Be ready to "Bare" again!

What do you get when a school's golden boy's
greatest secret is in danger ofunravelling and destroying the
fragile wall of appearances he's kept all this time?

In the mix: his secret love affair with another boy, a smitten and persistent co-ed, and the impositions and expectations of the straight and narrow path on a young man's heart. The classic dilemma of "appearance versus desire" takes on the musical form in Ateneo Blue Repertory's staging of "Bare : A Pop Opera."

"Bare" is a musically-charged and sexuality-questioning 
explosion propelled from the stage and onto the laps of the audience.

"Bare" is a coming-of-age love story that truly resonates to each and everyone of us. It tells the intriguing yet moving love story of roommates Peter and Jason as they are about to graduate from a Catholic, boarding school. Jason, the senior class’ golden boy is hiding a big secret: He is in a romance with the shy Peter. If his secret is found out, Jason fears his entire world will crumble. Popularity, acceptance, sexuality, love, heartbreak all of that plays a major role in this musical. Things get messy. Peter wants to drop the facade. Popular girl Ivy pursues Jason. Problems spiral out of control. The graduating seniors of St. Cecilia’s realize that life is indeed complicated and they find themselves in a world with more questions than answers.

I would be lying if I will say that I was not moved by this stage play. I fell in love with the music a year or so ago, when I first heard a song called “Are you There?” in Youtube. Thanks to Tita Toots who also gave us the soundtrack CD of this stage play. It was a real treat to be able to see this even just the rehearsals. This always brings a whole new dimension to the songs you hear on the soundtrack.

The artistic and creative team includes Onyl Torres (musical director for vocals), Abi Sulit (assistant musical director for Vocals), Joseph Tolentino (musical director for band), Carlon Matobato (choreography), Leeroy New (set design), John Batalla (lights design and technical director), Jethro Joaquin (sound design) and Raven Ong (costume designer). The marketing, sales and publicity of “Bare” is led by Toots Tolentino (PR & publicity) with Gala Sanchez, Aldrich Alcantara and Luis Marcelo (promotions and marketing) and Jojit Lorenzo (photography). "Bare" is directed by Ana Abad Santos, and we will open on February 29, 2012.

For tickets, inquiries and other information, please contact Chiz Jardin at 09165787618 or through email at For show buying, please contact Luis Marcelo at 09175025847.