Chinese Temple and the Bell Church, Baguio's hidden secret

I've been in Baguio for so many times but  that was my first time setting foot in this Pine City’s hidden jewel. It’s not as crowded as Session road., Burnham, and the likes of the famous places to go to in Baguio. Bell Church is a Taoist church, and is open to public at 6am to 5pm. On the way to Bell Church, you can see there a narrow street, and that is the passage to Bell Church’s entrance. In there, the walls of the church are designed with Dragon statues.

Bell Church is located at the boundary of Baguio City and heading to La Trinidad is the Bell Church. This Chinese compound features intricately designed arches and buildings adorned with flags, bells and dragons. It has a pagoda, and beautifully landscapped gardens.

I love the designed arches and architecture. Beautiful landscaped gardens are noticeable. There are  Buddhism artifacts but I don’t have any idea exactly what it symbolizes. Everytime I see Chinese temple, I always think of dragon, lotus, burning of joss sticks. I was never tired of taking photos here. Photography is allowed,except inside the church itself. Since this is a sacred place, proper decorum must be observed at all times.

Look at the photo above. The secret mountains will no longer be a secret. Mountains, now covered with houses.



been here too... awe inspiring. napaka solemn ng lugar.

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