My First Blogging Price

I won at Talksmart's linking strategy for my Election 2007 entry.

Actually, I have 4 entries about the last Senatorial Election 2007. One of these entries got 22 comments (the highest so far on all my entries).

Well, because of these 4 entries, I got dumped and became controversial in my town. I recieved hate letters and heard many criticisms of all the things na napost ko here in my blog.

Meron pa ngang nagbigay ng advise:

A Bit of Advise to Richard Lionheart. .

I am a Palueño and I am saddened to come across "Why I Sometimes Hate Paluan" in the friendster blogs.

Why? What is happening to all of the people out here during elections? Nagmumukhang pera ba ang lahat ng tao sa Paluan pag election? Pulitiko bang lahat ng tao dito? Ilang milyon ba ang prize ng Calawagan River noong nanalo bilang Cleanest Inland Body of Water in the Philippines? Bulag ka ba para hindi mo makita ang mga pagbabago sa Calawagan Mountain Resort? O mayroon kang blinders?

Sayang, ang ganda pa naman ng picture mo sa Calawagan River. It may really seem easy for you to believe that you live in your own world, with access to anything and everything that technology can provide.

You are indeed very lucky that you are sheltered from the realities of your hometown. You asked: "Am I a looser now?” And you said: “ There’s always a choice.” This is a very true. So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you go home and vote for your chosen candidates? This is the essence of elections.You are free to say anything and everything you want to say.

But, a bit of advise: get your facts straight. Okay?

Well, thanks to Kuya Eric of Salaswildthoughts Blog for this token at pagkilala na rin for the things that I've done during the last Election 2007. Actually, until now, wala pa rin akong balak magpakita sa hometown ko because of disappointment.

Para sa mga sour loosers pa rin diyan, sorry... Ako ang nagwagi!
Sana may mga masalihan pa akong mga contests. Because of this gift, hehe... Naengganyo pa akong magblog. Love it!


Congrats! Deserving ka naman e...

Well, what more can I say? Continue and enjoy blogging...

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