always have a serious fear of missing out and the gadget makes it easy to stay up-to-date with all social media to see what's going on at shows and events I wasn't able to make.

iPad Mini is more for entertainment and is easier to use when doing some work, I suggest that you go for the wifi + cellular version of the iPad 4th gen and get the Smart LTE prepaid sim. This iPad Mini will surely be much more useful with LTE-Smart powered sim. For more information, please visit