Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix : The Rebellion Begins

After ng duty sa Baranggay Bahay Toro ay nagbihis lang ako sa bahay at sumama kay Ryan para manood ng latest Harry Potter movie.

Well, i just watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today with Ryan Falmarin at Cinema 2 of Robinson's Pioneer. This is actually the second day of showing here in the Philippines.

Thanks to mnvideos
I like the story very much. An action adventure for Harry and new friends and new surprises on his abilities and new skills learned.
This is me and Ryan...

This movie for me is the transition of the identity of the real Harry Potter. Actually, I don't read any Harry Potter books but I do like the story in movies.

Well at least, kahit medyo busy ay nakakapanood pa rin ako ng mga movies for recreation.


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di ako marunong magtag sa board mo. d2 na lang. i visited ur blog and i find it interesting. sana dalaw ka rin sa blog ko. happy thursday!

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Riding the barge in the Pasig river is very much relaxing and enjoyable... hope we could do it again and also other person that hasn't been their hope you could also ride.... like the both of us.....

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