Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites and you!

There's a lot of social networking these days. All of them are really appealing but of course, all of these has its disadvantages. In social networking sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Path, etc.), while they include the ability to post written material to the web, revolve much more around the ability of an individual to build a web presence and to create visible links with others in the network.

There are so many existing networking sites today. There's a hundred of them I think. These sites are developed in such a way that it emphasizes more on a theme rather being a so called "make-a-friend site" or in a sad note, make an enemy.

What writing there is on a social networking site is often in computer slang, intended to be different. These sites often allow the ability to place music, photo, and video content on the site, allowing the individual to showcase their likes and dislikes. A form of text messaging is often included as well, with a history of the messages appearing on the site. Again, all of the features of social networking sites are intended to create social interactions with others.

In social networking, you are interacting with many different people, you are playing a role, but it is a role that you create using the tools at hand.

Your profile (Facebook, Twitter, G-Plus, etc.) is a characterization of yourself.

That's of course why the predators had such free rein initially. But aside from that, each individual creates a characterization that represents a self they would like to present or be within the context of the social networking world.

I can see how having greater capability to make that characterization of oneself, that character, more mobile, with greater and more varied ability to interact with the surrounding virtual world and the other people in the social network, would be very attractive to everyone.

Sure thing, you can have multiple accounts. You can use different emails for every account you want to make. You can be another person you want to be... But what if you want to portray one characterization or mood of a character one day and a different characterization of the same character another day? It can be done easily.

I'm not advocating multiple personalities, but multiple personifications of ourselves are something we do every day in real life, right? Depending on the situation, we act differently. Some networking sites let you have many different account, like in Facebook pages, I think. Well, that's many different versions of presentations of yourself to other people in the networking sites...

Respect is the word.

Everyone has their right whether they are the ones who posts in every social networking sites or the ones who are just commenting on their posts. And respect in each and every post or comment is what's important. So whether a bad post is a bad post or a bad comment is the result of such bad post, still, respect is necessary.

Again, I am just balancing the the things I have observed in joining these social networking sites. I am not justifying those posts that are bashing other artists. But not all posts are offensive. Still, it is in the interpretation of the reader. It a good thing we let ourselves first to balance and see both sides of the situation: the one who posts their opinions and the ones who comments on the posts. That's so easy!

So, I advice everyone to please always read without prejudice! Be an educated person at all times.



having a social network account means you are responsible for your posts. the great dilemma would be those anonymous haters and posers who enjoys bashing not just celebrities but people they hate...

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Grammar please...

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