A smarter start for 2013

Everyone knows that I’ve been a loyal subscriber of Globe eversince I used my first cellular phone when I was in first year highschool to college and until last year, I jumped in to the better network - Smart.

I thought, I’ll be a loyal subscriber forever. For many times, I changed numbers, I lost phones, but not the network. Just last year, without a second thought, I jumped-in to the better network, not just said by me or just anyone but also the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) (See this article: Smart scores 4 out of 5 over Globe).

Globe never fails to disappoint me wherever I go – either in the province (Mindoro) and even here in Metro Manila (Mandaluyong). I have numerous report numbers from them regarding my load, dropped calls, texts arriving the following day, phone cannot be reached (even if you have signal), etc. Their service has been unsatisfactory. I also do not buy their network upgrade excuse because it has been that way even before their supposed ‘network upgrade.’

My personal twitter account (@MangyanBlogger) have lots of complaints against Globe last year. Almost everyday, my timeline was flooded with complaints especially with my internet connection especially when I was in Mindoro or out of the metro. What makes me feel annoyed, most of the times, they are ignoring my tweets, answering some but not mine. It feels like they can’t do anything on my case that’s why they ignore my tweets. That sucks!

I experienced the worst last year when I went to Dubai. Two hours before my flight, I loaded-up Php300 to my number and tried to send out an SMS for almost two hours but it kept resulting in ‘sending failed.’ I did everything, tried rebooting the iPhone, turned 3G off, and called their not-so-better-customer-service which hanged me up when I said “I only have 30 minutes left before my departure.” Imagine that? I needed it so much since it’s my very first time to travel abroad and I’ll be spending at least two days for my connecting flights since I requested to my sister that I want to roam around Brunei. Supposed to be, I’ll be meeting someone in Brunei but it doesn’t happen. Unlucky me!

If it weren't for my number, I would have switched to Smart already. This is way better surfing speeds and more consistent signal. I cannot even get a decent consistent signal on Globe. Not even in Mandaluyong.

I tried Smart on September last year. Thinking that they’re just the same, they’re not. Globe is now simply a joke on my circle of friends especially when we have meet-ups or events. Globe is now a verb about anything that concerns network problems especially when late. Funny!

For almost five months now, I’ve been using Smart Freedom plan, you will never see me ranting about my connection especially on texting and calling and also internet. I'm sticking with Smart now because I was assured that this is the real better network (Smart Communications Inc.'s network is officially better than that of rival Globe Telecom Inc., data from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) showed). Besides, Smart treats me really well as a customer.



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