Jonalyn Viray and her music... a precious gem!

Jonalyn Viray is one of the Philippines' finest singer and the best among her generation, a vocal prodigy. She effortlessly bagged the 2006 Overall female grand-champion of the World held in Hollywood, USA and bested other champions around the globe. Her vocal range is immensely outstanding and powerful, belting towering notes with ease and class.

In her almost 10 years of career in show business, she has the most powerful voice, stunning and very humble person and she could be the next to Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez for sure because of her unbelievable talent in singing, it was so amazing. Just like her idol Regine, she has a very wide vocal range and can do whistle register that is very rare, but not just a whistle she can whistle with vocal acrobats. As an avid fan of this girl, aside from pop music, though untrained, I also witnessed her singing classical music and taking the roles of soprano and coloratura soprano, seen on her performance of Il dolce suono, Phantom of the Opera, Bring Me to Life and a classical version of My Humps. She has been vocal that her most admired singers and vocal influences are Mariah Carey and Regine Velasquez, while Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, and Beyonce.

Unfortunately she's one of the underrated singers, a lack of support and weak marketing strategy from her mother network might be a contributing factor, but nevertheless this precious gem should not be wasted. Jonalyn has been the country's pride and will always be!

Check out this video performace of Jonalyn in "Party Pilipinas" with La Diva. This one's one of my favorite songs of her with La Diva.

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