My first Boracay adventure - Live all out!

Summer is undeniably everyone’s favorite season of the year. It’s the perfect time to go to the beach, hit the waters, and get a tan.

Hello sunshine! I love outdoors and strolling in the beach is one of my most favorite runway. I was in Boracay for almost three days because I was invited by Smart Communications to live all out. Anyways, there's nothing wrong with the invitation so I said yes. All I need to do is prepare myself for excitement since that will be my very first Boracay escapade!

May 2, Thursday, we arrived in Boracay! First thing to do is to look at the shores, just like in the news, Boracay sand is still the finest and whitest sand I have ever seen. The shores have algae, though. I love the scenery of the beach and stuff and I like the idea of walking around underneath the intense heat of the sun! Yeah, I'm already dark and I don't care if I'll get darker after this... Sun is fun in Boracay!

I, myself was blown away by its wonderful shore, the district itself and the beautiful people surrounding it. No wonder, Boracay is one of the world’s best tourist spot for travelers around the globe. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Boracay, like the wall climbing, boat sailing, go cart, flying fish, scuba diving, helmet diving, island hopping and many more! The night life in Boracay is quite marvelous as well. Partying hard then skinny dipping whenever you’re a bit tipsy! Haha! I am laughing right now but I am not kidding.

May 3, Friday, it's the Smart “Live All Out” event - dare, share and live more in the hottest summer event of the year. This event happened from sun up to sun down, filled with the most exciting dare stations ever set up: a motion sensor-activated life size version of Temple Run, a reverse bungee trampoline with larger-than-life hoops and basketballs, and an all-out wide super slide. Life size version of Temple Run and the 'Sand Angels' dare are the two things I did for a challenge. Yes, that's true and I'm not kidding. I know, I'm KJ (kill  joy) most of the time, but I did these this time for fun. Nothing more. There's no pilitan here.

The fun activities was hosted by Boys’ Night Out guys DJ Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG making every challenge more fun and exhilarating. Also sighted in this event are summer hotties Daniel Matsunaga, Alex Castro, and Michele Gumabao. After that tiring all-day Smart “Live All Out” event is an All Out Music Festival with performances from some of the country’s finest artists will end the day to celebrate the youth who dared and shared their victories.

I bear witness to its enticing beauty as it continues to attract tourists to its powder-soft sand that never gets hot even under the noon sun. Boracay is truly a paradise! It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to Boracay. The experience is always worth repeating, especially when you’re with a different set of people. So make sure you go with your favorite people.

May 4, Saturday, back to Manila. Back in reality! Can't get enough of Boracay. I'm so sad that we have to leave... See you again soon!



True to the title, ALL OUT!
Great one!

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