Know when to start ignoring people...

Lots of people feel bad when someone ignores them because they gain their self esteem from the approval of others. I know how it feels because it already happened to me. But there are some circumstances where you can't stand anymore the things that are happening.

The main reason why people feel bad when someone ignores them is that they think that they were ignored because something was wrong with them.

To ignore someone takes a lot of effort but I know when to ignore them just because:
  • I can't stand someone anymore. I think, annoying people don't deserve my attention.
  • If I know that this person will never do good to me, I will start to ignore.
  • I simply can't look at them. That's how I think. They're so disgusting, I can't look at them. I've done it long enough that it's how I work now.
  • If you get that disgusted with someone's pig-like manners, it's hard to look at them anymore and give them your time.
  • When this person hurt me so much....
  • I hate that person! That's it!
If I can approach the person directly with the problems first, then turn to ignoring them if they still won't solve them. During a confrontation I always feel so bad when people talk to me in a rough manner, although I know I am right in the matter. I feel hurt so easily and it lasts so long. I try my best to be pleasant to everyone, but not everyone returns the favor. I think that I need to ignore them but I don't know how to. Well, there's also a lot of person you can never

I always remember that people make mistakes. If I feel I've come into contact with someone toxic, or have run out of ways to solve the problems, I need to get myself out of the situation or relationship. Unfortunately, most people are weak and a simple apology will bring them back.

If you ignore me, I won’t wait around you.
I won’t bug you, I just won’t talk to you.

Simple as that. It’s going be hard. Yes, it hurts. But it won’t hurt as much as being ignored, because I deserve better than that. I’ll move on and find someone who actually really cares about me, since obviously you don’t. If you continually treat me like a crap, what reason do I have to stay?


I guess it all depends on a person's interest. A person can ignore the whole world around him/her and may prefer a virtual one filled with celebrities and their chismis.

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