How far can you go for Blogging?

I had been blogging for almost eight years this January and to say the truth, I am also not happy with the kind of issues being charged to bloggers.

Yes! Eight years na po ako sa Blogging at halos lahat ng niche ay natry ko na pero at least alam ko na ngayon kung saan ko mas gusto at mas nag-eenjoy ako. Hindi pa ako expert sa blogging kahit matagal na ako pero alam ko naman, kahit papaano, meron naman akong 'K' to say things, to react, escpecially kapag ang pinag-uusapan ay blogging.

As an entertainment, personal, heatlh blogger, sobrang sad sa akin ang mga nangyayari ngayon sa blogosphere. May mga taong nagsisiraan, nag-aaway, at kung anu-ano pang mga bagay para lang umangat ang sariling, mapag-usapan, matrend (if possible) - in other words sumikat. Hindi naman sa nagmamayabang ako pero hindi ko na kailangan 'yan. I already made my mark, my blogs, in my eight years of blogging. Hindi ko na kailangang gumamit ng ibang tao para lang sa masasabi kong maliit na bagay.

Anyways, I asked some friends from blogosphere the questions - "How far can you go for Blogging?" and here are their answers:

Christian Melanie Lee of
"As far I can enjoy blogging, hanggang pagtanda ko...magblog pa rin ako. To share yung mga experiences mo sa mga readers mo, it must be positive palagi."
Cristal Maramag of
"As far as kaya kong magsulat ng mga topics na kaya kong gawin, ako kasi as long as ok sakin ung experience ko sa mga napupuntahan ko at sa mga naakakain at nagagamit ko I usually post it agad, as much as possible ayokong maging bias, but that doesnt mean na more nega ako sa mga post ko, balanced lang dapat for me."
Tom Castillo of
"Pati ako. kahit hindi kumikita blog ko basta importante, I am sharing my thoughts and opinions s blog ko until the end of the world."
Adrian Benipayo of
"Every time I write something, it is always my integrity and credibility that's on the line. Once I see that these are jeopardized, then that's when I'll stop. Oh, and you don'e need to buy followers and tweak your traffic just to be number 1. It's just a number. Organic traffic and followers are still what matters as long as advertisers and sponsors are concerned."
Dimaks Saj of
"Always blog on the safe side. After all, shouldn't we be like that in every aspect of life? But then again, there are those who push their limits, so if you do that, be sure to take full responsibility for whatever outcome / consequence it can pull in the end."
Rain Ferdinand De Ocampo of
"Frankly, I've never thought of asking myself that question.. but like what I've said in a previous blogpost.. BLOGS, in my opinion should ALWAYS be a PERSONAL thing.. your thoughts and experiences on a virtual paper.. it should reflect your personality and in certain cases.. multiple personalities, hehehe. First rule of blogging should be answering the question... Did I wrote that? Publishing something that's not yours (when it's a PR) is okay of course, but make sure that it is something that you'd write too on your blog. Getting paid for a writing project or getting a TY token is also fine, as long as it does not become your MAIN REASON for blogging. Anyway, how far would anyone go? As far as writing is concern it should take the blogger to new heights and personal growth.. without jeopardizing personal integrity and the integrity of other people. Lastly, BLOGGING should ALWAYS.. ALWAYS be FUN! Now PUSH that to the limits! Happy blogging everyone! #MyPOV"
John Michael Torres Bueno of
"Up to the point of where it makes sense. Up to the point where my happiness is met. Up to the point where writing is still something to be enjoyed and not a chore. That's how far I'll go. I am not SICK SICK SICK LOL"
Like what I have said, I am not an expert... But in my eight years of blogging, I have seen a lot, eight years ago's emerging influential bloggers who have made it to be today's top bloggers. Some of them wala na, some of them, nagquit na, and some of them struggling pa.

Blogging was supposed to be a hobby, for fun... But it also became a business. Since pumasok na ang business, nagkaroon ng competition... I get it, competition, pero sana same as a regular business, it should be  healthy. Walang siraan, walang gamitan, walang sulutan. But well, may mga bagay na beyond our control, and sometimes, expected na. Since blogging is also personal, kahit anong niche pa 'yan, it also reflects the person behind that blog.



that's so sad.. i put up blogs because I love to write and most of my blog posts are my personal experiences. i'm kind of hoping that other people may learn from what i've been through..

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