Tam-Awan Village, a reconstructed native village resembling the traditional village in Cordillera

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Tam-Awan Village, a reconstructed native village resembling the traditional village in Cordillera. It also features an art gallery, a souvenir shop and a café where we had an afternoon drinkie and some deserts. It also showcases local artists and their works of art and an Ifugao village with Kalinga huts which you can rent for a day to experience what it feels like to live in one.

This is an another tourist destination in Baguio City which is home for artists. This place houses a collection of various Ifugao and ang Kalinga arts are found. Feel and take a glimpse of Cordillera’s old way of living and lifestyle. This a remarkable place to people who appreciate arts . A place of activities like art exhibits , workshops and alike. Feel at home and enjoy the brighter and colorful side of Baguio only at Tam-awan village. Explore and discover things that people seldom appreciate. The Tam-awan village also not just for people who appreciate art but for those who value nature and life.

This serene garden in the sky is an ideal venue for art and cultural activities. It will make you appreciate life in the Cordillera region, as well as its culture, history and heritage. During the year when Baguio was still a huge grazing land for herds of cattle, Pinsao, the location of Tam-awan, was one vast pastureland.

A spring beside Tam-awan is the source of a body of water that once served as the watering hole for the cattle. Right now, being handled by Chanum Foundation, you will find seven reconstructed Ifugao houses and two Kalinga houses so our generation will have the chance to take a peek at how life once was at Cordillera.

Tam-Awan Village is an interesting tour. Visitors could also stay overnight at the village to fully understand the experience. The cottages for the visitors are the traditional dwellings as well. Tam-awan Village is located at 366-C Pinsao Proper, 2600 Baguio City. Entrance fee is Php50.00 per adult. You may call 074-446-2949 or 074-442-5551 for more information.