Worth-watching movies for Holy Week...

I'm now in Dubai and I can say that Holy Week is not the same here. I grew up in Mindoro and for 23 years of my life, this is my first time to spend Holy Week abroad. As Holy Week is upon us once again, I have decided to use this week to review and experience, pray, meditate, and read the Bible for this season, watch religious programming on TV, and seek God's will for my life.

Since, I'm bored and have nothing to do here in Dubai, I decided to watch those movies available in the computer. My brother-in-law has a collection of movies for over a thousand. That's wow! I just picked some worth-watching movies and here they are:

Lorenzo's Oil

This is one of difficult movies to watch, that's for sure. It depicts human suffering so realistically that you forget it's "just a movie." It's a true inspiring story about two parents who watch the horror of their son's health decline due to an illness called ALD. These parents literally study and read and find a cure for there son's illness. Which ends up helping millions of children with ALD to this day. Everyone needs to watch this movie, because this is also a movie about real love and how powerful it can be when put to the test. There are some important messages here. This is now one of my favorite films!

The Man from Earth 

This movie is pretty much 100% dialogue, but really interesting. If you would live through 14000 years of human evolution, you would transcend the human scale of things and realise that what matters on a personal level is entirely trivial. You would think generations ahead; individuals would have become meaningless to you. This is a very provocative movie! This really shows the true beauty of what separates science fiction from other genres! Great revelation at the end. In fact, I literally played back again the movie when it ended. Haha!


I love this movie so much, it makes me think that you never know if you're talking to an actual person or a demon. Kinda creepy and the ending made me ballistic. This movie had a psycholigical effect on me. Everytime I have contact with negative minded people it creeps me out if If they touch me in any way.

The Bucket List

This was one crazy movie but it's great! This is a story on how two strangers become friends when they are about to die. This also made me cry a lot. I hope u make something like that in your life and don't waste time for nothing. This movie also give it's sentimental value and gives you insight into the "good things" in life.

Passion of Christ 

I cried a lot in this movie. Thank you Lord because nobody would give their life for the whole world except for Jesus Christ.

I don’t believe movies give us a more clear picture than the gospels, but they can help us visualize Jesus’ life in new ways, bringing dynamism to our own readings and reflections.

The last few months have been really difficult for me, and quite honestly, I've actually gone through a lot of rough times since I decided to move here in Dubai and stay for months. Sometimes I wonder why I have had to go through so much of the same kind of thing now, I am definitely done with "bad things happening to good people" and dealing with various dramas, and seriously ready to move forward. For a while I was even using this blog to vent about an ex (I think I took them all down - whew!) certainly not a very moral or kind person, but the older I get I realize more and more that no human is perfect.

Today is Good Friday! Make this day meaningful and blessed, spend this day with the right people... with God ;)