It's coming...

If I can just freeze the time now... I wish!

Yes! It's only few days before my second 25th birthday... I'm kinda sad because of the fact that I'm really getting older but still thankful for another year will be added to my age...

Well, counting the blessings from last year, I received double from what I have wished and expected. God was so good to me the whole year that's why I'm so thankful to him... I just wish na magtuloy-tuloy pa rin ang blessings.

Since magbibirthday ako, hindi naman mawawala ang wishes... Pagbigyan na ninyo ako pero this is me, I still believe in birthday wishes. Malay mo, it might come true. There might be a real Santa Clause who will give me more surprises on my coming birthday!

Here are some of my birthday wishes: (More materialistic as ever)

  1. iPhone 5s - Gold or Silver, 'di ako choosy!
  2. DSLR camera kahit anong tatak... basta pang-pro.
  3. For my blogs especially LionhearTV - more visitors pa... mas maging popular pa...
  4. I don't need a job as of the moment, I wish na marami pang dumating na projects
  5. Aside from Smart, Coca-Cola, mas marami pang tie-ups for my blog and me as a blogger.
  6. I just wish matuto na akong mag-edit ng videos. I want to start video blogging na.
  7. Matuloy ang Most Popular Celebrities na big project ko at sana maraming sponsors para 'di ako malugi :)

Pasensya na sa mga wishes ko. Masyadong materialistic. Nagpaparamdam lang naman ako kung meron mang makakaramdam. For those asking kung bakit wala nang masyadong personal wishes like sa family, friends, lovelife, etc.? Well, I have plenty of friends, my family loves me so much... I have a lovelife... These are the things I think na hindi ko kailangang i-wish pa since I worked hard for it. I became more mature, a better person last year.. and I deserve it.

For all my visitors, please return to this site on December 7, please greet me a happy birthday. If you want to send me something... Please ask for my address via email. Thank you!



advance hapi bday and many bday to come! Sana matupad yan at sigurado naman ako ikaw pa!

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