Movie Review: No Other Woman

This is the synopsis:

Anne Curtis is Kara Zalderiaga, a young, beautiful carefree socialite who can and will get whatever she wants. She has had many boyfriends but has continuously been emotionally-detached to love. To Kara, life is all fun and in "love", no strings attached, But deep in her core, she has been longing not just to be desired and admired but likewise appreciated and truly loved.

Derek Ramsey is Ram Escaler, a charming, dedicated furniture salesman husband driven by his ambition to prove himself to the world. To Ram, being a good husband that can provide the best life to his family is a lifelong goal. He is obsessed with the idea of living out of the shadows of his father-in-law and away from the image of his estranged father.

Cristine Reyes is Charmaine Escaler, the beautiful "perfect" wife, calculating, prim and proper to a fault. Charmaine is concerned with image and takes her role as an ideal wife to heart. To Charmaine, she will let nothing and no one ruin the "perfection" she has created for her family.

How will these three lives change? How can the once carefree mistress become clingy to the only man who believed and appreciated her and destroy both her family's name and the family of the one she loves? How can an ideal husband be overcome by passion and commit the biggest mistake of his life? How can the "perfect" wife save her marriage and not become an appalling and monstrous version of herself? Amidst these tensions, scandals, confrontations and their emotions, the three would eventually learn a lesson that will change their lives forever.

My Review:

It's my first time to watch a first day-screening of a Filipino film and I was surprised that even if it's already 12:30am screening, the moviehouse was fully-occuied. I was with Rod Magaru, Flow Galindez and Jeman Villanueva on an unplanned movie trip to watch this "No Other Woman". Anyways, I was present during the presscon of this movie at Dolphy Theater (see the article here) last week.

I like the story because it's not that complicated. The cast is perfect. Lead roles in this movie - Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsey fit in their roles as the other woman, the husband and the perfect wife respectively. I've never seen Cristine Ryes in a role like this - the domestic (perfect) housewife and for Anne Curtis, although I see a "Celine" like quality (from the teleserye "Maging Sino Ka Man" on ABS-CBN) in her character in this movie. There's something more to her character. The storyline seems simple, but I am sure that you will surely love the dialogues and the scenes most especially the confrontation scenes between the leads. The locations that they filmed the movie for is beautiful as well.

What I like most about this movie are the quotable quotes that you will surely remember. I don't know if you will agree with me guys, but I will arrange them according to the effect of those lines to me. Here they are:

1. "Dahil nga ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo - maraming isnatcher! Maaagawan ka! Lumaban ka!" - Carmi Martin

2. "I know the market because I am the market!" - Anne Curtis

3. "Panahon na para ipack-up mo ang Lucy Torres mo! Ilabas mo na 'yang si Gretchen Barreto mo!" - Carmi Martin

4. "Ahaha! Joke lang... Natakot ka ba? Sorry ha, medyo off ang humor ko lately." - Cristine Reyes

5. "Naku! Ganyan talaga kapag galing sa makakating dikya! Nagmamarka!" - Carmi Martin

This is a must watch movie! Imagine that it's already 12:30am up to 2:30am when we watched this movie but I never felt or thought of sleeping inside the movie house. And by the way, I already watched this movie for the second time. Worth it!

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Maganda yan malamang!! :)

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