My first flight...

All my bags are packed, I am ready to go – or so the song goes. The weekend has been busy as I have offloaded as many things are possible to my nearest and dearest and did the last events in the Philippine Blogging world of events.

This is my first time to fly in an airplane and first time to go out in the country. Of course, nervous, depressed a little bit and scared. But why is it so difficult to find something to wear? Haha! I have lots of pairs to choose for this flight. Everybody has a story about their first time. The anticipation, the nerves, the worry...but then the pure wonder when you finally take off. Of course we're talking about your first flight—the first time you boarded an airplane and discovered the skyways.

Anyways, my connecting flight is in Brunei. I spent my 12 hours in Brunei with some other Pinoys there. I slept 8hours at Traders Inn hotel. I'm so much tired and no energy to go around Brunei.

Dubai here I come....