Putting advertisements on Bloggers...

Advertising has assumed different forms nowadays. 

Blogging is very far away and very different in perspective since I have joined Blogging in 2006. Brands now engage the bloggers, just like another one advertising medium in the digital space.

It's a fact that some accept compensation/token/etc. and some don’t. Plain and simple. Those who even decline any compensation or those who don’t have rates but are willing to be involved in the project are even much appreciated. But there will always be a very clear line should be drawn between advertisement and opinion.

In an advertisement, the reading public is aware that they are paid to write positively about the product. In an opinion, specially when expressed by a respected person/blogger must never be paid for it misleads the reader, and worse it degrades the dignity of the blogger. I am not against bloggers who accept pay, but they must state that their write-up/s are paid, in which case it becomes an advertisement. The sponsored posts/pay per post is a one of those forms. It is side by side with fine print ads, or TV commercials where the advertisers pays the product endorsers. Just think of the bloggers as humble brand ambassadors. Most of those promoting the products on TV are comparable to them.

Advertisers are approaching specific bloggers as they are the celebrities of the blogosphere. Just one advice for the brands, just pick your bloggers very carefully. Just like in the old/traditional media, some are good, some are not. Goodluck!



Times have changed and everything is set on commercialism. I never realized that blogging for most people mean career. At one recent occasion which I participated a a consumer I met several bloggers. Chit-chat for awhile and ask me if I blog. I told them I do and its about my travels and food discoveries. Their eyes grew big when they found out that I am spending my own money just to review a place or a joint. Done many reviews and I could clearly say that all have been honest from an opinion of a true consumer. But, I won't be a hypocrite in saying that I would pass on a GC or a giveaway but still I will try to express my opinion as honest as possible since it would be hard to trick myself in spilling out ideas that I don't believe in. BTW- I enjoyed my journey on your blog. More Power! aka MissKeenReviewer http://lavishlyparsimonious.blogspot.com/

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