Practical Jokes : Funny as Always

Thanks to ElPresidente408
I just don't know if I will laigh if these things will happen to me. This is a Japanese practical joke and is very funny. Japanese comedy show where unsuspecting people using the bathroom get exposed after 10 seconds. It's wierd and don't ask me why they're sitting backwards lol.

THanks to lizziedaisy
This video clip is from Just for laughs : Gags. Practical joke where a guy pretends his pants get caught between the slats of a park bench, and rip when he gets up.

THanks to fayceg
This one is also a Japanese comedy show where there is a lot of people or crowd running just to make the person worried about what's happening. Now are these alot of College kids doing this cause theres sure ALOT of them! The first one was funny the old man didn't ever look back after they all ran past him.
Well, I dont know if I will laugh if this things will happen to me. You, game ka ba if this practical jokes will be applied to you? Haha! Very funny!


i always laugh this kind of practical jokes. hahaha

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