Social networking wars of opinionated people...

Every author has their own interpretation of what they've written and not all readers were able to decipher that. Misinterpretation is a really bad thing.

You probably have commented on something that you don't fully understand. As long as the posts doesn't contain bad words (that most comments do), then it should not be taken too harshly. I would also like to point out that in communication, the way a message is conveyed is also important.

Let us also hope that people would exert some effort to make their posts not as abrasive as possible to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings.

If the other people has their own right to express their emotions regarding a post that might be against other people, why not respect that particular post that also airs the author's concern about his/herself?

I think some of us may have already forgotten that each right has ambodying responsibilities. A right stops being one if it steps on others rights. The freedom to express has boundaries in itself. People have the right not to be (verbally) abused as well.

We can have an exchange of arguments in circles here but the thing is, there is always an intelligible and considerate way of conveying a thought. Like I said, you cannot emotionally shut themselves down.

Like begets like.
A bad post gets bad comments.

In an ideal world, your ideals are acceptable but please do not forget that social networking sites is a microcosm of our society - we have people from all walks of life here. Again, respect and consideration in posting will make this place a peaceful one.

Are the people who comments over an insensitive post are the only ones who has the right to express their emotions? Again, as I have said, people has their own right to express themselves. And other people has to respect that. Now, if they don't want a post, they have the choice of ignoring it or commenting on it. It still lies on their choice.

Respect is the word. Everyone has their right whether they are the ones who posts in every social networking sites or the ones who are just commenting on their posts. And respect in each and every post or comment is what's important. So whether a bad post is a bad post or a bad comment is the result of such bad post, still, respect is necessary.

Again, I am just balancing the the things I have observed in joining these social networking sites. I am not justifying those posts that are bashing other artists. But not all posts are offensive. Still, it is in the interpretation of the reader. It's a good thing that we let ourselves/other people to see both sides of the situation: the one who posts their opinions and the ones who comments on the posts.

So, I advice everyone to please always read without prejudice! Be an educated person at all times.



agree ako sa post mo, better to dig deep rather than impulsively join the bandwagon of opinionated people :)

how's dubai so far? how's work? best regards, at ingat kabayan!

April 4, 2012 at 8:10 AM comment-delete

Dapat Talga Aware KA Sa Sarili Tama Ka Po BIG RESPECT is The Key U are What U Comment ika Nga

It's More fun In the Phils. <3

April 7, 2012 at 10:00 PM comment-delete